ok so thursday is kind of a big day for me and I’m getting a little nervous about it. I have an interview up in syracuse for a TA position and I like really really really want this. to start with, it’s BOCES so that means some kind of special education, which is what I’m doing this summer and I love it. it’s so rewarding and even though you’re supposed to be teaching the kids, you also learn a lot about yourself and your talents and what you take for granted. but besides that, I really want this because I really really want to move to syracuse. my mom’s house is on long island, which is basically where hopes and dreams go to die. I hate this twisted little island with its backwards views and conservative bullshit. I’ve never felt like I really belonged and for the most part, I don’t have anyone here. I go to work, I come home, I eat dinner, I go to sleep. I miss my beautiful, exciting, electric life upstate surrounded by the people I care about. if I don’t get this job, I feel like I’ll be forced to make a pretty difficult decision. the school that I work at now really likes me and would have a job for me during the regular school year if I decided to stay. if I don’t get the job in syracuse, the financially ~wise~ thing to do would be to continue living at home and working in this school. but as far as my state of mind and mental health, I know that syracuse is where I need to be. I want this job because it will give me an excuse to move back upstate, besides the it would just make me happy excuse that I’m going to have to end up using if I don’t. I don’t think my family will approve of this choice because no one understands how stifling long island is and how badly I need to leave. I know it will be frowned upon to pick up and move 5 hours away without a secure job because I ~want to. as always, I resent our capitalistic society which tells me to choose financial stability over happiness. anywayz, good vibes for thursday are appreciated xox


After that last post I made about Golovkin, I fell into a rabbit hole of YouTube video’s about GGG’s techniques and highlights. Something that happens quite often to me but sometimes I stumble on some great stuff, like this film study of GGG’s use of “Shifting.”

Shifting is basically when you pivot on your lead foot so you move forward into your opposite stance while punching. Apparently this was a widely used technique back in the day and has somehow been forgotten. I played a little with using shifting on Sunday and I gotta say I enjoyed the options it presented as well as the ability to close distance so quickly.

If you can add this to your game, using it sparingly so your opponents don’t expect it, it can be a very cool weapon to have in your arsenal. I think to add this as an MMA fighter, which I am, we have to be consciences of the big danger points with shifting within the rules of MMA. One would be the split second your hips or even so your opponent can’t capitalize on wresting takedowns. Hope you try shifting and it helps you punch people in the face more.      


Meet my new friend Marco. I met him during my lunch break at the park. He spotted me as soon as I came in and started chatting. He’s retired and walks for an hour in the AM. He normally plays bocee ball, but they guys dont want to play in the afternoon due to the sun. He got married at 25 and has 2 kids. He said back then you had to get married. He thought I was 20 yrs old, how sweet. He going to Italy for a month on August. Glad I was able to keep him company. I could tell he enjoyed the company. by ren_hen82

Shout out to those select few specific followers

Remember that one time varied times ago when you guys did something boce in general and you didn’t know it but it made my day? Maybe you don’t know who you are but I have a list. A physical list. And one day I will repay you. Be that 10 years from now showing up at your house with 1,000 dollars or a couple months from now by giving you a case of 40 prismacolor colored pencils. Either way when you need me most I will be there.

I want to take a cooking class at Boces. Well technically it’s classes. And I may be going alone which gives me anxiety but will hopefully help me improve in social situations and whatnot.


Automotive Tech alumni and their employer share how Rockland BOCES Career and Technical Education programs gave them a head start on careers in their field of choice. via

Autocesta izgubljenih snova [Part I]

Miris baruta, zvuk istrošenih guma, krvavi trag na pločniku i beskrajne kapi znoja, nepregledni putevi i zamagljeni vidici.

Od prvog dana nisam bio zadovoljan prosječnim, stvari poput ljubavi, obitelji i ponosa su mi bili nepoznanica. Život ispunjen ulicama bez imena i broja, slijepi putevi, zakriveni pustinjskim pijeskom. I vječni cerek mog vlastitog duha, fantoma koji me prati sa suvozačkog sjedala.

Noge umorne od bježanja, oči sljepljene suzama i znojem, suzni kanali suhi poput Sahare, polomljene gramofonske ploče, poluprazne boce viskija i miris kože su jedino što mi je ostalo. A nekoć sam imao sve. Zapešća ispunjena opekotinama su jedino što me održava budnim, bol je nepostojeća, a žar cigarete se polagano gasi. Sloboda je ono što me činilo čovjekom kakav jesam, a danas sam bio vezan lisičinama svoje vlastite savjesti, zatvorenik svog vlastitog tijela. 

Vječni noćni terori, izmješani mozaici misli, njenog lica i beskrajne pješčane oluje.

Hladna cijev u mojim ustima, pištolj je bio jedini prijatelj koji mi je ostao, ali snaga je otjecala iz mojih ruku, i još jednom nisam imao snage da povučem taj prokleti okidač.

Grimizni zalazak sunca, zauvijek izgubljeni putnik i trag guma na asfaltu, noćni vjetar odnosi moje suze, dok grlim njenu izgužvanu vjenčanicu, koljena mi drhte dok skidam mahovinu sa mramora. Njeno ime me vraća u davno zaboravljene sretne dane. Prvi pečat je razbijen.

Predajem svoje tijelo hladnom mramoru. 

“Za dobra stara vremena, stara moja.”

The New TV Studio at SW BOCES

This has been 10 years in the making and it’s finally here.

