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Picky Pupper

Has anyone else had trouble getting their puppy (or dog) to eat treats?

My standard poodle puppy has tried a plethora of treats- Wellness’s chicken and carrot puppy training treats, Bocce’s Bakery lamb and rosemary cookies, chicken meatball and blueberry and lamb treats, to Milkbone treats and natural peanut butter. All, save for the Milkbone products, being grain-free and limited ingredient recipes. Bigger biscuits are broken up because he is a very delicate eater. He shows little interest in bones or other chew toys.

I have also tried baked chicken with him, which he responded to very well, except for that his GI tract needs some getting used to it. He is currently eating American Journey’s lamb and sweet potato dry puppy food.

Basically, anything that isn’t chicken gets little interest, a brief mouthing, and spat out, making it difficult to train him. I’ve also tried using toys to motivate him. He is in good health, as he has been to the vet several times since he was born, once since I had him for a wellness exam, and is up-to-date on de-worming and vaccinations. 

I plan on continuing the use of baked chicken in training (and maybe turkey), but I still want something that has a longer shelf life, so I am looking into jerky treats and soft/chewy treats to use with him. He learns extremely fast, he’s just very picky. D: I have had several dogs since I was born and never have I had a puppy spit out treats. I assume that this picky behaviour may (or may not) change as he gets older, but it would be nice to get some suggestions as to what else I could try with him, primarily for training purposes. I also intend to eventually prepare my own homemade treats for him.

Aside this pickiness over treats, Pazelle is a very good puppy. He is appropriately confident, intelligent, loves to observe everything, and is non-reactive to most disruptions. He was perfectly calm at a busy vet’s office, doesn’t bark at anything unless he wants to play, doesn’t jump on people, and he’s also amazing off-leash and doesn’t stray. He was bred to be well-tempered and two of his seven siblings have qualified to become service dogs.

If you have any advice or would like to share your own experience with this problem, please feel free to! ^_^