Bobbie Draper in The Powerful Women of The Expanse Promo

She would cut off an arm or a leg for Mars, basically. But also, I’m really excited about when you get to see Bobbie in a more vulnerable light. It’s really important for people to see she’s not just this stoic woman all the time. - Frankie Adams
‘The Expanse’: How The Syfy Series Found the Unfindable Actress (Which Means Other Shows Can, Too)
The men behind adapting the popular “Expanse” novels to the screen faced a massive challenge in Season 2 — finding the perfect actor to play a beloved favorite.
By Liz Shannon Miller

The key priority for them was finding someone who matched the book’s description to a T: “Someone who is of Polynesian descent or looks Polynesian and six feet tall and can have this strength and then also this vulnerability behind it,” in Ostby’s words.