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Rogue One Coffee Shop!Au

(blame @heliophobicsoul, who came up with the good ones on here)

  • Cassian Andor helps run the political campaign for Leia Organa’s senate run, and since he works 24/7 he needs good coffee and good coffee is definitely plentiful at Rogue One coffee. 
  • Jyn Erso is the surly barista whose coffee skills are thankfully good enough to deal with her glares and bad customer 
  • Baze Malbus is the chef in the back. He’s also surly but thankfully he rarely interacts with customers
  • Chirrut Îmwe is a regular and definitely the favorite regular they all have, even though he’s constantly making up horoscope posts to all the customers and workers. 
  • Bodhi Rook is the owner of the shop and probably the most Sunshine worker there. 
  • When Cassian visits there for the first five times, Jyn keeps giving him the wrong name (one of her favorite games to play) like Cassandra, Cassie, Caesura etc until (on a really bad day of his) he snaps and says his name is “CASSIAN GODDAMNIT” 
  • From them on, Jyn writes his name as “cASSian” but she does it with a smile and Cassian takes that as enough of a victory (x)
  • Baze (mr. Black Coffee) always take the care to make sure that Chirrut’s ridiculous, sugary order is exactly how he likes it. (x)
  • Cassian’s coworker Kaytoo visits Rogue One Coffee exactly one (1) time and then decides he wants his coffee “without nonsense.” But he does always ask Cassian to grab him a muffin from the bakery section.
  • Bodhi always tries to make new drink concoctions and force customers to try them (x) and the only one who’s always willing is Luke Skywalker, a student over at the university.
  • Whenever Chirrut is getting too pushy, Baze calls from the kitchen for him to knock it off and Chirrut always says, “You only hate this because you’re a Scorpio, stop being negative” 
  • When Leia tries the coffeeshop (at Cassian’s behest), she Instagrams it and it becomes a massively popular spot for like six months straight. 
  • When Cassian and Leia come in together a couple weeks later, Jyn thinks they’re dating and she gets even surlier (and also goes back to writing “cassandra” on Cassian’s cup and “lilo” on Leia’s) 
  • One day, Chirrut stays as Baze is closing up the shop and kisses him and they become like the OTP of Rogue One Coffee.
  • Bodhi and Luke keep flirting but they both can’t seem to spit out their feelings until Jyn throws a (thankfully empty) coffee cup at Luke that’s says “HE’S INTO YOU ASK HIM OUT - sincerely everyone” and they finally start dating.
  • Kaytoo comes into the shop one day, dragging Cassian by the sleeve, and demands Jyn and Cassian to end their sexual tension “because it is honestly sickening.” Cassian gets all cute and awkward and asks Jyn for their number and in the back of the shop you can just hear Baze going “fucking finally”

EDIT: NOW WITH FIC! thanks again Savannah you’re a gift.

Coffee shop au.  Bodhi and Jyn work in a London coffee shop and hate coffee.  Cassian is the customer they whisper about for weeks, and he mentions missing his Café de olla , and that’s when Bodhi scours the city for a clay pot to make cinnamon-y, brown sugary coffee in, all to make this hot guy smile, and when Bodhi makes it for him (after tons of practice at home, he’s so jittery and hopped up on caffeine), Cassian beams.

Cracks~2~Pete Dunne

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Part 1

Note : I love Toni Storm so please don’t hate me for what I did. 

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You can hear the cheers all around and fans shouting “ you deserve it” as you held the Progress Women Champion to your chest. A sob escapes your lips, looking around. You did it. You’re the champion. Toni who was sitting in the corner with a smile on her face. She was proud to pass the title to you. You deserve it. She knows your going to be a great champion just like her. She gets up making her way to you. 

“ I’m so happy for you” she whispers hugging you tight. Your on your knees, holding the title loosely with your hands. “ Thank you” you mutter back to her, hugging her. Jim who stood next to the ring slipped in, clapping. He was so happy you won. After being out of injury and having the break up with Pete. 

They both raised your hands up before you walked backstage. Even backstage “ you deserve it” chants were heard. Your eyes roamed seeing the smile on Mark Haskins face, to Dahlia jumping up and down and clapping her hands with TK by her side. Travis came up to you and hugged you tight, “ Way to go.” 

Hugging him back thanking him before letting you go. You were surprised seeing Trent and Tyler standing there and clapping. You quickly removed your gaze from them and squealing as Jimmy Havoc picked you up in his arms. 

