Commission for Filidae of their character “Shattered”, I probably should have added more weight to the character’s body… hmm

Sorry I haven’t posted much! I’ve been super busy D:
I am working on a 2d isomety asset package for the unity store, have been doing some work for the japanese company I collaborate with (and just recently got more work from them 8D )

I really need to improve my japanese… >__<

Oh and I’ll be working for a month on a pet site project (not mcadoptables, sorry! ;; ), they hired me to do some work for them.

Little by little I will save to make MCA a thing <3
I swear I am not neglecting it D:

I also got a weird offer today from a tumblr blog, saying that they would give me free clothes or money if I advertised their products…. Which is weird, I thought they would pick someone with, I dunno pictures of themselves on their blog, showing their really nice sense of fashion.

My sense of fashion is: green shirt, green pants, green underwear, green bra, green backpack, green pencil case, green cellphone case, green towel, everyone would be surprised about the amount of non-tacky green matching outfits I have. 8)