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Hi! Sorry about that! can ask for an idol life thing?? (And can it be private too?)
I am 18 years old I’m a Gemini, I’m 5'5, I have a small waist and big hips. I’m a INFJ. I’m really emotional and most of the time in a really happy and talkative mood when I’m around people I’m comfortable with but tend to be really formal and cautious when talking to new people. I love my friends and cherish them a lot. I’m straight, I love horses and I ride a lot and I prefer to be outdoors most of the time. I love hardcore rap music which contrasts with my cute demeanor. I love cute things and pastel colors are my favorite.
my favorite idols are Xu Minghao, Zico, Mino, Bobby(ikon), Choi Seungcheol and my favorite groups are Seventeen, Bap, ToppDogg, Got7, Bts, and Exo.
Thank you!! I hope I did everything right, if I didn’t just let me know!

Hi~ Of course @sesshomaru1402-blog! Here is you as an idol~

Company: Pledis Entertainment!

Stage Name: Sky!

Main Position: Main Rapper!

Sub Position: Visual!

Type Of Idol: A cute, pretty visual with amazing rap skills and caringness towards your members that all fans love!

Group Name: Dream Girls!

Number Of Members: 9!

Member Nationalities: 3 Korean, 2 American, 2 Japanese, 1 Chinese and you!

Fandom Name: Dream Team!

Fandom Colour/Theme: Pastel Peach!

Group Theme: Girly/Powerful!

First Song: Dream It, Do It!

First Mini Album: Dream Team!

First Win: In the second week of promotions, with your first song!

Years Active: 8!

Dating Scandal With: Xu Minghao (Seventeen)!

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Brother Group: Seventeen!

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Sister Group: Pristin!

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Collabs With: Seventeen and BTS!

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After Your Idol Career: You’d be a professional Horse Rider!

Hope you like it! <33

The rapper(s) of a kpop group must be really stuck up, stern, and they never have fun.

AND THAT’S WHERE YOU ARE WRONG….very. They are the exact opposite. The biggest misconception is that the rappers always have to be hardcore and fierce. Some may seem coldhearted, but they are just big squishies who have big hearts AND CAN RAP SO WELL. (gifs are obviously not mine)

(If a group has multiple rappers, I’m just picking a random one, don’t get butthurt. Also added four girl groups that I slightly know enough to know who’s the rapper)

Lisa Manoban (Lisa) Blackpink

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Jung Hoseok (J Hope) BTS

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Moon Byulyi (Moonbyul) MAMAMOO

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Lee Minhyuk (Minhyuk) BTOB

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Lee Seunghoon (Seunghoon) Winner

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Park Minhyuk (Rocky) ASTRO

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Jackson Wang (Jackson) Got7

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Lee Jooheon (Jooheon) Monsta X

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Kim Jiwon (Bobby) iKon

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Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P) Bigbang

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Hwang Euijeong (Teno) Blanc7

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Park Kyung (Kyung) Block B

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Choi Junhong (Zelo) B.A.P

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Amber Josephine Liu (Amber) F(x)

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Park Chanyeol (Chanyeol) EXO

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Jeon Jiwoo (Jiwoo) K.A.R.D

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Adachi Yuto (Yuto) Pentagon

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Lee Chae-rin (CL) 2NE1

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Kim Wonshik (Ravi) Vixx

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The Leader of a kpop group must…

The visual of a kpop group must...

The vocalist(s) of a kpop group must…

The maknae of a kpop group must…

FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE (For example, if a group had multiple rappers, add them!) IF I DIDN’T ADD YOUR GROUP, THERE’S A REASON I SAID FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE. 

20 Quotes From Korean Artists That Will Inspire You To Follow Your Dreams

20 Quotes From Korean Artists That Will Inspire You To Follow Your Dreams

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There are times in life when we go through difficult moments and feel like giving up altogether. But sometimes, a motivational boost is all we need to get back on our feet and move forward with our lives.

That being said, idols are no different than us. In order to get to where they are now, hard work and perseverance were – and still are – the main keys to succeed in the music industry. From a…

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Somebody told me that love was a lot like a down
How you feel when doing nothing while standing around
As you wait for someone to relate, till it takes you away
Before you knew it came and your off

To follow some rules you don’t understand
You’re still a little confused on how to feel

There was a time that I thought love was blind
Till it opened my eyes, and I saw I knew nothing
But don’t take offense, it’s not meant to make sense
Often that’s how it goes and yet nobody knows how to stop

Or where it might end, and could this be love?
Would we try try again to no avail

Somebody told me a lie
To be fair no one knew at the time
For a word undefined it’s not worth to break ties
So a part of you is still is a part of me

There’s nothing to gain but addiction to pain
When surrounded by walls all your thoughts will betray you
The longer you stay the greater the weight and the harder the fall
I hope that you find your way out

Do I have your attention?
You don’t need to know but you have to believe
In a world unattended we look for the answers
and ask the wrong questions, and we are all wrong and we are all right

Somebody told you a lie
To be fair no one knew at the time
For a word undefined it’s not worth to break ties
and a part of you is still is a part of me

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Big Phony

Bobby Choy aka Big Phony is a singer-songwriter from New York City. He has been featured on many indie radio stations, as well as MTV and PBS.


“Ode to Kogi” - Big Phony

42 seconds of dorkiness. ♥

“Kogi 아저씨, 어디를 가느냐?
먹고 싶다”

아이유~~ 저도 먹고 싶어용~ ㅋㅋㅋ 

Edit: By the way, if Big Phony sang in Korean more, my panties would probably actually melt.  I’m just sayin’.  (Sorry, Shoegaze. ♥)