Pete eyes brightened as he watch you celebrate with your friends, his hair hanging on the side as he stared at you with a smile on his face. 

“ You’re going to be one hell of a champ” he heard Chris Brookes say to you. 

You giggled, hugging him with Kid Lykos hugging you making you three in a sandwich. Your hair was a mess, strands falling out from it and panting hugging everyone. 

The match lasted longer than you thought, and it was one of your favorite matches you have been so far. It was a dream to have an opponent like Toni. Despite your friendship with her, she gave you all she got and you showed her that you were better tonight. 

When you turn to face her, you brought her into your arms hugging her tight turning in circles as everyone continued to clap. Everything was finally going okay, exactly how you wanted. 


Seeing Pete clapping along wasn’t brightening your night as you thought it would. If anything, it made your night a little darker. You haven’t even spoken to him yet, you watched him in the corner of your eye as he smiled. God, that smile. It seem like every corner, he was there watching you. You’d catch his stare from time to time, hugging person to person, feeling his eye roam everywhere. Along your body to your face then back again. 

He was having a hard time to tell you what he wants. But you, were having a hard time understanding why he keeps looking at you. 

Part of you has hopes that he would try to get you two to talk after everything, even after dodging him for that walk. But Pete thought to himself that you want nothing to do with him, or whatever was going on. 

He was so frustrated as you, and thought you would just give him time, a time for you to talk. He felt the need for his emotions to recollect. 

He wants to talk to you, but you seem too busy being happy that you finally won a title. You catch eyes with him seeing the flicker of sadness in them as you shake him off. You wanted so badly to run into his arms and kiss. 

Maybe he wants to clear the air between you two and talk about everything. That what happened wasn’t suppose to go down like that. Maybe he still loves you as you pretend not to be. 

As the night was over your body felt heavy, dragging itself out to the parking lot dragging your suitcase and your title in your hand. Shoes scrapping against the ground. Your hair was down, stands were getting into your face. Stopping and fishing out your phone from your back pocket squinting at the glowing of the time. 

Your fingers scrolled down the notifications you had, a groan escapes your throat reading the text from Eddie that he has already left and you need to catch another ride. You just wanted to get something to eat and get some sleep, and wake up the next morning feeling like a new person. You needed food right now, your stomach growled as you let out a huff. 

“ Yeh okay?” 

The familiar voice made you jump, head whipping around meeting the eyes of Trent, your ex friend you should say. His head was titled and his eyebrow raised and you could see half of his face from the light shining just above you two. He hasn’t talked to you in so long. You had missed him, dearly but with the whole Pete thing, he drifted himself away from you. 

“ Fine, long night” you nodded responding to him and give him a shrug. You spotted two figures walking behind him talking to one another. You really didn’t want to be here right now. Another figure joined them, by Pete’s side taking his hand. It was her. 

She was the reason you lost Pete in the first place with the lack of trust since she came back into his life. Things started to crack between you two and now here you were.

Trent nodded, seeming to buy your lie or excuse you were making as your eyes went back to him. He could hear the three behind him, his face soften seeing a change in your eyes hearing their voices. 

“ Do yeh need a ride?” 

He repeated the question when he didn’t hear you answer him. 

“ Uh.” you cleared your throat as you shrugged in response, feeling uncomfortable. The three has already came up besides Trent, glancing at you. Your body suddenly jolted with being more awake. 

“ I don’t know…” 

Trent chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. He realizes how difficult and awkward it might be since you haven’t talk to one another for months. Getting in the car, it would be sort of weird. 

“ Does she have to?” She questioned. Your nose flared at her question, rolling your eyes. But they couldn’t see that, it was dark outside. 

“ She doesn’t have one,” Tyler says giving you a smile. “ Everyone has left mostly, it’s just us, Y/N and some crew men” he added. 

You nodded looking around at the almost empty parking lot. You had hardly notices the pout on her lips and Pete’s frown as you nodded your head.Trent took your bags from you but you held the title closely to you being protective over it. Pete smirked, before opening the door of the car. She went in first along with Pete after. Tyler took the passenger seat. You grumbled sitting down next to him, letting the pain from your feet sooth a little.

You sighed looking out the window, head leaning on it. Everything was quite around you, no conversation was made as Trent got into the driver seat starting the car. You ran a hand through your hair as you glanced around the car. Tyler was scrolling through his phone in the front while Pete was somewhat cuddling with her, well she was leaning her head against his shoulder and he was looking ahead. 

