I got all of the face of my 2nd “Picatso” edged in ribbon and now I’m ready to make his hat and scarf.

I’m making the clothes turned edge so they’ll have dimension, and I’m using the same technique usually used more to make soft dolls. I’m sewing two pieces of fabric right sides together using my template as stitching guide, trimming very close to the stitching, making a small slit in the side that will be against the quilt, and turning the pieces right side out like a pillowcase.

Meanwhile, Thumper has gotten tired of assisting, and has crawled under the rug to take a nap. He is a strange cat.

My new kittypet OC! He’s some kind of bobtail. 

He was born without eyes, but his human momma loves him so much! He usually either wears a bandana or a collar with a bell. He’s super chubby, cuddly, and vocal. He uses his long whiskers to navigate around his home. 

He’s never been off the back porch of the house, due to not being able to navigate the outdoors, but he loves to sit and smell the different scents of the outside world, and dreams of someday feeling the grass on his paws and the freedom of the great beyond.

I finally got a good picture of Thumper’s icy blue eyes.

Thumper is easily the most photogenic of my furry five, largely because his white coat reflects the light. I’m not sure if his deafness plays a part (not getting annoyed at the sound of the camera click) or if it’s just his natural lack of self possession.

This is one of my better shots of him, and it’s begging to be made into a quilt. Perhaps a small thread painted piece.


Baby is kind of like a Jack Russell, but, you know, a cat.

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