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Do you have headcanons for a lesbian louise?


  • she probably only realises shes gay when shes around 12-14, she doesnt really think about her orientation at all before then
  • she has an iconic ‘oh damn’ moment of lesbian clarity when she comes out to herself
  • she and jessica start dating in their late teens
  • the only member of her family she comes out to is bob - tina and gene have always known and never thought twice about it, she knows they’re both cool. she comes out to bob because she loves and respects him so much and wants to share that part of her life with him. he is 110% supportive and very happy because “teenage boys are the worst”. she asks bob to tell linda. linda has known since louise was 4. 
  • makes a lot of gay jokes - *doesn’t receive a tip at the restaurant* “this is homophobia”