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An Interview With The Boys - Niall Imagine

Anon: Could you do one where you’re a rising punk-rock/alternative/whatever people want to call it star and your in a combined interview with the boys and some how Niall admits to being a huge fan and liking you?

“So Y/N you’re scheduled for a quick meet and greet with your fans from 12pm to 3pm, and then we shall head straight over to the BBC Radio building for a combined interview with a surprise guest” your PA, Elise explained to you as you got ready to step outside into the world of screaming teenagers.

“May I ask who this special guest is?” you questioned, looking at her through the mirror as her straight face witched, trying to fight back a smile. “I’m afraid not Y/N, it shall remain a secret” she stated with a wink. “You’ve got to be down in 10 minutes!” she stated as she sauntered outside with a glint of amusement in her eyes.

“Urgh! I hate when you don’t tell me things Elise!” you yelled from the door, earning a quick laugh from her as you heard her heels click down the stairs.

“Hmmm.. wonder if it’s 5SOS, they do have a similar style of music as I do… we’ll I’d say I’m more punk rock than then” you said, joking to yourself as you brushed your hair.

You were a pretty famous punk rock singer, but nowhere near as famous as them, you were a huge fan of their music since day one, even before One Direction discovered them… ahh 1D, the people who inspired you to sing. Oh what you’d do to meet them!

You decided to check your twitter and you screamed at the notifications, one of them particularly standing out.

@NiallOfficial is now following you

Niall Horan just followed you on twitter.

Niall. Frickin. Horan.

“OH MY DAYS! NIALL HORAN JUST FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” you screamed out, causing Elise to run upstairs and discover the reason for all of the commotion.

She burst into the room, panting as she frantically looked around to find you jumping up and down on your bed chanting “Niall followed me on twitter” over and over again. She suppressed a laugh and shouted your name, causing you to stop.

“Right.. Y/N compose yourself please, we have to get going” she said in a tone that indicated she wanted to laugh. “Yeah. Okay. Let’s go” you said grabbing your jacket and walking out.

On the way to the meet and greet you couldn’t contain our excitement as you tweeted:


Almost instantly, you got a reply and had to refrain from jumping up and down in your seat.



It was now after the meet and greet and you were elated at the response of your fans from your debut album which was self-titled.

You laid back in your seat and huffed, completely in wonderment of what your life had become over the past year.

You closed your eyes and drifted off into dreamland…

Moments later you were awoken by a jolt and you opened your eyes to find that you were at the BBC building, you go out tiredly and walked with Elise too oblivious to notice the screaming girls that had gathered there.

You arrived at the room where the incredible Scott Mills was interviewing people that you couldn’t really see since their backs were to you and they were hidden away by a screen. You gathered there was more than one because Scott’s eyes would dart to different places, constantly laughing and pointing in different directions of the screen.

You couldn’t really hear what they were saying since the booth was soundproof but an assistant came up to you and said Scott would signal you when to come in so you fixed your hair, checked your makeup… wait a minute. You’re on radio you idiot. Why do you need to fix your makeup.

All of a sudden, Scott waved to you and motioned for you to come in, as you opened the door, oddly not making a sound as you stepped carefully to the screen and froze when you saw who it was.

One Direction.

One. Direction.

What in the world…

“Y/N… Y/N!” Scott called out, breaking you from your trance as you sat down on the end seat as you put on the headphones and turned to greet the members only to notice that Niall was right next to you.

15 centimetres away from you was Niall Horan. Woah.

“So Y/N! I gather you weren’t told about this interview” Scott said as heh handed you a mic making you chuckle as you shook your head.

“My P.A, Elise didn’t even tell me till this morning” you said as humorously as possible, shooting a glare at Elise who shrugged her shoulders innocently behind the glass.

“Anyways! Before you arrived, we were talking about a certain tweet this morning eh” Scott winked as you blushed furiously, staring at your lap, the design on your top suddenly sparking a huge interest in you.

“Umm… yeah uhh thanks for that Niall. I really appreciate it” you said into your mic as if you were a shy school girl.

“No problem Y/N, I really meant it, I’m a huge fan, I just bought your album on iTunes a few days ago” he said before carrying on, shocking you with his next statement “You’re insanely beautiful- UHH TALENED, I MEAN TALENTED” Niall said, quickly changing his sentence as ‘ooohhhs’ emitted from the other boys.

The rest of the interview went smoothly, of course odd teasing here and there from Scott and the boys, but mainly album talk and what your plans were.

At one point in the interview, the boys had to pretend to ask you out using the most cheesiest chat up line they could think of, it went a little like this.

Louis started off by saying “Hey girl, do you do squats because that ass of yours is finer than mine” and of course you laughed at this, considering Louis Tomlinson had the most gorgeous and the most bodacious bum you had ever seen on a man.

Liam’s was the oldest in the book as he said “Are you tired? Because you’ve been running in my mind all day” causing all of us to groan at the most annoying chat up line ever.

Harry being the flirt he is, got up from his chair and grabbed your hand as he kissed it, Scott announcing that on the mic was going to have twitter blow up within seconds of course. “So… I’ve lost my phone number, can I have yours?” he asked as you winked at him and said “We’ll see Styles” making all of the other boys laugh.

Then Zayn came and ever since that SNL thing, he’s been focused on one phrase so… he used that “How’s your guinea pig… girl?”

“Yeah great thanks for asking” you replied, again making the boys laugh.

And finally, Niall came, your cheeks redden and you looked him in the eye as he stared into your beautiful y/e/c eyes for a good few seconds before speaking.

“Can I have a map? Because I got lost in your eyes” he said softly, making you smile at his words… even though they were for the interview, you couldn’t help but think they meant more.

After the interview was finished, everyone was relaxing and talking, you sat on the sofa scrolling through your twitter, gasping at some of the tweets you read, some positive, some negative… however there was one tweet that caught your eye.


You blushed a deep red and Niall walked up to you as he looked at your phone. “Haha… I see the comments flying in already?” he asked humorously as you nodded.

“Say.. you want to make them true?”

“What!” you looked up at Niall who had now turned a deep shade of red as he stared at the ground, our lips curling into a smile at his cuteness.

“I’d love that Niall” you said with a smile and he looked up, a twinkle in his gorgeous blue eyes

“W-what! Re-really?!”





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