John Mayer Interview on the Bobby Bones Show

Great interview!


Bobby Bones & Eric Church

B: “Correct me if I’m wrong, but that Album of the Year is most important to you.”

E: “Number one, two, three, and four. Our show this past weekend, we played 27 songs in Tulsa. I’ve had three number one songs. So 24 of those songs are album cuts. And you don’t get to where we got to at an arena level unless people bought into the albums. You just don’t get there. So it’s always been the most important thing for us. Even back to Sinners Like Me, the first album. We didn’t have any hits off that album, but when I play those songs live, when I play Sinners live, it feels like one. Because people made it a part of their lives. So for me it’s always most important.”


Taylor is mentioned from 2:55 to 6:00 

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  • Bobby Bones: Taylor Swift is here, I know you have a long day today.
  • Taylor Swift: I don't, did they tell you that?
  • Bobby Bones: Yeah, and they just told me in my ear you gotta go.
  • Taylor Swift: I'm gonna go home and order chinese food for the rest of the day, not in the morning but later, when it's appropriate.

Bobby Bones interviews Taylor Swift