© John Kernick

Over-the-Top Dessert: What’s the secret to star chef Bobby Flay’s incredible peach cobbler? He bake the biscuits separately from the fruit so the undersides cook fully; then, just before serving, he sets the biscuits on the fruit and bakes them for a few more minutes, so they can soak up some of the juices without getting soggy.

Recipe: Buttermilk-Biscuit Peach Cobbler

© John Kernick

Burger Love: Star chef Bobby Flay’s burgers feature an incredible barbecue sauce made by spiking tomato puree with two forms of smoky chile–ancho chile powder and chipotle in adobo sauce—then adding peanut butter for sweetness. 

Recipe: Beef Burgers with Peanut-Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

West Philly Burger Throwdown

Round 1: New Deck Tavern v. Bobby’s Burger Palace

New Deck


Pros: Classic pub/bar scene, lots of leprechaun and lucky references. “Leprechaun stuffed potato skins” may have been the best order of the night.

Cons: Noise level, it was hard to have a conversation even at a table for two

Service: A little slow and not very attentive, but not intrusive which is always a plus


Pros: Served hot, very juicy, definitely quality meat, large burger that filled the entire bun, served with a side of fries

Cons: Almost too hot to eat when first served, A little too pink for my tastes



Pros: definitely a “place to be seen” its newness still hasn’t worn off so its always busy, obviously the connection to Bobby Flay is a draw for a food network lover like myself

Cons: A little too trendy, its a really dressed up fast food restaurant, all group seating and large tables so getting a spot that a little more private is tough

Service: Friendly, but fast food set up made so many servers totally unnecessary 


Pros: Charcoal grilled which gives a classic taste, well seasoned, cooked through well

Cons: Dry, smaller than expected for a $7 burger, served alone fries are like $3, but they looked like a pretty large order (I didn’t have them) 


New Deck Tavern

I like the atmosphere better, its definitely a fun place to be. The menu is much more expansive and I was really impressed with the burger. It was large a juicy, totally worth the money. The service could have been better, but overall it was a good experience.