Ready for their close-up

We love watching live cephalopods, but it’s a treat to see them in pictures, their awesomeness frozen in time, and really investigate their cool features.

Our Tentacles exhibit features all of these animals – and more – most on a rotating basis.

Our thanks to National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore for the wonderful images of our animals that he created for his PhotoArk project.

I’ve been really busy lately working on my diploma work and state exams. Luckily everything went well and I’ve successfully finished magister degree from zoology :-D So hopefully I’m gonna be more active on tumblr, now ;-)

Anyway, this week I’ve seen Jurassic world (not the best idea after two months of preparation for zoology exams, but I still really enjoyed the movie). But coming out of movie theater I could not stop thinking about cuttlefish ;-)

This guy here is actually bobtail squid (Sepiolida), close relative to cuttlefish, but it doesn’t have cuttlebone.


Naya and the Miqo’te child.

Things I learned from this: Miqo’te grow into their ears, and their tails apparently either sprout out at some point or this baby has a bobtail.