PSA: if you have not seen southpaw regional wrestling on the wwe network, do yourself a favor and watch it now!

it is a BRILLIANT parody of 1980’s southern regional pro wrestling– this is easily one of the most creative things that the wwe has produced for the wwe network.

it’s incredible. i wish it was a real promotion and i wish there was more of it too.

“Let me preface this by saying I enjoy Chris Jericho (especially his recent run), but on the past couple of episodes of Talk'n Shop, I feel he’s become tiresome. I know the show is hosted on his podcast, but I feel he tries too hard to be the funny guy and it comes off as he’s trying to be funnier than and take the spotlight from Gallows. While I enjoyed his Clint Bobski character on SRW, his characters on Talk'n Shop just aren’t that funny to me. I think the show would be a little better if he just let Gallows and Anderson do their thing and takes a little bit of a backseat.”


Southpaw Regional Wrestling is Finally Unleashed: Southpaw Regional Wrestling Episode 1 - Mar 17th 2017.

Starring: Luke Gallows as Tex Ferguson
Karl Anderson as Chad 2 Badd
John Cena as Lance Catamaran
Fandango as Chett Chetterfield
T.J. Perkins as John Johnson ©
Chris Jericho as Clint Bobski
John Cone as Chip Henderson
Heath Slater as Impressive Plevis Wesley

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