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All the cool kids are doing it and I want to fit in, so here are my BEST NOT SO TERRIBLE posts of 2014… Allegedly. 

December ♥ 19,443

November ♥ 56,997

October ♥ 40,213

September ♥ 7,020

August ♥ 3,823

July ♥ 70,029

June ♥ 16,049

May ♥ 14,326

April ♥ 30,010

March ♥ 66,714

February ♥ 28,043

January ♥ 376,265

Damn Son, Ya’ll got nothing better to do?

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I was tagged by helms-deep to answer the questions on this page and…there’s 22 of them? Ah, fuck it, let’s do this.

1) Does the sound of someone chewing make you nearly homicidal?

- If I’m eating, no, but if I’m not, then not at first, but it can creep up eventually.

2) Recommend a book that had an impact on your life.

- If a book doesn’t have some kind of impact or isn’t obviously grabbing me within the first 20 pages or so I tend to put it down and usually not pick it back up again, so that’s kind of hard to say. For now I’ll suggest Terry Pratchett’s ‘Small Gods’ as it’s funny, touching, and has some truths and amazing quotes in it.

3) What is the one item from any fast food chain that is superior to all others?

- It’s hard to go wrong with French fries.

4) My guilty pleasure are…

- I don’t feel too guilty about them otherwise I wouldn’t do them, and they don’t hurt anyone else directly…I guess the best would be occasional snacking when I’m not hungry, as I know that it’s just eating for eating’s sake, and that it satisfies no hunger. But it’s very satisfying mentally.

5) Which Golden Girl do you most closely identify with?

- Dorothy for sure.

6) What historical figure would you like access to for an hour?

- Maybe Abraham Lincoln, and at the end convince him not to see the stupid play, which I’ve heard before he already saw four times.

7) Do you get belly button fuzz that seems to magic from out of the fucking blue?

- No, the belly button fuzz fairy put it there! Because they hate us!

8) What is your favorite movie quote?

- “Sand is overrated. It’s just tiny, little rocks” -Joel from ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,’ chosen mainly because I don’t have a favorite movie quote, but I like the me melancomedy of it.

9) Out of all the people on Tumblr you follow which would you nominate for president and which for Vice President of the USA? What would their campaign slogan be?

- I’m just egotistical to nominate myself and my wife, but I’d drag you all with me as cabinet members if I won: bobbycaputo you’re my official photographer and beer expert; helms-deep you’re my video and coffee person, you’ll probably coordinate with Bobby a LOT; laughterkey, you gotta make me look good, help me connect with the people; topherchris you’ve got GIFs and Vines; bookoisseur and specialedition87 you’re on BOOKS, and I mean Library of Congress, school libraries, national reading programs, etc; womaninterrupted runetangclan texnessa and anyone else I’m forgetting, you’re in charge of food and wine, both for the White House and extolling their virtues throughout the country…etc, etc…

10) Why don’t men wear kilts more often?

- Cultural perceptions about men who wear “skirts,” and probably a fear of constant draftiness.

11) Why is Col. Sanders so fucking creepy?

- That stare, man…he wants to fry YOU.

Alright, here are 11 questions:

1) What is your favorite adult beverage?

- Beer, seconded by whiskey.

2) List 3 Tumblrererers that you would love to meet IRL. And if you were to plan where to meet, where would you take them to eat?

- I can’t pick my kids! That being said, I think I’d go with the first three whom I remember (so if I’m wrong, don’t feel too hurt) as following back/interacting/reblogging, so topherchris, bobbycaputo and laughterkey. I think I would take them to House of Nanking in SF: absolutely crude service and amazing food.

3) What are your thoughts on cosplay? Have you ever wanted to? If so, what character would you want to cosplay as?

- Have fun if it’s your thing, and no.

4) List a few songs that are your go-to when you’re feeling especially sad.

- I tend to more just fall into songs, if I even do. Although I’ve had plenty of reason to be sad recently, I can’t think of any one song that I’ve listened to that became notable. It was more the song(s) that made me sad, like “Oh, I wonder if he ever had a chance to appreciate Amy Winehouse; he might’ve liked her quite a bit.”

5) What artist (writer, painter, musician, filmmaker, etc.) do you admire the most?

- I consume more TV and movies than anything else, so I’m going with Michael Sheen at this very second. He’s a great actor and in the interviews I’ve heard he’s smart, super charming, and very funny.

6) What’s your favorite type of cookie?

- Pretty much anything that doesn’t involve coconut. Oh, and Mother’s Cookies, specifically the Circus Animals (even though I thought Mother’s folded years ago they’re probably still my favorites).

7) Why is Facebook so horrible?

- As I think Stowe Boyd said a few years ago, it’s trying to become what AOL was going for years ago: something for everything, which eventually becomes boring and distracting to most. I currently think of it as the family-friendly place on the internet that is very safe and boring and still connects brands to will your allegiance to them and hopefully spend your money with them.

8) Best live music event you’ve ever been to?

- The Devil Makes Three, the first time I saw them, possibly eight or nine years ago at The Independent in SF. It was almost a religious experience. (psiamnotdrunk - where the fuck did the time go?)

9) Name a TV show or film that everyone else seems to love, but you just don’t get the hype.

- ‘Girls.’ I’ve tried and I’m frankly underwhelmed, or I don’t get it, or it’s not for me.

10) Have you ever said something and then immediately regretted it? If you were able to go back and change what you said, would you, and if so, how do you think it would change the relationship you now have with that person?

- Um, yes? Most things? Too many to note? Possibly not at all ultimately?

11) What are a few things you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year?

- Getting healthier overall. It doesn’t have to include losing weight, but that would be a nice bonus. And I’m working on that one step at a time.

anonymous asked:

Do you know what happened to 'bobbycaputo'? He hasn't posted in a while.

I really wish I did. I reached out to him last week but he didn’t provide any information. I really hope he’s okay. There was this post from last week, and this was his last post.

I’m really hoping that he’s just stepped away from Tumblr for a little while and that he’s okay. I think of him frequently and would like to know that he’s at least okay.