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Shonen Jump crossover games post

Famicom Jump: Hero Retsuden, 1989, Famicom

Famicom Jump II: Saikyō no Shichinin, 1991, Famicom  

Cult Jump, 1993, Game Boy

Jump Super Stars, 2005, Nintendo DS

Battle Stadium D.O.N, 2006, GameCube, PlayStation 2

Jump Ultimate Stars, 2006, Nintendo DS

  J-Stars Victory VS, 2014, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita (2015, PlayStation 4)

Also includes a list of playable characters/franchises from throughout the series. Does not include characters/franchises that only ever appeared as supports or NPCs. 

 It is also interesting how hard it was to find any info on some of the earlier titles (can be seen as an interesting commentary on the fleeting nature of fame).  

not-bobo-guewy-chan-deactivated  asked:

girl this idea just came in: what do you think about Ciel playing with rubber bands and accidentally shooting sebastian in the face with it? xD

Sebastian: Maybe you should just make paper boats or something like that…

I’ve noticed I draw Sebastian with clothes that I think nobody has ever thought of him wearing. And I’m…

Okay with that.


(You can slowly see how I get tired of drawing after the third panel…)

Ciel: The big ship is you!

Sebastian: Is it now?

Empecé a ver Kuroko no Basket...

Está chévere, pero me hizo recordar por qué no suelo seguir los animes de deportes.

¡Todo es tan dramático y estresante! Me estresan tanto que casi me hacen olvidar lo chéveres que son.

¿Por qué todo es tan dramático? Es como esa escena de la papita frita en Death Note…

¿Saben qué deberían hacer? Un anime de química… en donde todo sea así de dramático.

¿Vas a hacer una solución con fenoftaleína? ¡PAM! Tres capítulos con cliffhanger.

¿Vas a armar un sistema de destilación? ¡Si no lo haces bien se morirá tu perro!

¿Vas a añadir un cubito de sodio a un vaso de precipitados con agua?




蕭正楠 Edwin Siu & Bobo Chan 陳文媛《可疑密友》

Cannot do a throwback series without mentioning my favourite childhood TVB drama!!!!! ALL TIME LOVE!!!! I love how stupid and cute and youthful and hilarious this drama was~ I MISS IT!!!!