“ Are yeh hungry champ?” Tyler asks, looking at you. You nodded your head, humming a “ mhm” to him. Your emotions were all over the place at the moment from winning the title tonight to have Pete sitting besides you. Couldn’t  he have drove or sat in the front?

Five of you got something to eat, whole you chewed on your food, your eyes scanned the place locking eyes with Pete who sat across from you. His hair hung messy on the side of his face, he wore a T-shirt, a faded color one. His tongue pocked out from his lips as his eyes returned your stare. 

You felt frozen in place, the world around you had stopped. Suddenly you coughed on the good you were trying to swallow from feeling Pete’s foot playing with your underneath the table. Reaching for your water and taking a gulp from it, heart beating fast as he winked at you. 

“ What are you doing?” you mouth to him, capping back your water and putting it down. His eyes flicker between his food and to you, shaking the vegan burger in your face. 

He pointed to his mouth which he was chewing on motioning his was eating. You gave him a look like are you serious right now. He chuckled a bit, you rolled your eyes at him. 

The other three has been focusing on what was happening between you and Pete. Looking to you and then at Pete. 

He leans back into his chair, “ ‘m eating, what does it look like t’ yeh?” he says once swallowing his food. “ Yeh have been avoidin’ me and I need t’ talk to yeh. I want t’ talk t’ yeh. Not around these three, yeh know..” He motions to Trent, Tyler and her. 

“ And what I don’t want to?” You knew at some point that you have to come face to face with him and talk about things. You have hurt each other more than you could count, but you also have loved each other, and had a relationship like no there. You were sure he loved you as much as you did. 

He was gone more than you thought he would. Going to the states for WWE while you were at Progress. He was spending more time with Trent and Tyler. He wasn’t at the apartment like he used to at the beginning. Never really taking you out to diner or spending a day with you. He never called to see how you were doing. A text or two a day. That was it. It felt like he was barley trying in the relationship. The only time when it felt like you two were together was when he held you at night. It felt like the love he had for you vanished, like that one night where you two ended things. 

But here is he is, sitting in a T-shirt with his hair perfectly hanging on the side of his face. His mouth in a small smile, his eyes shining bright at you. It felt like this was the Pete that should of been fighting for you all along. This was the soft side of him. The Pete that you loved. The one that would protect you from any harm, the one that would tolerate your pouting and love your cooking.  The Pete that made sure you stayed happy. 

“ Stop lyin’ He shakes his head as he glances down at his food, taking another bite. You wonder if his heart was racing like yours from being this close even if it’s a table keeping you two part. You wondered if he focused on your scent, the one he used to love, if he noticed the way your lips moved at each word you said. He used to look at them and want to kiss them. You wondered if he had the same affect on you as he did for you. 

“ What? I’m not” you shook your head, the edge of your lips turning up hearing him chuckle again. He doesn’t look like the Pete Dunne that fans see every day with the snarl and biting fingers. He was softer. 

“ I’m not!” 

“ Then why are yeh nose scrunched up?” He asks with amusement on his face as he took another bite of his food, “ It’s yeh thing when yeh lie”

“ Fuck off” it sounded like you were offended but you were not. It was the calming of your voice the way you said it to him with a hint of smile on your lips. 

“ Maybe I scrunch it because I think your disgusting” 

He rolled his eyes, reaching over flicking your nose like he used to. Your whole body freezes at the contact of his finger brushing your nose, eyes wide. Your eyes meet his, only to see him staring back at you. 

“ Yeh never thought like tha’ of me Y/N. Yeh emotions won’t let yeh” You knew you had to say something back to him, something to ease the tension, but at that moment, it felt like everything collapsed around you. 

“ Okay, that’s enough for one night” Her voice cut off the moment between you standing up taking Pete’s hand leading him out of his chair. He took his arm away, glaring at her. 

“ ‘m not done” she pouts saying something to him, and reaches to kiss him but he pushes her away shaking his head. “ Go in the car” He mumbles to her. She grumbles and whines. Trent and Tyler both get up taking her into the car as she wiggles in their grasps leaving you and Pete alone. 

Your heart picks up when he sits back down and you feel his hand on top of yours. Your skin feeling on fire underneath his palm. 

His fingers dipped to the side slowly sliding with your, but his thumb stroking your knuckles as he gripped your hand in his. 

“ Yeh miss me, I know” his voice is gentle and soft, hearing it make your heart flutter, your hand slips out of his going up to his arm to his face. 

“ The apartment doesn’t feel the same anymore, I can barely function and I know you miss me too. Nothing is okay anymore, not without you by my side” 

“ I do miss yeh so much” he nods “ But yeh and I hurt each other” he adds. It felt like everyone at the diner vanished and it was just you an Pete. It was like he was slowly slipping into the cracks of your heart. 

“ You broke me Peter” 

“ I know, things ended up not like it was suppose t’” He mumbles, nodding his head again. “ We said thing we didn’t mean t’ one another, and I want yeh t’ tell me what I did wrong. We don’t have t’ talk today, just please Y/N. I need t’ talk to yeh. With everythin’ we had” 

You were so torn sitting here with him, one half of you is telling yourself it’s a good idea to talk to him and the other is telling you to leave. You were so scared to be close to him, you didn’t want him to see you crumble. You were barley making it day by day, let alone he torn you apart, mentally and psychically. 

You loved Pete, with all your heart, with every bone in you. It was the most overwhelming feeling that you ever felt. From the moment you first saw him to the first time you two kissed. You couldn’t picture yourself with any other man but him. Making the choice it has to be the most painful, imaginable chose the sits in your head all day reminding of the man that slipped through your fingers. 

Your heart still belonged to Pete. The pain was worth and being away from him was the worst you ever felt in your life. Your head slowly nodded, most shut and your hand moving down his face. 

“ Alright” 

“ Yes?” you nodded again. His face is leaning into your touch, and a small fainted smile spread on his lips making your heart flutter. It was one of your favorite smiles of his, your own lips twitched upwards.

“ Yes” you mumble, his smile widen. You pull your hand away leaning back into your chair. 

“ Thanks” He says, you look back up at him, nodding again. Your heart has calmed down as a comforting silence comes between the two of you. 

You look outside to see there was no longer the car that you were in. Looks like they left you two, alone. 

“ Asshole 1 and 2 left us, you know?” you blurted out as you watch him pause in taking another bite off his head. He quickly turns to look outside the window seeing no car there. He grumbles underneath his breath. 

“ How are we suppose t’ get t’ the hotel?” He asks. You shrugged, not really answering him. 

“ Maybe get a taxi?” you said quietly. “ I need sleep” you yawned. Pete nodded, his eyes shifting around. He stood up, placing some cash on the table before glancing up at you. 

“ Let’s go” His voice brought you out of your tiredness state, checking if you were okay as he grabs your wrist helping you up. 

“Thanks” you nodded, slipping you wrist out of his grasp. Even though you missed his touch, it wasn’t the time yet. 

“ ‘m goin’ t’ call a taxi, okay?” He asks as he fishes out his phone from his pocket, “ Give me five minutes.” You nod as you watch him dial a phone number before talking on the phone. You admire his back, the way his hair was messy a bit and he did have a nice ass. 

His scent filled your nose, as he came to wrap an arm around you. You waited with him before a taxi drove up. The two of you got in silently. The drove there was quite. It was nice to be around him again, but things weren’t really okay just yet between the two of you.

When you get back to the hotel, it was a quite see you later, feeling his eyes on you as you went inside. Before you slip inside, you turn your head sending him a small smile. 

Pete Dunne was something else. He meant a whole lot to you and he was the bandaid to your cracked heart. 

Even though he was the one who broke it. 

The next morning rolled around, your body was sore. The only feeling you had was in your feet as you sipped your tea scrolling through your phone. Your mind was full of everything, and emotions being turned off and on, and it was nice for awhile. 

You glance up feeling someone looking at you with a burning gaze. Your eyes register to who was standing in front of you. It was her. 

“ Hi!” she happily beamed at you seeing she had your attention. You were surprised that she was talking to you. “ Can I help you?” 

She wasn’t quite the woman that you would make friends with, she was pretty and okayish.  “ You’re enjoying your tea?” she asks, sitting down in front of you. You hadn’t expect her to sit down and talk to you. She didn’t like you as much. 

“ Uh, yes..” 

“ Can I ask you something?” Her hair was over her shoulder, she moved it to the other seeming nervous or something on her mind. “ You and Pete? What’ going on?”

This didn’t catch you off guard. Does she know you two are exes? Did Pete tell her? Your mind completely went dim. You weren’t sure what she was asking, let alone a right answer to tell her. Were there something going on between you and Pete? Is there going to be? 

“ Nothing, why?”

“ Oh so you two aren’t getting back together?” She smiles, pleased to hear your answer. “ It’s just I was going to ask him to be my boyfriend, do  you think I should?” 

“ So you two aren’t dating yet?’ She shook her head. “ I see” you nod, sipping your tea. You really wanted to slap the smile off her face and throw her across the room. 

“ Sure”

You didn’t really sound too sure about it, but you couldn’t bring to tell her that Pete has feelings for you once again. But Pete wasn’t yours, not anymore. That door has closed for months now.

“ I’m sorry, I know you two have history” She pouts, feeling sorry for you. “ It’s just maybe he wants something new, like me.” 

You wanted to tell her that she wasn’t right for Pete, Pete wasn’t her type. The room felt suffocating, the air becoming thinner as you nodded to her words, just wanting her to leave you alone so you could cry in silence. 

“ He’s gorgeous, plus I’ve heard he french kisses really good, Toni told me the details”

Your body froze, movement sopping as your walls crumbled. Toni. Your friend Toni. She was one of your closest friends. She hooked up with Pete. That can’t be right. She promised you that she would never even go near him. 

“ Excuse me?” you asked, not believing what you just heard. Your jaw clenched and arms folded across your chest, as if you were holding a wall for her to not notice how upset you were by this information. 

“ Yeah, Toni Storm, the previous champion. They hooked up a few times, she told me how good he was in bed too. But this was the time when he dated someone” 

The pain in your chest exploded as you felt tears coming, looking away from her to shield your face. How could he? How could she? 

He was with her and he was with you. 

It felt like you couldn’t breath, the pressure was coming too much. You knew deep down that he couldn’t be faithful. He was Pete Dunne. Your heart never believed he truly could be with one woman. All the things he told you, and how much he loved you.

It was a lie. From the start. 

Your hands shook, tears streaming down your cheeks and nose flaring as you struggled to talk to her. Shooting out of your seat in anger, leaving your tea and her in confusion rushing out to the hallway. 

You felt like you were going to throw up, you wanted to scream and beat the living hell out of Pete and Toni. If losing Pete hurt, hearing from someone else that he heated on you felt like your heart broke to pieces again. 

Your skin felt warm and you were filled with embarrassment. You lost it as soon as you got back into your room sobbing as you hide your face with your hands. 

You were in shock that he would do this to you and with Toni, your friend. Was she prettier than you? What did she have that you didn’t?

Your heart broke all over again, into small pieces. When you closed your eyes, you could hear Toni laughing at how stupid you are for not seeing Pete and her, together. You could see his lips on her and his smiles against her skin. You could hear her name leaving his lips. 

You felt like you were sick, bile rising in your throat as you raced to the bathroom. You couldn’t handle this. You felt drained and beaten down. You took your phone from your back pocket and dialing his number. 

He picked up on the second ring. 

“ Fuck you Peter Dunne, I fucking hate you and I hope you rot in hell. Don’t even talk to me or even glance at me ever again” 

The words were filled with hate, disgust and heartbreak, cutting off what Pete wanted to say ending the call. You sank against the bathtub, tears falling down your cheek letting out a whimper rubbing the back of your sleeve as you felt drained, closing your eyes sinking to the floor.

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prompt: cassian is a barista and bodhi is a hardworker whose live depends on coffee and cassian is worried for his health

Okay, I love this idea. Listen:

- Bodhi, our beautiful genius, is an engineer at JPL, which means he is constantly stressed and his sleep schedule is about as regular as my mood. He wears thick glasses which he keeps pushing up onto the top of his head (’cuz he only needs them for reading) and then forgetting about them and ending up with a headache. He also wears lots of oversized sweaters.

- Cassian is, of course, our barista. Now, I don’t “get” American coffee and I believe that Cassian, being a good latino, wouldn’t either. Starbucks is just dirty water (fight me) and Cassian would never serve anything even vaguely resembling that. No, he serves proper coffee. Espressos and café con leche in reasonably sized cups!

- of course, Bodhi is used to consuming buckets of vaguely coffee-like liquid, but he’s already developed such a high tolerance to caffeine that it basically does nothing. So one day, while searching for a stronger drug, or maybe because Starbucks was too packed, he stumbles into Cassian’s little coffeeshop. Much emptier. Really, it’s just Cassian, a couple of customers and demon-dog Kaytoo sleeping near the door.

- Bodhi, who hasn’t slept in like… ever, just asks for something strong, barely registering how cute the barista really is. Cassian brings him a tiny cup, and Bodhi is like “hahaha, what the hell is this? is this for a doll?”. Cassian’s smile goes a bit stiff and he’s just like “that’s the proper way to drink coffee” with a hint of ice in his tone. Bodhi decides not to anger the man and drinks it.

- and of course it’s the best thing ever.

- anyway, long story short, Bodhi becomes sort of addicted to Cassian’s coffee, not so much for the caffeine, but because it’s delicious and Cassian is so goddamn handsome. He comes in everyday, though at totally random times, and talks to Cassian for increasingly long periods, while Cassian firmly refuses to give him more than two espressos (”you’ll die. look at you, your hands are already shaky”, “oh no, that’s just nerves”, “why are you nervous?”, “………! ‘cuz of work!”)

- since Bodhi’s internal clock is all fucked up, he shows up at Cassian’s shop one evening just to realize the man is nearly done closing. He apologizes and starts to leave, but Cassian’s like “nonsense! stay, have a seat!” and brews him a fresh cup. They sit close together talking quietly, with most of the lights turned off. Bodhi tells Cassian all about his work at the jet propulsion lab, and he gets a bit carried away talking about space travel. Cassian leans his chin on his hand and just listens, watching him fondly.

- at some point Bodhi notices this and is like “what?”. “nothing. you just get really excited when you talk about space. it’s cute”. Bodhi has a mini meltdown.

- what follows is something like:

“you… you think I’m cute?”

“cute, handsome… brilliant too, of course.”

“right. okay. so… does that mean I could ask you out on a date?”

“I think this is already pretty much a date…”

“okay. so, at what point during this date would it be okay for me to kiss you?”

“right now would be fine.”

- when they kiss, Bodhi tastes like good coffee. His glasses keep getting in the way, so Cassian takes them off (they weren’t doing anything on top of Bodhi’s head anyway), then goes back to running his fingers through Bodhi’s hair.

- the next item on Cassian’s list of priorities is to make sure Bodhi gets some goddamn sleep by convincing him to spend most nights at his place.

The Squad and Tea

I feel like the entire Rogue Squad but Cassian would be huge tea drinkers, even though it’s kind of a hard commodity to come by during a war. 

-Jyn likes Irish breakfast brewed EXTREMELY strong and black, but she’s also picked up a taste for the different kinds of chai that the Jedhan rebels made. 

-Bodhi always buys masala chai when he can find it, because his mother used to make it whenever they had guests and it reminds him of home. When he was an Imperial pilot, he smuggled packets of tea leaves in vest as a form of passive rebellion, even though they where banned on the base. 

- Baze likes plain green tea. Chirrut likes milk tea. They first met when they where arguing over the superiority of their respective kinds of tea in a teahouse. 25 years later, they both still think they’ve won the argument. 

- Cassian is a COFFEE drinker. He makes a big deal of drinking it and wafting the steam into the other’s faces, but they don’t really care. He does, however, have a secret weakness for hibiscus tea, and the first time Jyn sees her grumpy captain drinking something HOT PINK, her draw drops. 

- The squad keeps a kettle in their ship for emergency strategy meetings, or when things are going to hell. It’s Cassian’s job to keep the ship stocked, and he just bought a family-sized box of generic tea bags out of some bargain store. He soon felt the anger of four people about ready to murder him. 

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any recommended galennic fics?

Quite a few, actually! (particular faves are marked with *)

Brentaal (student days):


  • Beneath the Surface - Orson is from a horrible family and Galen protects him. An interesting reversal of the usual galennic dynamic; child abuse mention warning
  • Flower Petals On My Pillow - Galen is a tattoo shop owner and Krennic sends him flowers to win him back, with really cute Jyn/Cassian
  • Scenes from the Stardust Cafe* [ongoing] - coffee shop AU, Galen owns the coffee shop (Bodhi is his assistant) and Orson is an Australian architect
  • try our best to recreate* [ongoing] - Jyn tries to mend Galen and Orson’s relationship, with cute background Jyn/Cassian and Chirrut/Baze (Orson is Jyn’s professor)
  • Lies series [ongoing] - Galen and Orson are Jyn’s parents. Betrayal and angst as per usual for the pair.
  • Promise - inspired by the Lies series but more lighthearted

angsty/tragic/Orson pining:

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bodhicassian disney au and/or reincarnation au

REINCARNATION AU, GET. This is almost a full fucking fic and less of a headcanon post oops. Also, I threw a little soulmate twist that your soulmate stays the same and finding them means you can remember everything that happened before.

