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Like many before me, I wanted to commend you on creating such an inspiring blog. All my life, I'd been told by my slim mother that I was 'just a bigger girl', and had never thought any differently...until I met my boyfriend of 6 years, who told me that was ridiculous and that I wasn't 'big' at all--if anything, I was petite with curves. For so long, the biggest influence in my life had had me believe something that wasn't true, all because of society's views. I'm 5'1 and 38-27-39. Thank you.

So glad to hear that your misconceptions have been cleared up, and that you are happy with your body (as you should be)! Even if you were a “bigger girl” as your mother said, there should not be any negative connotation with that! Any healthy body is beautiful, especially if the girl attached to it is happy and confident! 

It is really a shame that so many women are influenced by close friends and family members to feel insecure about their bodies. We all need to work towards being more supportive and positive towards each other, instead of competitive. 

Because it's not me.

I recently watched a video of myself, doing nothing but standing, stepping up on a coffee table, turning around, and stepping back down again. I grimaced as I watched myself because I realized that I move like a fat person.

Now, many would ask, “Whats the problem with that?”.

I would reply “Because it’s not me”, and I would continue on thinking,

that’s not me,

I’m exciting, vivacious, interesting, fun, etc.

Yet I KNOWI KNOW that these adjectives can describe anyone of any body type. Why is it that I think these typically positive and common adjectives are contrary to being fat? Why is it that I can’t put it together that my body does indeed represent me, because I can’t get me to change how I look, and even so, I like many aspects of how I look. My body deserves better than the rejection my mind gives it, but I can’t seem to change my mind. Any help?

HST, 25

I chose my thighs bc they’re one of the fattier parts of my body but also build muscle really quickly which makes me feel “thick.” In my mind I still correlate big thigh (regardless of whether its fat or muscle) as unattractive.

This is another beautiful reminder that the way we see ourselves is often very different than the way we’re being perceived by others. I’d never in a million years think your thighs are unattractive. Fit women are so compelling to me, and I think your thighs are slender and beautiful. Thanks, darling. -Ellen

I am debating something.

I spent over 20 minutes standing in my bathroom in my underoo’s thinking how ok I was with parts of my body… and I see so many brave girls post pictures of themselves for the acceptance of their bodies, and I think to myself I have an ok body, a nice figure, a little waist, great boobs, and not a bad ass.. I would really enjoy my body if I was only down one thing, my very uncomfortable tummy.. I hate it, it weights me down so much and makes my back hurt. :( other than that I am ok with my body… but I took a couple of pictures, and I am just wondering if I should post them. I have no clue if I am ready or not.. I dunno, I guess I will keep debating it.