Common Japanese Anime tropes in Hetalia

As of recently, i talked about a very popular anime trope: the yandere. Today, i am going to talk about other -dere tropes in Hetalia. If you all really like this post, I’ll make a part two with more than just the -dere tropes. I’m only listing the -dere tropes in Hetalia. If you want to know all of them, i can make another post about that one too. With that let’s begin.

Let’s start with the most common and most famous trope: the Tsundere. 

The Tsundere is someone who secretly cares for someone, but acts cold and rude towards them. Tsunderes are EVERYWHERE in anime. They most likely the character that says the anime B word the most. You know: Baka. They are best described with this quote: “I-It’s not like I like you or anything…Baka.” We all know the tsundere in hetalia:

Iggiritsun. He is pretty much confirmed to be a tsundere. Do you know how many times this guy says “Baka”? A LOT. He acts rude and stubborn to people like America or France, but he secretly does care for them deep down. 

The Dandere

A dandere is someone who is really shy and does not really talk unless the right person comes along. I’m a little unsure about this one but I think you know who I’m thinking of, but there’s someone else that is also on my mind that I think fits into this category:

Canadan? …No? Okay then. I guess you can say Sweden might fall into this category since he’s too shy and silent to really talk to anyone except Finland. And even then he gets really nervous. But his emotions aren’t shown very well. Since he has a love interest, that may make him a true dandere, however, he has an intimadating aura and most danderes don’t really have that. But not all danderes have to be the same I guess.

The Kuudere
Kuuderes are “cool” and serious on the outside and rarely show emotion. However, on the inside they are warm and soft. We have quite a few people who fit this trope. 

Iceland was going to go here too (That would have been funny. Ice…cool…get it?), but I thought Norway REALLY fit the description and Iceland is really fiery deep down. That means I am also void of puns. Whenever Norway speaks there is little to no emotion in his voice, even when taunting Iceland or getting mad at Denmark. We all know that Vietnam is practically Kristen Stewart. She even struggles to smile when Thailand asks her to. 

So caught up in her kuudere complex that she can’t even smile. 

The Deredere
A deredere is someone who is always super sweet and energetic around everybody. They often fall in love pretty fast too. 

…Again I am lacking puns. Even when dealing with chibi romano, he remains positive and is always trying to cheer everyone up and make everyone happy. He is almost always happy and smiling. He also has been in a lot of marriages and gets overly excited about a lot of things. 

Even when telling America to go to hell, he’s smiling. Oh Spain…

The Yandere
We talked about this one already in my yandere post here. 

…I can’t think of a pun for this one. Remember how I talked about how people always mistake Russia for a yandere or a yang’re? While he does have the potential to become a yang’re, he fits a lot better into this next trope.

The Dorodere

A dorodere is someone who is sweet and loving on the outside but “messed up and disturbed on the inside”.

I think this description just fits him so perfectly. “Ah~My dream is to have a bunch of friends and frolic in a field of sunflowers.” “I also can’t wait to see everyone beg for their lives and submit to my enormous power…” I think that’s enough said. Doroshia? Is that a stretch?

The Bodere
Boderes aren’t very common. They lash out when embarrassed and usually threaten to use violence a lot.

Bolossia is so wrapped up in his Bodere complex. When the other micronations see him being soft, his immediate reaction is to curse them out, threatens them, and flips them off throughout the rest of the comic. He is a perfect fit.

SEKAIIII DE ICHIBAN OHIME-SAMA! These tropes are used to describe characters that act very princess or prince like. In this case, we just have an Oujidere. 

Though I wouldn’t call him a prince exactly, he definitely acts like a spoiled prince. He has an aura that says “I’m superior” and is constantly showing off his money. If he were a girl, he could be Hime River…My pun skills are failing me. 

The Kamidere
The Kamidere acts god-like and wants to be treated like a god and are very egocentric obviously.
I’m not absolutely sure about this one but I think this is the closest to a Kamidere that we will get. 

Or so I thought…

Prussia has obvious reasons. But Ladonia is a little harder to see. When Ladonia first met the micronations, he claims he should be leader and commands all the micronations follow under him. Like he’s some sort of god… Just a thought. 

That’s about it. That’s all I got. I may not be correct and I may have missed a few characters, but these are who I think fit into these tropes. If you think I missed someone, then reblog and let me know. If you want a post on ALL the -dere types, let me know. Otherwise, that’s about it. 

ok everyone I'm tired of your shit

do you see this girl

she’s tired of your shit too

why? let me explain why

there you go


she reads those kind of things

she’s a sensitive person, and she has replied to these folks

on tumblr, someone once asked her -a long time ago- if she had ever cried bc of haters

her answer was yes, you can look for it, her tumblr is called marziacutiepie

on facebook, her page has been shut down -she explained on twitter- but the other day I was stalking her and there were posts from 2012 - 2013 in which she talked about things that bodered her about the comments that she received

I feel tremendously bad for her, because lately I just started realizing how fucked up the comments are on her videos, and even before that, as I said I was going through her facebook page and she talked about these things, I feel she receives a lot of hate, but it didn’t just started now, it started from the beggining.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and even when I read the comments on her videos I’m just like, why does she get all these horrible messages?

And then today I see this

and I’m just like okay what the fuck

firstly, back then, she complained about people only caring about her making videos with Felix, she did on facebook like a ‘quiz’ in which she asked her marzipans to send her ideas of videos and the top ones were always related to her boyfriend. She complained about it, and wrote a post that I was just too ashamed to read, and I can’t show it to you right now because her facebook page has been shut down, but I’m not lying, why would I?

That’s the first thing I want to talk about. Yes, her boyfriend is the most subscribed butt on youtube, she started making videos when she met him and he helped her to grow her channel, he helped her

I’m not saying the only way that people found her channel was because of him, no, there are a LOT of ways people can find a youtube channel: the youtube feed, someone tweeted about her, you saw a pic or a gif on tumblr about her, a magazine, an interview, you best friend, you heard her name on the street, yes, there are millions of ways you can find a youtuber

but there’s a thing: felix never puts her channel in the description of the videos they do together, I never saw a tweet that said everyone to go and sub to her channel, so I don’t fucking know how everyone actually thinks she’s only popular because of his boyfriend, if his boyfriend doesn’t even show her channel on the description in the videos they do together

at first I thought that was kind of rude, I mean, how could you not even link her channel, that’s mean, and just now I understand, by just going through the comment section on her videos. He probably doesn’t want her to get spammed or some shit, idk

well yes, if you appear multiple times on the most subscribed channel on youtube you are probably going to have some people wanting to know who the fuck you are, and I don’t understand why being recognized because of other person is wrong

why the ‘she’s only famous bc of pewds’ is a bad thing? someone tell me bc I don’t understand. And at the same time, she does put a lot of effort in her videos, you have no idea how fucking hard is to run a youtube channel, to come up with ideas that your fans and yourself enjoy at the same time, to edit, to everything, it doesn’t take 15 minutes, it takes hours and even days depending on what the hell you’re doing to please these motherfuckers called subscribers that transform in hungry dogs when you don’t upload a video on time, so, let’s think here

she may or may not be famous because of felix, but people don’t subscribe to her because of that, they subscribe to her because they ENJOY what she does, people wouldn’t subscribe to see shitty videos that they don’t like and only because she is his girlfriend. They subscribed because they like what she does, because her personality, her appearence, her sense of humor, her sense of fashion, I don’t know

people don’t only complain about that, but for other stupid things like her voice: look sweetheart, do you think she does that on purpose? she’s ruining her throat just to look funny? no, that’s her fucking voice, and it’s as stupid as complaining about the way someone looks, the way someone dresses, whatever, it’s her, it’s her damn voice and she’s not going to change it because you don’t like it. It’s like you go on the street and see someone with their hair green and you go like ‘dude, the hell did you do to your head’ well fuck off I don’t like your face and I don’t say anything about it, keep it inside, no need to be mean, geez

since felix disabled comments looks like everyone’s talking shit on marzia’s videos. she gets so many mean, rude, awkward comments, they are awkward for me to read, imagine how it would be to her.

does zoella get these kind of comments? what about louise? tanya? emma? everyone in general? nope, and it mads me so much.

where the fuck is everyone? where are the marzipans? the ones who truly fucking care about her and love her? you know what is a fan? a person who doesn’t give a fuck about what the other person does, he or she would appreciate anyway. I can see a video of marzia doing a haul for 10 minutes and a video of her farting for 2 seconds and I would still love it because I don’t fucking care what she does, whatever, I would love it. And I know many other people would, too. They’re called marzipans, and they’re not as present as all these haters. Can we do something about this? please? I was thinking, if enough people see this, we could so something to show how much we care about her and to show her she doesn’t have to care about all these people. Maybe spam her? everywhere? Someone came up with the #WeLoveYouMarzia hashtag on twitter. Can we keep that up? can we send her the love she deserves? on tumblr too, on youtube, everywhere. I feel that she needs to know we are here for her and that there are more people who love her than who hate her, and that show it. Please. On twitter: @MarziaPie #WeLoveYouMarzia and write your little message. On tumblr: #cutiepiemarzia and on youtube: just take your time to comment something nice on her videos, if you’re not used to write comments, at least try. Can we?

Language Maps, Then and Now

(via Utne Reader)

The Proposed United States of Greater Austria 

External image

By the middle of the 19th century, Europeans were beginning to identify more with their own nationality and language than with their imperial governments… and a lot of this had to do with language. The maps themselves are pretty telling. The boundary between, say, Russia and Austria is a single red line, thin and elegant. But large colored sections with labels like Ukrainian and White Russian straddle the borders, and form large, amorphous blobs across much of Eastern Europe. Because people are less predictable than countries—or at least less tidy—there seems to be little rhyme or reason… From this information, it’s clear in hindsight that big changes were in store for Europe.

Twitter Languages Across Europe

External image

Today, borders are a lot less important. Innovations like the Schengen Area have made a ghost of centuries of European warfare, and trade pacts around the world further delegitimize official boundaries. A lot of this change is based on communication. By the numbers, Facebook is the third largest country on earth, and Verizon is (economically) bigger than Peru. Aside from their sheer size, it’s also clear that social media networks, like European languages, are making political boundaries even less significant.

Images via Utne Reader and Big Think


Just gonna point out how awkwardly Kubo drew this moment, or to be precise, how awkwardly he drew Rukia’s head in the panel to the right (with red highlight border). No matter how I look at it, it’s very hard to imagine a view point where you can see Rukia’s head and the gang that angle. In the first panel, it’s obvious that Rukia was lying straight unconscious while being treated for injury. But in the second panel, it’s like you see Rukia was trying to raise her head, which is impossible since again, she’s unconscious. Why did Kubo draw it so awkwardly like that? Call me reading into it too much, but it always unnerves me seeing that panel.

Kubo is a talented manga artist, and I don’t really recall if there is even any awkward panel he drew at all, at least after his style developed. It’s like Kubo had to make a point, as if it wasn’t obvious from the first panel, that Ichigo was looking directly at Rukia, not anyone else (not to mention Ichigo was the one leaning closest to Rukia beside the healer herself). As if to emphasize that the whole time Ichigo was looking worriedly at Rukia, Orihime noticed it all, as if to remind of the previous chapter where Orihime confessed her jealousy and helplessness to Rangiku.

Because of course it wasn’t obvious enough in his opinion, Kubo just had to draw an awkward pose to make it clear that Kurosaki Ichigo was looking directly at Kuchiki Rukia.We all know Ichigo took it upon himself the job to protect everyone, but with Rukia he is always extra-protective, and this moment is not the only one indicating that fact.

I haven’t posted anything about my comic thing in a while. Anyway I switched from animal characters to humans, the tone of the story and the really big contrast in character design was bodering me a lot. I loved the animal designs but I think this is better.
Left Buttercup (formerly bun witch, name may change) and right Anais.
Buttercup still has her hat with the spark, I just wanted to show off the hair here.