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Opinion on the YGO characters Shadi and Bobasa?

shadi is just weird as hell and stirs shit up for no reason. he seems to go about achieving his goals in this ruthless methodical way while making it clear he wants to traumatize as many people as possible ie tormenting yugi’s group, intentionally leading malik to believe atem killed his dad, giving the m. eye to pegasus, etc. his actions in dsod make him even more nonsensical (youre telling me his spirit never came back to tell aigami and the other kids to chill out? you shitting me with that?)

i just dont understand shadi. the series seems to make him out as this benevolent source of guidance when literally all of his actions suggest hes anything BUT that. 

bobosa i dont have much of an opinion on, he’s just kinda there. but he made ryou cry and i Cannot Forgive That

Confiscate some phone Miss...

EPIC FAIL! nag patago ako ng cellphone sa kabilang classroom dahil may inspection of cellphones sa section ko tapos mag ku-kumpisan din pla sa kabila ANONG KATANGAHAN NAMAN YUN DIBA? bobo ng sobra 

Nanakawan na ako lastweek tas kakabili ko lng ng bgaong phone ko.., ngayon na KUMPIS NAMAN! anong malas namn ng buhay ko diba?

Ginwa ko lahat pra lang ma-isalba buhay ng cellphone ko pero di ako nag tagumpay <///