Natsume Yuujinchou!Arc V AU.

Yuya is an orphan who’s been passed from foster home to foster home due to his ability to see the strange and unusual, that no one else can see. He’s the grandson of Ray, a strange young woman who’d also had the same ability but passed away young. Little is known about her.

Eventually he ends up in the care of some distant relatives, Yusho and Yoko Sakaki(who’d never been able to conceive a child of their own).

He stumbles upon a shrine one day and meets Zarc, a sealed yokai who takes a shine to Yuya and his ability(and the book of names in his possession). Zarc’s true form, which only Yuya can see, looks like a great dragon. He mostly stays in his sealed form though(can you imagine Zarc as a plump bobtailed calico cat loves getting drunk? Hah). He insists the only reason he sticks around is to get his paws on the book(in reality he develops a soft spot for the shy boy and would protect him with his life).

Gongenzaka and Shingo are the first two to befriend Yuya, they think he’s  touch odd at times but he’s a cool guy so they can deal and are constantly trying to get him to socialize.

Yuto fills the role of Tanuma, Yuya’s soft spoken new friend who can kinda sorta see and sense yokai and is the son of a local priest. Being around yokai for long periods of time makes him ill.

Reiji in the role of Natori, the exorcist/actor with a living yokai mark that crawls all over him. Tsukikage and Selena are yokai in his service.

Shun and Ruri are a pair of yokai that Yuya helps when he returns Ruri’s name to her from the book.


The maneki-neko is a common Japanese figure which is believed to bring good luck to the owner. It depicts a cat (traditionally a calico Japanese bobtail) beckoning with an upright paw, and is usually displayed at the entrance of a business. A common belief is that the left paw raised brings in customers, while a right paw brings good luck and wealth.

Three maneki-nekos to bring good luck and fortune to your blog! The actual transparent cats/a bigger variety in smaller sizes here, and you can ask for a custom maneki-neko here! (also, if you like or use them, please let me know! x)