Just a little sneak peek of one of the photos from the shoot. I’d really like to thank our photographer Emily Gilbert of Short Fuse Pin-Ups for doing such a fantastic job and being kind enough to donate her time and services to help us make this shoot happen. She’s definitely a complete sweet heart and such an easy photographer to work with! You can find more of her work on these sites:

I would also like to thank the time to thank all the other girls who were involved with the shoot, especially Ms. Scarlett Sith, her room mate Lumpy, and her lovely boyfriend Daniel for letting me practically carpet bomb her apartment with fake snow. And last but not least I’d like to give a BIG thank you to the most awesome Ms. Veronica Perez for doing also donating her time and services to make sure our hair looked amazing, taking behind the scenes photos on her phone, and sharing a few laughs with us.

You can follow Scarlett’s Tumblr at:

And then can follow Veronica’s Tumblr at: