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Rogue One Coffee Shop!Au

(blame @heliophobicsoul, who came up with the good ones on here)

  • Cassian Andor helps run the political campaign for Leia Organa’s senate run, and since he works 24/7 he needs good coffee and good coffee is definitely plentiful at Rogue One coffee. 
  • Jyn Erso is the surly barista whose coffee skills are thankfully good enough to deal with her glares and bad customer 
  • Baze Malbus is the chef in the back. He’s also surly but thankfully he rarely interacts with customers
  • Chirrut Îmwe is a regular and definitely the favorite regular they all have, even though he’s constantly making up horoscope posts to all the customers and workers. 
  • Bodhi Rook is the owner of the shop and probably the most Sunshine worker there. 
  • When Cassian visits there for the first five times, Jyn keeps giving him the wrong name (one of her favorite games to play) like Cassandra, Cassie, Caesura etc until (on a really bad day of his) he snaps and says his name is “CASSIAN GODDAMNIT” 
  • From them on, Jyn writes his name as “cASSian” but she does it with a smile and Cassian takes that as enough of a victory (x)
  • Baze (mr. Black Coffee) always take the care to make sure that Chirrut’s ridiculous, sugary order is exactly how he likes it. (x)
  • Cassian’s coworker Kaytoo visits Rogue One Coffee exactly one (1) time and then decides he wants his coffee “without nonsense.” But he does always ask Cassian to grab him a muffin from the bakery section.
  • Bodhi always tries to make new drink concoctions and force customers to try them (x) and the only one who’s always willing is Luke Skywalker, a student over at the university.
  • Whenever Chirrut is getting too pushy, Baze calls from the kitchen for him to knock it off and Chirrut always says, “You only hate this because you’re a Scorpio, stop being negative” 
  • When Leia tries the coffeeshop (at Cassian’s behest), she Instagrams it and it becomes a massively popular spot for like six months straight. 
  • When Cassian and Leia come in together a couple weeks later, Jyn thinks they’re dating and she gets even surlier (and also goes back to writing “cassandra” on Cassian’s cup and “lilo” on Leia’s) 
  • One day, Chirrut stays as Baze is closing up the shop and kisses him and they become like the OTP of Rogue One Coffee.
  • Bodhi and Luke keep flirting but they both can’t seem to spit out their feelings until Jyn throws a (thankfully empty) coffee cup at Luke that’s says “HE’S INTO YOU ASK HIM OUT - sincerely everyone” and they finally start dating.
  • Kaytoo comes into the shop one day, dragging Cassian by the sleeve, and demands Jyn and Cassian to end their sexual tension “because it is honestly sickening.” Cassian gets all cute and awkward and asks Jyn for their number and in the back of the shop you can just hear Baze going “fucking finally”

EDIT: NOW WITH FIC! thanks again Savannah you’re a gift.

The Squad and Tea

I feel like the entire Rogue Squad but Cassian would be huge tea drinkers, even though it’s kind of a hard commodity to come by during a war. 

-Jyn likes Irish breakfast brewed EXTREMELY strong and black, but she’s also picked up a taste for the different kinds of chai that the Jedhan rebels made. 

-Bodhi always buys masala chai when he can find it, because his mother used to make it whenever they had guests and it reminds him of home. When he was an Imperial pilot, he smuggled packets of tea leaves in vest as a form of passive rebellion, even though they where banned on the base. 

- Baze likes plain green tea. Chirrut likes milk tea. They first met when they where arguing over the superiority of their respective kinds of tea in a teahouse. 25 years later, they both still think they’ve won the argument. 

- Cassian is a COFFEE drinker. He makes a big deal of drinking it and wafting the steam into the other’s faces, but they don’t really care. He does, however, have a secret weakness for hibiscus tea, and the first time Jyn sees her grumpy captain drinking something HOT PINK, her draw drops. 

- The squad keeps a kettle in their ship for emergency strategy meetings, or when things are going to hell. It’s Cassian’s job to keep the ship stocked, and he just bought a family-sized box of generic tea bags out of some bargain store. He soon felt the anger of four people about ready to murder him. 

Coffee Shop Bodhicassian AU based on a headcanon sent to rookandor, but I don’t feel like sifting through her blog to find it and link it because i’m lazy.

