What he does seems much easier from the stands that it is on the pitch. And if Leo surprises you, he surprises us as well sometimes.

When he is ON, he changes the National Team, or Barcelona. There is no other player like him. He reaches impossible balls. Dribbling past three or four players like he does is almost impossible for us.

In general, it is easy to play with him, but at the same time it may be difficult. Messi comes from other world. We play football, but he plays to another thing, he’s incomprehensible.The same thing happens to me when I watch a golf tournament and when I see Messi, he plays another thing, another sport. Messi is far beyond everything.

One is always in the elite because he takes care of himself and trains well. As for Messi, everything comes naturally to him. You train all day everyday and you still couldn’t drop a player in a single run, he can.