+ Bodhi and Cassian both live in the same apartment complex. They live completely separate lives, Bodhi is a coffee shop owner with a passion for art, sometimes does exhibitions of his work, that kind of thing. Has a dog. Cassian is a doctor, who sometimes goes to said coffee shop. He’s extremely dedicated to his work, and doesn’t really have any sort of personal life beyond that.

+ Neither of them remember their past life, or that they had feelings for one another - not really, but occasionally have… dreams. They think it’s just the pull of attraction or that they’re both lonely and well “you have a very nice looking neighbor, why wouldn’t you occasionally fantasize about them?”

+ Naturally, everyone lives in the same freaking apartment complex, because why not? Jyn is Bodhi’s roomate and they get on like a house on fire, she naturally teases the shit out of him about his stupid crush. Of course, all she needs to do is bring up Leia to shut her up. Chirrut and Baze both own a small restaurant and has them all over for dinner every now and then.

+ Cassian gets invited to go out with some of the nurses every now and then, but he usually is working/too busy, but he finally says yes. It’s an art exhibition. Surprise. He spends most of the time, kinda bored because everything is so… the same until he gets to the back room and he’s a little floored. He sees Bodhi, talking to Jyn and goes over to talk to him and starts praising the work, having no idea that it’s his until Jyn brings it up, casual like.

+ Cassian is like “WAIT SERIOUS” and Bodhi is torn but he’s blushing and like “well it’s not my best, but I’m glad you like it” and starts being all modest under the praise.

+ Cue Jyn huffing and muttering about hopeless idiots and lost causes, walking away. Cassian is like ?? and Bodhi gets up the nerve to ask if he’d like to get something to eat after. Cassian agrees to it and they stay a bit longer, just talking. They’ve known one another for years, but they’ve never really talked or gotten to know one another.

+ SO naturally they go to some all night dinner to have a quick bite, nothing fancy, they’re just talking and Bodhi starts to feel like.. he feels like he’s known Cassian before. And Chirrut said something about how it’s so great that they’re all together again, despite the fact that he didn’t know the couple before. He’s only really known Jyn before now. Cassian… feels the same. They go home, and as they’re about to part - Cassian kisses Bodhi.

+ They both remember everything. Their first true meeting, in a prison cell, a long time ago in a galaxy far from their own. Eadu, Baze and Chirrut (who both remembered when they found one another and have been trying to get Bodhi and Cassian to do the same), Jyn, who does not yet remember - but will. Then Scarif and both of their deaths. It’s such a rush, and they also recall that this isn’t the first time they’ve met since then.


Coffee Shop Bodhicassian AU based on a headcanon sent to rookandor, but I don’t feel like sifting through her blog to find it and link it because i’m lazy.

Anyway, I took a break from the angst and suffering that I noramally write and present you with *drum roll* FLUFF.

“Hi, my name’s Bodhi, would you like to get coffee sometime?” Bodhi paused in his pacing and shook his head. “No. Bodhi, no. He works in a coffee shop, he probably hates coffee by now.”

Bodhi took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his loose hair. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and peered into the screen, trying to see if his hair looked okay. “Okay. Okay. You got this, Bodhi. Just go in there… and ask him to a movie. It’s not hard.”

Bodhi nodded his head and rocked on the ball of his feet a little bit to hype himself before walking into the café. He could do this. He could do this. He was feeling confident. He would finally ask that cute barista out on a date. Easy.

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Bodhi Coffee

Lately I have been hearing a lot of hype about Bodhi Coffee, so I insisted on finding time to visit it myself. It is located in Washington Square West on 10th street, right off of Locust Street. The coffee shop might seem small but it does have a lot to offer. When you step inside there is plenty of room to relax and unwind, as well as space to get work done. If you take a few steps towards the back, you can make your way to outdoor seating. For a place in the middle of hustle and bustle, it sure is wonderful to spend sometime to appreciate the backyards of Philadelphia.