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Bodhi tipped his head down, the moonlight slipping across the side of his face. His hair slid wetly over one shoulder, ink black tendrils twisting and curling. Luke desperately wanted to know how it would feel to tangle his hands in all that darkness, if it would curl around his wrists and tether him to this strangely compelling creature.

He took a step forward, clenching his fist as Bodhi seemed to slide back into the shadows. Bodhi peered up, turning his face so the light caught all his sharp edges, bronze skin taking on a silver edge.

“You can’t catch me, so stop trying.”

Luke huffed, forcing himself to take a step back. He licked his lips to chase away the dryness that had settled there, swallowing back the words that bubbled up on instinct in exchange for a softer thought.

“I don’t - I’m not trying to catch. Just touch.”

Bodhi laughed, the wind shifting through the hair at the back of Luke’s neck.

“You’ve brought a weapon, how can I trust your promises against the potential of that?”

Luke touched the metal at his hip, felt the familiar hum of energy that sang through the crystal tucked inside.

“You would have me walk these woods unprotected?”

Bodhi’s eyes were darker than his hair, and they saw all the way through Luke, tugged at the fears and desires of his heart as if sifting sand. His fingers brushed across Luke’s cheek, an imperfect kiss of skin on skin that shouldn’t have been possible for Bodhi never moved any closer. His voice whispered in Luke’s ear, the sighing of an ocean breeze across the water.

“You think I cannot keep you safe?”

Luke closed his eyes and unclipped the saber, bending over to place it in the grass. He stood back up and felt Bodhi’s fingers wrap around his wrists, his face close enough to catalogue the fine details, the thick splay of lashes against his cheeks, the way his mouth was as pink as the inside of a shell, warm and wet and inviting.

Then, he was being kissed and Luke knew he was lost, the gentle sweep of tongue inside his mouth stealing every thought of home and hearth from his mind. He brought his hands up to tangle in Bodhi’s hair, tugging their bodies together. His weapon lay on the ground, sinking down into the earth. He was a fool, caught and kept, trapped by dark eyes and a shadowed smile.

Luke smiled and ran his teeth down the line of Bodhi’s neck. Caught and kept with warm hands holding him close. He couldn’t imagine a better way to go.

Amend (Cassian Andor)

word count: 2, 965

request: a lot of people asked for a part two of Abandoned

tagging: @theoinkypiglet@ginger-swag-rapunzel@princeofsassgard, @marvelavengings  

a/n: This is, as stated before a sequel of Abandoned. I hope this is good enough? Some angst, Cassian loves Y/N, Jyn, and Y/N are besties (Lil bit) 

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