and then saturday was Kankri!! I’m so proud of this cosplay, I worked like two hours just extensively sealing all that goddamn makeup and it was so worth it, it hardly smudged even though I was sweating my ass off. and BOY did I sweat my ass off. It was like 95ish that day and I was inside most of the time but the convention center was still really hot where there were a lot of people. but dAMN I HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME, I got so many compliments and went to the homestuck meetup and a Bec gave me a cancer symbol button ; v ; I really want to pull out Kankri again next year

SCYTHE BLANK IS CUT OUT!! This stuff is corrugated plastic sheeting if anyone wants to know, I picked it up at Home Depot. It’s lightweight and just sturdy enough, though I think I might reinforce where the handle meets the blade a little, it wants to fold if I wave it around b/c it’s along the corrugation lines. Next step is getting the expanding foam on this thing

edit: also if anyone wanted to know the answer to the question “will it sand?” the answer is yes, and beautifully

an hour and a half isn’t too bad a time for getting fully grey imo

catch me in this getup (and also probably dressed as Karkat for the meetup) on saturday at sacanime, if you recognize me please stop and say hi!


Finally got my con lineup down!!

FRIDAY I’m going to be Bro Strider with a purple smuppet on my shoulder

SATURDAY I’m going to be the Vantas duo, though I’m not sure in which order, depends on who I want to be for the meetup. Probably going to be in a flower crown

SUNDAY I’m going to be pajama!Kat (not in paint b/c god no I’m not painting myself on sunday,) I’ll probably be handing out whatever snacks or water we don’t use in our room!

BRO’S SPATS. ARE. DONE! That took so much longer than I thought it would haHAHAHA, but with this all my cosplays are officially set for the con, no last minute rush for me this year! (Also fuse fleece is my new favorite thing) #bobplays

first cosplay on friday was retail!Kat! I couldn’t paint my arms unfortunately b/c my makeup wasn’t sealing too well b/c of the humidity and also b/c if I spent the time painting and sealing them it would’ve taken me two hours hahah;; but despite having oddly flesh tone arms I got complimented!

the nametag is my favorite part about this cosplay tbh, you can’t see it too well in the pic but it says TROLL * MART and KARKAT and the logo is a mix of the old walmart smiley face and the trollian logo B)

random con memories:

a John came up to me in the vendor’s hall when I was Kankri and asked me where babies came from, I tried to respond as IC as I could and told them to ask Karkat lmAO, then they ran and hid their face in their little friend group it was sO CUTE, they looked like 15ish?? I feel so OLD

At the homestuck meetup on saturday someone caught my attention (I don’t remember who they were cosplaying as) and just fucking chugged red faygo at me, it took me a second to realize what they meant but I called them lewd IC and ran off haHAHAH

used the restroom to adjust my hip binder which was rolling up and people were singing shit at the sinks adjusting their own costumes

I handed out muffins as pajama!Kat on sunday b/c we’d bought way too many and I didn’t want to throw them out, thought I’d spend hours trying to give them away but I just had to go to the upper level where people were sitting taking actual breaks hahahah

I got to introduce THREE of my friends to the grapefruit blowjob video, watched it three seperate times with each of them, we spent the rest of the time making fucking jokes about it and making the noise haHAHAH

I read galloping abs and then the first chapter of fifty shades of grey before we went to sleep (b/c none of us had read much horrible badfic lately, that was our replacement), and graph frickin fell asleep in the middle

note to self: always bring a package of shitty washtowels, they came in SO HANDY as makeup wipes and for anything else. 

none of us brought paper plates so we had to improvise with eating cake, some people used cups, I used a couple pieces of paper from the free notepads always in hotel rooms

I went out at like 9 pm with quad b/c the greek food festival was somehow still open and we ate chips with cheese and seasoning and some pita and greek meatballs and it was so good

I also got a lot of stares in the greek food festival as Kankri omg, I must’ve looked pretty damn weird sitting by myself in grey makeup with a napkin in my collar trying to take a break and cool off and eat. (the food was so fuckin good btw, some kind of stew with beef and cloves and cinnamon?? SO GOOD.)

quad gave me a cute bear mug and ‘NO MORE QUEEROS’, the copy of no more heroes she’d drawn her own cover for (which I LOVED.) I gave her a charging cable and drew her TravisDandy smut B)

I watched the first two episodes of haikyuu with Allison early in the viewing room, and we whispered shit like 'SO CUTE’ and 'there’s the bae’ and 'team mom Suga’ and 'team dad Daichi’

on friday I was doing nothing but cussing out my makeup b/c it wasn’t sealing properly and I was inhaling large quantities of baby powder and hairspray, allison got to listen to me cuss and groan for part of it I think haHAHA

Allison was teaching me how to waltz in the hotel hallway and I was SORT OF getting it, but she had to go to a dance and literally waltzed away down the hallway it was beautiful

might add to this as I remember more snippets??