Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 5: Coffee

Sam Winchester x Reader

1100 Words

Warnings: Awkward Reader

Summary: After having a hidden conversation with Death, the reader and Sam have a conversation.

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You pretended to sleep, but it was hard. You had no real idea what people did when they slept. You knew they had dreams, or nightmares, but not how they actually fell asleep. You tried, wondering if it was possible for a Reaper, but just closing your eyes wasn’t working. You willed yourself to sleep, but all you earned was a pain in your head.

You were about ready to give up, when you heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Sitting up, you watched as Sam slowly made his way down, his movements tired and heavy. As soon as his eye level hit the main room, he looked over to you, his eyes widening as he realized it was you, not his brother.

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Recipe of the Day: Bobby’s German Potato Salad
Bobby will tell you bacon makes everything better, so there’s no denying everyone will love this German potato salad. Dress the potatoes while they’re still warm so they can fully absorb the vinegary, bacon-laced dressing. [recipe in bio]

Tonight’s tally

1 day in lab with no WiFi

2 bottles of wine + ? Cans of beer + 5 fingers of bourbon

3 bridesmaids

4 onlookers,

3 curling irons

2 straighteners

Infinite Bobby pins

1 bacon-addicted dog

1 hell of a good Thursday

1 rough Friday coming up


U.S. Army Captain Robert Bacon leading a patrol in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. 1964.

Col. Bobby Bacon, then a captain, was featured on the June 12, 1964 cover of LIFE magazine. The photo, taken by Larry Burrows, shows Bacon leading a group of South Vietnamese soldiers through rice fields in the Mekong Delta. Bacon served two tours of duty in Vietnam. Among his decorations are the Silver Star and the Bronze Star with two valor devices. Bacon was stationed at Fort Jackson from 1976 through 1983.

He graduated West Point with a bachelor’s of science in communications in 1956, and was a classmate of Norman Schwarzkopf. He is now retired and living in Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

©Larry Burrows: Vietnam photos
©Susanne Kappler: Current photo

**The soldier in the 6th photo is not Capt. Robert Bacon. When I find his name, I’ll add it. The source where I found the photos identified him as Capt. Bacon. Thank you for the correction @remythejester!
I’ll be Home for Christmas

A/N: This is my entry for @jensen-jarpad‘s 1000 Followers celebration. Go check out her blog if you haven’t. Beca is ridiculously nice, creates awesome weekly rec’ lists, & has an awesome masterlist if you want to entertain yourself for a bit. My song was I’ll be home for Christmas. The reader is Dean’s 5 year old daughter, this is set in season 3. Dean & Sam are on a hunt while the reader is staying with Bobby. Dean promised to be there for Christmas this year after missing all of the previous ones, plus it’s his last one.

25 Days of Holiday Tales

Dean x Daughter!Reader     Sam x Niece!Reader    Bobby x Reader

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December 20

“You promise to make it back by Christmas, right Daddy?” You asked as your father held you in his arms.

“I promise babygirl. Sammy and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He responded, giving you one more squeeze before putting you on the ground to follow Sam outside.

Balancing being a father and hunting was hard, but it got easier when Dean mended his relationship with Bobby. The old man loved having you around so he began to leave you with Bobby when he’d go on hunts.

Leaving you behind was always difficult, but now that his days were numbered before being dragged to hell every time he left you it left a pit in his stomach that wouldn’t go away until he was reunited with you.

You went to the window to watch your dad go, waving to the impala until it faded away, just like you always do when he leaves. Letting out a sigh you turned around from the bench you were on and looked at Bobby.

“What?” He asked when he caught you staring at him.

“Do you think he’ll be back for Christmas this year?” You asked.

“He said he would didn’t he?” Bobby replied.

“Yeah…but he says that every year.” You told him sadly.

“Why don’t we go find those Christmas decorations we bought last year? We can put up the tree so it’s all ready for when your daddy gets back?” Bobby said, standing up from his desk.

You nodded your head enthusiastically before jumping up and following him into the basement where he stored the holiday items.

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