Remember my best friend who I modeled with? (i posted about that before haha check it here!) we call each other boberz.. heh it’s a long story

Well I could tell our bond’s incredibly tighter already & it’s a friendship worth keeping close to my heart as I hope she would too~ (yiie cheesy omg we even cooked an egg on the street haha.. with foil ofc)

Anyways, I’ll tell you about yesterday and today (the days we’ve been hanging out this summer lol like we don’t even go to school together or we’re not neighbors OR we’re not tutormates ..or i’m not going to be with her together again next week hahahahah shocks clingy, but I love clingy!! #landimoments)

Roaming around the village (day 1)
She took that photo! follow her instagram: @kylartpopx she’s been depressed about the loss of her followers since her last one got hacked haha
she took this too lol I brought her vanilla frappes.. she gave me an egg… so yeeep we cooked it yesterday with the heat of the sun lol 
Check out how it looks like here ((it looks like a man throwing an egg himself)) in the end, idk why but only the yellow part was okay but WE DIDN’T EAT OKAY HAHAHA it got dirty because of the wind
her adorable chihuahua, Ampin!!! <33 hihi


Taste test (Day 2)
hahah yeah remnants of what happened at early 10am

  • blindfolded we tried local & international: chips, cookies and cereals
  • for our friend’s(newly mine but kyla’s even before) thesis who’s from SFU or Southville yay and it was a fun experience + yay free food
  • we watched Wicked for a while (on the laptop lol but our taste tester / ate Kei got to watch it in the Emerald section aka the one really upfront sigh *sheds tears*) 

After that I just ate chicken ((again)) the post earlier about my dog happened yesterday actually haha I just queued that post 
Kyla needed to go to the dentist and she brought me along bc perks of being neighbors~

what she did was take pictures of the middle parts of her and my fingers.. she calls it… FINGER ELBOWS or knees but it does weirdly look like knees or roses.. or maybe sumo wrestler faces idk fkjdghkjs but yeah everything was fun yay