bode goods

good things about the bode meme:

* It showcases precious cats

*It was born on a dream and made reality

*It will probably stay on tumblr and  will not be derailed

*Its origins arent hateful,rude or offensive

*It doesnt degrade anyone

*Its body (bode?) positive

*Its just another way to appreciate cats 

- Dagger Retconning in 6x13 -
***Spoilers for 6x13 below***


I generally thought episode 6x13, Ill-Boding Patterns, was pretty good as far as season 6 episodes (or even season 4 - 6 episodes) go, but am I the only one who was bothered by the dagger retconning?

In season 1, in The Return, Rumple murdered his maid just because she *might* have seen the dagger (even though, as Bae pointed out, she couldn’t tell others about it because she was mute). I clearly remember Bae pointing out that Rumple had blood on his boots, and Rumple showing his impish manner for the first time when he pointed out that “even mutes can draw a picture”.

Yet in 6x13, he was showing it off to everyone in sight, even though I don’t think he needed to hold it to perform any of his magic (?).

And how did Beowulf know that the dagger could control the Dark One? I thought that was supposed to be something not well known (at least it certainly wasn’t known to Rumple when Zoso first told him the story of the magical dagger in 1x8).

Little details, I know, but the kind of thing that makes or breaks the integrity of storytelling continuity for this viewer. I really wish the writers wouldn’t so easily dismiss things from the highest quality season, where things were clearly planned out with a lot of thought and attention to detail…

Otherwise, lots of RC and a great Rumbelle hug, so no complaints there. I even like rogue Robin and am happy to see the EQ de-snaked. Should make things more entertaining.

Bert’s sleeping posture in PS4 game

Not sure if anyone posted this before.

This is all the achievable cutscenes in Shingeki official PS4 game. One part is about Reiner telling Armin about Bert’s sleeping postures. (starting from 23:31)


Armin: What’s the Bertolt fortune telling thing Jean mentioned?

Reiner: Bertolt’s sleeping posture can be used for fortune telling. This morning half of his body was hanging outside the window. It would be a sunny day.

Armin: Outside ?!

Bertolt: That’s why I kept sneezing since this morning…

Reiner: Yesterday he raised his leg and placed under his head. This bodes good fortune in business.

Armin: Under his head?!

Bertolt: No wonder there was a pain in the back of my head…

Reiner: And on the previous day, he did a seiza (Japanese formal sitting), with his upper body lying face down on the floor. That means whoever he’s waiting for is coming.

Armin: Seiza?!

Bertolt: I see…so that’s why my feet became numb…

Reiner: And on the previous day, he stood upside down against the wall on his shoulder. It denotes trouble over female affairs.

Armin: Upside down?!?!?!

Bertolt: Oh really, no wonder I….Hey wait, Reiner, stop that. It’s embarrassing…!!


The other parts with Bert are also adorable.

Thank you for the one who posted this on Youtube.

Sorry for my bad English. Feel free to correct me if anything’s wrong.