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Bad Boy! Kim Jiwon moodboard.

Requested by the lovely anon, hope you enjoy!

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Write some nice yoonmin + reader stuff 😈😈🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️

Sorry… the only ship I sail is Sope (and not in a sexual way ya nasty)

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AHem… as I said, not in a sexual way

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I really do love their friendship. Ppl always think that they’re sooo different and that Hobi is this super extra character but oh they’re so wrong. Suga is probably softer than him and behind the scenes they’re actually very similar in a… spiritual/intellectual way. They love each other so much it makes my heart ache 😭

Don’t even

Y'all don’t even act like Bi Boh Bi wasn’t the best mf character of the damn season. Bi Boh Bi is a good ass friend. Don’t sleep on the fact that they straight up snatched Coran off those drugs and still stood by his side while he was high af and yelling at him. I bet you even after Coran had his drugs washed out and yelled at him again that Bi Boh Bi will still pop up and support him. 😭👌🏾👌🏾

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can you do pros and cons of dating hanbin, bobby and junhoe?♥

Is this like “dating ___ means” tags? Because if yes, I’m just gonna randomly put the plus or minus or not both (means just some small things/habits they’d do) dating fact based from my honest opinion and you decided which ones of them is pros and cons lol


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  • he is a cuddle buddy
  • he loves your food
  • he’d tease you a lot
  • waking you up with him sings to your favorite song ft pooh
  • putting his arms around you while walking together
  • once you do stupid or embarrassing things in front of him, he’d tease you till the next decade
  • watching you do your stuffs without you knowing so
  • comforting hugs
  • playful kiss
  • taking you to jogging in the morning
  • couple pooh stuffs
  • you’d fell asleep on the couch waiting for him to come home
  • late at your dates for first few times
  • slow-rapping you to sleep
  • random rap about your stupidity and foolness
  • laughing at you tripping over your own foot
  • helps you with your work
  • bring his group mate home out of the blue


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  • waking up beside him still sleeping and get to watch his peaeful face
  • his failed attempt to make you breakfast
  • if your foods taste bad he’d tell the truth to make you a better cooks
  • skinship all day long
  • fails to wink to you
  • kiss you out of the blue
  • make you million songs
  • get inspired just by watching you eating, sleeping, singing, cleaning and etc
  • wash the dish after eat but end up you’re the one who do it with him wrap his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder
  • him being busy so you both have to reschedule your date plan
  • starring down at you lovingly
  • ask you to dance and rap and sing along with him
  • jealous over you and your favorite tv drama
  • walking by holding your hand in his
  • forget to give goodnight kiss cause he’s too tired and fall asleep right away
  • gotta buy him chococone for helping you cleaning the house


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  • sing for you like literally anytime possible
  • showing off his charm and say nobody else could do it
  • eat up every meals available
  • late night talk while lying in the bed
  • he plays with your hair
  • drown you to his chest because you know how tall he is
  • admiring your scent but would never admit it
  • buy you a coat or jacket when you feel cold because he cant take off his
  • surprisingly say yes when you tell him to make the bed
  • cant get over the image of you wearing his clothes because they look oversized on you but undeniably cute
  • take tons of selfie with you
  • compliment your look
  • but sometime judging it like he’s the expert
  • jokingly stop you from singing cause he can do it better

I know it’s so short but I tried my best… hope you like it!