The Birds and the Bees- Meihem One-Shot (NSFW)

The question had come from nowhere.

Mei hadn’t been expecting it at all, not while she was laying in bed still panting and sweating, her body only just starting to cool from their third round of the night.

Junkrat had returned from a mission in Egypt, arriving on a ship that had landed earlier that evening after almost four weeks away. The junker had shoved his way past his colleagues, waved Roadhog off as his bodyguard headed for the cafeteria, made a beeline for Mei’s dorms, and had set upon her like a man possessed as soon as she’d barely opened the door. That had been hours ago, and the junker’s libido was finally starting to slow down, allowing Mei to at least catch her breath. She was an absolute mess, her hair damp and sticking out in all directions, her body flushed pink and glistening with perspiration, and the insides of her thighs were still wet and sticky. He had just rolled off her in a similar state of disarray, though disarray was hardly an unusual state for him in the first place. He was grinning as always, laying sprawled on his back next to the dazed woman atop her rumpled snowflake sheets.

There was finally room for something else in his brain, able to think of something other than sex. Well, the thoughts were still sex-related, but he wasn’t really sure where they had come from. He’d taken Mei to bed countless times since their first night together and he’d never really thought of it before. He’d been focused on…other things at the time. Still, the thought he had was intriguing. Really, it was a good question, he decided, so he turned to her and he asked it.

“Oi, Mei.”

“Mm?” She gave a little moan next to him, eyes closed and barely listening.

“Did ya ever want a baby?”

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The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) in partnership with the British Council and Japan Foundation presents an adaptation of the Shakespeare classic The Tempest.

Written in the 1600s and thought by many critics as the last play that William Shakespeare wrote alone, The Tempest is set on a remote island where the sorcerer Prospero, rightful Duke of Milan, plots to restore his daughter Miranda to her rightful place using illusion and skilful manipulation—conjuring up a storm, the eponymous tempest, to lure his usurping brother Antonio and the complicit King to the island.

Titled The Tempest Reimagined is a modern adaptation in Philippine context weaving together real stories from survivors of Typhoon Yolanda with the original Shakespeare text. It follows the stories of wizard-in-exile Prospero and Jaime, a native Leyteño fisherman who tells the story of a mystical storm.

Following the success of Lingap Sining, PETA’s two-year post-Yolanda efforts in Palo, Leyte, stories and interviews compiled served as inspiration for the play.

By juxtaposing it with a world classic that is as moving as eternal, The Tempest Reimagined is as much a tribute to the survivors as it is to Shakespeare, whose stories endure because of its continuing relevance to humanity.

Award-winning artists from the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Japan come together and collaborate for this visually stunning production.

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) artistic director Nona Shepphard directs the play and co-writes it in tandem with PETA artist-teacher Liza Magtoto of Rak Of Aegis and Caredivas fame. Hong Kong-based British artist Marsha Roddy designs the set and costumes.

PETA President CB Garrucho, who also leads the cast as Prospero, shares that the theater company “hopes for audiences to remove their fear of Shakespeare and discover how beautiful Shakespeare could be, especially if you bring into it an experience that’s familiar to you.”

Completing the cast are Renante Bustamante as Antonio; Yeyin Dela Cruz as Miranda; Meann Espinosa as Sebastiana; Topper Fabregas as Trinculo; Gio Gahol, Gab Pangilinan and Ian Segarra alternating as Ariel; Jenny Jamora as Alonsa; John Moran as Caliban; Bodgie Pascua and Gabe Mercado as Gonzalo; Norbs Portales as Jaime; Brian Sy as Ferdinand; and Jack Yabut as Stephano.

I’ll Just Take a Sickie

Request: Negan dropped all of his wives for Talia, an Australian beauty who is a killer marksman and fighter. Based around the events of the season finale.

Author’s notes: I am not Austrailan so I did my best with the slang. I’ve never had to write based on an actual episode, so I hope I did alright. Enjoy!

warnings: cursing, Smut, blood, death

Talia stood watching Negan speak to Sasha. His tone stern, but jovial. It made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. She watched as he bent down and his shirt rose and showed a small patch of skin. When he finally finished his meeting and came out, she felt like she could jump him right there.

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