I graduated from Tony Ely’s TV/Studio Production Program back in 2006.
The program was built around television production, both in a live to tape form and in an edit suite.
One of the great things about his program is that the students came from everywhere in Westchester, from all parts of life. For Tony, It didn’t matter if you were the most troublesome child at school.
Once your entered the studio, everything is about making good programs.

Tony has been working on getting his studio upgraded for 10 years from the original studio that was pieced together mainly from generous donations from IBM over the years that has finally gone vintage.

Before it was an old Ross video switcher (which the power supply was failing on) along with 3 ikegami cameras. That was it.

And here is the newly Renovated Studio!

The New Video System Specs:
5 - Canon XF105 HD Cameras
BlackMagic 1 M/E 4k ATEM Switcher with Panel.
Supports full green screen keying as well.
HD Video Wall
Full 2 Way Communications with the Studio.
Full Tally System to Cameras and Screens.
Recording to SSD via BlackMagic Hyperdeck Studio.
2 Teleprompters
On-Set Monitors
Digital VTR Playback via Computer

The New Audio System Specs:
New 4x8 Expandable Sound Booth
Avid Pro Tools Mixing for Live Sound
Motorized Avid Artist Series Control Surfaces
New Microphones, Speakers, and Digital Audio Interface.
Izotope Studio Audio Software

The Story:
Since Graduating, I have been apart of the Tony Ely’s Executive Committee that advises and gives guidance on the direction TV/Video production program.
It is a great group that’s made up from people in all walks of the industry. Including from HBO, IBM, News 12, professors, and of course freelance producers/engineers.
We get together as a group every 6 months to talk about trends in the industry, and how we can morph that into real classroom projects.

In early 2014  Tony revealed at a meeting that his team at BOCES was able to fine some wonderful grants for his program.

We discussed how we could use the funds to build a program for the new generation of media production.
There was also some limits we had to be practical about. The program operates on a strict two and a half hour day, and there are no overages in high school education.
Also since the program accepts a wide range of people, we had to think about how we can maximize their abilities.
The administration wanted to put more focus on audio production so we had to account for that as well.

Yes there is Youtube and everything is streamed now. But think about how everything gets created. It usually falls into a range of 3 groups:

The smartphone video.
Filmed Programs that are assembled in an edit.
Multi-camera live programs that are produced in the time it takes to watch it.

There are many pros and cons of all three above, but it fundamentally comes down to a few things.

The smartphone video is quick, but there is no value in most shot things.
Filmed Programs take time to write, shoot, and edit. But can be done with little people.
Multi-camera programs have the advantage that you see what you get, and everything is done in real time, but it’s a big team sport.

With that, we saw there are enough students to run a studio production, and it’s a team sport with many different high and low level jobs.
Build the options in to use the studio in both a live, filmed and audio modes.
The program already had a strong edit and film capability with some non-studio capable HD cameras and computers being used already.

So we decided to spend the money on building a new flexible live workflow and sound engineering capabilities.
It also provided the big WOW factor for potential students as seeing a full studio is always fun.

So in the end of 2014 the Committee was very excited about the upcoming grants as we went to work on making it a reality.
I developed the formal quotes for the video workflow, while Sean Hearty developed the audio engineering quotes.
We had about 55 thousand dollars to spend, so we had to spend it wisely.

The good news was we had some advantages.
The program already had a bunch of existing equipment which could be reused including the lights, cables, and audio gear.
We did not have quote for labor for install, as Sean and I volunteered our time, and other members of the committee as well.

In preparing the design, my focus was finding the right mix of equipment we could use to get the most amount of value out of the money spent.
Sean and I worked together to build this final quote which was sent out for purchasing.

After spending 6 months in purchasing nightmare, we finally started receiving everything we have ordered and were ready to ready to install.

My day job is working for Polycom. One of the benefits of working they is they support us volunteering in the community. I thank them for letting me take an official day to do it along with my vacation time to complete this project.

So in May 2015 we scheduled 3 weeks in a row where I would spend two days a week at BOCES, to help orchestrate setup the studio with the students and to run their first live production.

Sean Hearty was also able to take some days, along with Mike Castaldo to help as well.

One of the things I loved is that the Students did most of the work. And it was amazing how much was done in such little time.
We had 5 different student teams working at once.
Before starting on the first day. They were able to strip the control room of the old equipment, and break down the studio.

Week 1

Finished stripping the studio and control room of old equipment

Inventory and unbox the new gear

Built the new Sound booth

Assembled the studio cameras

Mounting the control room equipment

Started testing the video and audio systems.

Week 2
Built the video wall.
Completed wiring the system

Week 3
Calibrated and debugged the studio.
Produced a 20 minute live to tape television program. The first one in years!

Throughout the build, numerous administrators dropped by to lend their hand and support.
I am very glad I could help Tony with this project. We were able to make a night an difference day to this program and set it up for many more years of good service. Many thanks to the great students as well that made the studio a reality.
It was a ton of hard work but it was worth it.


More blog posts to come with technical notes.

Day 10: Put Your Music Player On Shuffle And Write The First Ten Songs That Play

1.) Awit Ni Ginny - Toni Gonzaga

2.) I’ll Be - cover by Boce Avenue

3.) Sundo - Imago

4.) Mister DJ - Kathryn Bernardo

5.) Before I Let You Go - Free Style

6.) Senti - Moon Star 88

7.) Tip Toe - Imagine Dragons

8.) Ang Tipo Kong Lalaki - DJ Alvaro

9.) Heart Like Yours - Willamette Stone

10.) Tumatakbo - Mojo Fly