Gift art for @eskiworks! I love her TeaFeathers fantasy world and all the characters in it. I was reading species profiles when I felt inspired to draw one of my favourite characters in her story, Lapi! He seems like a great little dude and I just love his design - I hope I did him and his wicked eyebrow wisps justice. I had so much fun with this piece and I’m really grateful for the practice it gave me. The line work is a little bodgy but I’ll blame that on my lack of experience with digital art.

I have no clue if I’ll be colouring and finishing this piece anytime soon but here’s the finished line work of Lapi mucking about with a stick instead of doing his chores!

note: the character’s design and species depicted in this work and the fictional world he is a part of belongs to Eskiworks, I do NOT claim any ownership of the character, just the artwork here! also don’t steal this please