Anyway, I took a break from the angst and suffering that I noramally write and present you with *drum roll* FLUFF.

“Hi, my name’s Bodhi, would you like to get coffee sometime?” Bodhi paused in his pacing and shook his head. “No. Bodhi, no. He works in a coffee shop, he probably hates coffee by now.”

Bodhi took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his loose hair. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and peered into the screen, trying to see if his hair looked okay. “Okay. Okay. You got this, Bodhi. Just go in there… and ask him to a movie. It’s not hard.”

Bodhi nodded his head and rocked on the ball of his feet a little bit to hype himself before walking into the café. He could do this. He could do this. He was feeling confident. He would finally ask that cute barista out on a date. Easy.

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The Crazy Cappuccino

The first installment of my 30-day One-Shot Challenge. This prompt is from this post. You can also find this collection on AO3. And yes, this coffee order is based on my experience as a barista.

Prompt - Coffee shop AU: Barista and person who has a ridiculous coffee order

“You have got to be kidding me! Is this a joke?” Jyn turns to stare incredulously at Bodhi who pauses with his permanent marker hovering over the next coffee cup.

Bodhi shrugs. “That’s what he ordered.”

Jyn huffs and turns back to the plastic cup. “2% milk, two expresso shots, ice, then skim milk foam with caramel and mocha drizzle? Is this a drink or a social experiment? Hasn’t anyone ever told,” she squints at the name, “Cassie that drinks should by four words at most: Coffee, Cappuccino, Skinny Vanilla Latte. Those are drinks.” She angrily stabs the button for the necessary shots.

Bodhi shrugs as he fills the next cup with coffee. “You know the deal.”

“Yeah, yeah, I just make the drinks, but Cassie is ridiculous.”

Bodhi slides the cup of black coffee across the counter. “K! Black Coffee!”

A tall man steps forward. “Thank you. I find the coffee here is quite satisfactory.”

“Riiight,” Bodhi says slowly.

Jyn grins at the man as she works on the ridiculous skim milk foam. K had showed up a couple days ago and asked skeptically for the best type of sludge they called coffee. He’d been back every day since then. He was actually starting to grow on her. “How’s work today, K? Big, mean boss still getting you down?”

“He is as irritable as always,” Kay confirms. “I had hoped having some delicious coffee would improve his mood. However, I appear to have underestimated his specificity in drink orders.”

With a comprehending nod, she slides the newly dubbed Crazy Drink onto the counter. “Cassie.”

“It’s Cassian, actually,” the man beside K says with a tight smile. “And do you just casually refer to me as your mean boss?”

Jyn smiles disarmingly even as embarrassment floods her system. “If the shoe fits.”

She turns away after that, to start on the orders now lining up the counter from another rush. She seems them linger out of the corner of her eye, but her mind is already back in the drinks, dismissing the interaction as one of thousands she’ll have during a regular shift, even if she has to admit there’s a rather nice pair of brown eyes attached to his one.  

In fact, she doesn’t remember it until next time she gets a plastic cup with those same ridiculous instructions. She scowls and walks to the end of the counter, spotting K where he stands a foot above everyone else. “You!” She points at his companion. “What the heck is with this drink?”

He shrugs, with an off-putting grin. “I know how I like my coffee.”

She growls at him. “You’re ridiculous.”

He doesn’t argue, but he hovers at the counter, watching as she makes his drinks to his meticulous instructions. She puts the drink in front of him with a scowl. “Your Crazy Cappuccino, Your Highness.”

If she thought his earlier smile was disarming, it’s got nothing on this one. This one makes her weak in the knees as he backs away. “See you next time, Jyn.”

And if she starts to look forward to his Crazy Cappuccino, well who can blame her?


Bodhi Coffee

Lately I have been hearing a lot of hype about Bodhi Coffee, so I insisted on finding time to visit it myself. It is located in Washington Square West on 10th street, right off of Locust Street. The coffee shop might seem small but it does have a lot to offer. When you step inside there is plenty of room to relax and unwind, as well as space to get work done. If you take a few steps towards the back, you can make your way to outdoor seating. For a place in the middle of hustle and bustle, it sure is wonderful to spend sometime to appreciate the backyards of Philadelphia.