Be the Support System that your past self needed.
Don’t pay attention to the ones that berate you and focus on the ones that celebrate you! 

Happy Big Girl Appreciation Day! 

be careful.

Not all plus size women are comfortable being called “FAT”

That word still bears a lot of hurtful memories for some plus size women who are taking strides to learn how to love their body.

For others the word “fat” is a sense of empowerment, it’s a powerful stance in the body acceptance movement, and they’re taking the word back.

However, some women are not comfortable describing their body like that. The negative connotation behind the word still discourages them and that needs to be noted.

If a plus size woman makes it clear to you that they are not comfortable with that word, and that the word hurts them please refrain from calling them that. Their road to body acceptance doesn’t apply to whatever set of rules you feel should be in place.


Sometimes, there’s a really fine line between Self-Confidence and Conceitedness… XD


I got a big gut, chunky rump, swollen cankles, sweaty pits, and a spirit you can’t break! XD


It’s okay to be different! You don’t have to be like everyone else! You can be you and still be wicked cool! XD


Be proud of yourself. The world is filled with people who will criticize you, but what they say should never overpower your positive outlook on life!  XD