We’ve fostered a LOT of cats over the years, so here’s an incomplete list of weird cats we’ve had:

1. An Abyssinian that would jump from the second story banister to land perfectly, and with utter grace, onto your shoulder when you enter our house on the first story (ok, but imagine a cat leaping onto you, it’s terrifying)

2. Satan (her real name is Cassandra) who will only sleep if she is completely under the covers and tucked in

3. Elena, a Kurilian Bobtail, that was so affectionate it bordered on harassment. She would climb your leg for you to pet her and follows people around the house

4. Osiris, a Chausie, that actually plays fetch. No joke. He also responds if you say his name, and has been on the news 6 times so far, in various different cities

5. Dolly, who we actually taught to roll over and sit on command for chicken tenders

6. The kitten that decided to travel down one of the heat vents in our home and my father had to take 3 feet of drywall out to retrieve him

7. One of the cats (still not sure which) managed to eat the insides of a full package of sausage rolls left on the counter but left the bread part totally intact

8. two years after re-homing Lemon the cat, we found her stash of tape dispensers under our living room couch. There were 26 tape dispensers

9. one of the cat’s we re-homed likes to go kayaking with his new human. He has a cat life vest and everything 

Takahashi Hiroaki (Shotei) 高橋 弘明(松亭) (1871-1945)

Shiro neko 白猫 (White cat) Japanese bobtail ジャパニーズ・ボブテイル - Japan - 1924

Source Kawagoe 川越 City art museum


These pajama squid are so cute! I love the sneaky guy coming out of nowhere in the second clip!


yeah winter ! by Cees


Sophie by Cees

This is Sabo. Japanese Bobtail/ Siamese mix. She has a kink at the base of her tail that throws off her balance, coupled with her horrible Siamese eye sight- she’s extremely clumsy. And when she meows it sounds like those horrible computer generated Pokemon screams. I love her.


Dan Wesson Commander Classic Bobtail 10mm

Often referred to as the CBOB for short, the Commander Classic Bobtail is as it looks, a shorter framed 1911 with a bobtail frame. This isn’t a factory or stock model in it’s current appearance. The owner/seller bead blasted the finish, coated the match grade barrel in titanium nitride and had serrations cut into the slide. Definitely an eye-catching build but still a very potent concealed carry firearm especially in 10mm. (GRH)


this is a sea angel (clione limacina), photographed by alexander semenov swimming with its wing like fins in russia’s white sea. these translucent pteropods, measuring only a few centimeters in length, are actually sea snails sans shells. lacking this cumbersome but protective shell, sea angels instead synthesize bad tasting compounds that dissuade predators from eating them. (see also: bobtail squid and josh lambus’ work)