Do not do anything abnormal, I’m telling ya. It’s not worth it.
Don’t leave unusual comments, don’t chat with somebody new you’re never used to, don’t show yourself, don’t treat them the way you did with your old ones, don’t tell them the old jokes, don’t make those silly old things. Please don’t.
They won’t understand you, my love, and you will only be hurting yourself. They’re unintentionally cruel my dear ‘cause they don’t know you, they never do, they never know how to deal with you, they never know what to say not to make you down.
Honey, there is a safe line. People say if you don’t cross it, you are not brave and you will live a boring life. Honey, I’m telling you, sometimes staying in those lines is good. There you are safe, there you are with what you know and what know you, there you are home, there won’t be any sadness and tear, there your soul is unharmed and you are loved.
You, my dear, you don’t deserve all the unexpected outcomes. Stay in the line!

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