“All 3 of Baxter of California’s hair products are fantastic. They rinse out properly & don’t leave residue after you’ve rinsed your hair which is great - plus, you don’t have to apply too much of it.”

Our friends at Frank & Oak asked Simon, their resident barber, all kinds of questions about hair. Get more of Simon’s tips & learn why he loves Baxter here:


We recently shot some photos at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop for our new website & recorded stuff throughout the day. You like?

You may have first heard about Baxter of California because of our award-winning pomades. We released our first hair pomade almost 8 years ago and now offer 5 different varieties.

The key difference in our pomades is not just the level of shine and hold - it's the craftsmanship in concocting the formulas using high quality ingredients like beeswax, sage oil, glycerin and green tea. So whether you want a firm hold with low shine, or soft hold with a natural finish, we have you covered.

Get to know all five pomades in our shop and watch our videos on how to use them.

Adding to our White Wood and Noir series of “Flammable” candles, we’re now introducing a third candle series: Ash.

The trio of soy wax candles is inspired by the campfires of the great outdoors in the high mountains, low desert valleys and coastal beaches of California. Three distinct scents—Sweet Ash, Smoke Ash and Wood Ash—share notes of cedar, pine, sandalwood, cade and smoky ash. Size is 9.7 ounces and approximate burn time is 80 hours.

The candles are now sale at, Baxter Finley Barber & Shop in Los Angeles and select retailers.