bobo days

who wouldn’t want to drink there

in the supernatural writer's room
  • adam glass: so, what are we thinking in terms of romantic subplots this season? i know we've had dean mention that he wants to find someone who understands his life, maybe another hunter...
  • robert singer: right
  • adam glass: you know, the other day bobo berens brought something up to me, he said that cas--
  • robert singer: no. no. we've been through this. here's what's going to happen. towards the end of the season we introduce a lady hunter, you know, hot, white, early 20s maybe. don't worry about too much character development. in the meantime, we have amara and dean...
  • misha collins, squinting through a sniper rifle's crosshairs on a nearby rooftop: i have the shot
  • robbie thompson's voice through a walkie talkie: take it

Inktober 2016 Day 22 - Soul Eater
Inktober 2016 Day 23 - BoBoBo-Bo BoBo-Bo
Inktober 2016 Day 24 - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Soul Eater was really good until the art style changed. Then it became the second biggest disappointing manga. I feel like BoBoBo-Bo defined my stupid humor. NGE had a bad ending; but at the same time, lately I feel like Shinji so I’ll give it that. 

A Mystery Tale of The Black Beetle by Francesco Francavilla

I was honored to be asked to contribute this year’s (39th) Anniversary poster for the famous SILVER SNAIL comic shop in Toronto and Ottawa. Their anniversary falls on FCBD so they always release the poster during this celebration of comics.
Past anniversary-poster artists include Mike Mignola and Skottie Young (among others) so it was particularly cool to join this group of talented creators and dear friends of mine.

Since they gave me freedom to do whatever I wanted (as long their mascot, BOBO the RObot, was featured) I had to go with my baby, The Black Beetle, and I came up with the above faux cover, which I hope you guys dig.
If you weren’t in Toronto today, no worries - I should get some copies and will figure out a way to make some available.


Eunhae tour in fukuoka-Day 2 -A BOBO CONCERT?

 Eunhae say if without these songs they would probably just perform oppa oppa, oh no and other songs which total up only 4 songs.

Hae say:“ then after that we will start bobo! The bobo should be done forcefully”

Hyuk demonstrate by saying “you there, come here! >3<”


It’s Time to Meet the Muppets: Bobo the Bear is the nicest, most hard working guy you could hope to meet. Although he’s large and has worked as a sidekick for a few villains over the years, Bobo only wants you to “Have a good day, sir!” Bobo worked in security during “Muppets Tonight” and has been part of the Muppets ever since. It would be unbearable without him!