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It’s Meg, with another TUTOR TUESDAY! Today we take a look at some exercises on how to come up with interesting, useful poses! If you are struggling with anything you can recommend a tutorial on this blog or my personal one. Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!

Like being publicly queer or trans, to be publicly and unapologetically fat is a political act. When a person is out as both unapologetically fat and unapologetically queer and/or trans, it requires an enormous amount of emotional labor that many thin, straight, and cis people take for granted. Between justifying our fat bodies, justifying our queerness, justifying our gender identity and how we express our gender with our fat bodies, fat people within the LGBT community have a lot of factors to contend with when being visible.
—  Coming Out As Queer Is Even More Complicated For A Fat Person | Charlotte Morabito for The Establishment
Cover me in art
up my arms
down my legs
anything that will fit
behind my knees
on the insides of my ribs
write beautiful things
for me to wear
scrawl them across my stomach
maybe a few around my ankles
in between my fingers
all the places
no one else would think to look
all the places I’ll remember
when I am unable to find anything else
worth looking at
—  A.O.A.M. || Make Me Beautiful