All the cool kids are doing it and I want to fit in, so here are my BEST NOT SO TERRIBLE posts of 2014… Allegedly. 

December ♥ 19,443

November ♥ 56,997

October ♥ 40,213

September ♥ 7,020

August ♥ 3,823

July ♥ 70,029

June ♥ 16,049

May ♥ 14,326

April ♥ 30,010

March ♥ 66,714

February ♥ 28,043

January ♥ 376,265

Damn Son, Ya’ll got nothing better to do?

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anonymous asked:

Do you know what happened to 'bobbycaputo'? He hasn't posted in a while.

I really wish I did. I reached out to him last week but he didn’t provide any information. I really hope he’s okay. There was this post from last week, and this was his last post.

I’m really hoping that he’s just stepped away from Tumblr for a little while and that he’s okay. I think of him frequently and would like to know that he’s at least okay.

anonymous asked:

I want to send lots of love and good thoughts to @bobbycaputo. I know he's going through a tough time right now and I worry about him and his broken heart. I want him to know there are a lot people here who love him very much and want nothing but good things for him, now and always. I love him very much and I want him to know that.

bobbycaputo asked:

When you get this ask, list 5 things that make you happy then pass this on to 10 people (I don't usually answer these things myself let alone pass them on to others but I decided that this was easy and innocent enough so fuck it. *You are under no obligation whatsoever to answer this, You're an adult, do what you want with your life, I'm not the boss of you.*)

1. being in or on the water.
2. starting a new doodle. i mean, i usually hate what i’ve done by the time i’m finished, but starting a new project with just a blank sheet of bristol board in front of me feels great.
3. taking a long road trip.
4. learning something new, especially something that makes me see the world in a new way and reevaluate other things i thought i understood. i like having my worldview challenged and undermined.
5. romping with the pups or with my friends or, you know, by myself. you’re never too old to go outside and play.