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'CLEAN' FUN? Ktown Footnotes: Episode 1

‘CLEAN’ FUN? Ktown Footnotes: Episode 1

When food, roommates, and comedy collide.

It’s officially Wednesday and time for the debut of the hilarious new webseries, Ktown Footnotes, which acts as a precursor to the much anticipated Ktown Cowboys Movie. Footnotes, directed and written by some of the Ktown Cowboys themselves, Daniel (DPD) Park and Danny Cho (Mad TV, Parks and Recreation), is a hilarious new weekly digital short series that…

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Somebody told me that love was a lot like a down
How you feel when doing nothing while standing around
As you wait for someone to relate, till it takes you away
Before you knew it came and your off

To follow some rules you don’t understand
You’re still a little confused on how to feel

There was a time that I thought love was blind
Till it opened my eyes, and I saw I knew nothing
But don’t take offense, it’s not meant to make sense
Often that’s how it goes and yet nobody knows how to stop

Or where it might end, and could this be love?
Would we try try again to no avail

Somebody told me a lie
To be fair no one knew at the time
For a word undefined it’s not worth to break ties
So a part of you is still is a part of me

There’s nothing to gain but addiction to pain
When surrounded by walls all your thoughts will betray you
The longer you stay the greater the weight and the harder the fall
I hope that you find your way out

Do I have your attention?
You don’t need to know but you have to believe
In a world unattended we look for the answers
and ask the wrong questions, and we are all wrong and we are all right

Somebody told you a lie
To be fair no one knew at the time
For a word undefined it’s not worth to break ties
and a part of you is still is a part of me


Big Phony

Bobby Choy aka Big Phony is a singer-songwriter from New York City. He has been featured on many indie radio stations, as well as MTV and PBS.


D’awww he is soo cute ><…haha

“I wrote this song for my wife…who I have yet to meet. I don’t really write love songs because I’ve never been in love"-Bobby Choy


When Five Fell by WongFuProductions

“We delight in the promise of falling for love.
We crumble in the dread of falling from love.
Everyone falls. Everything falls.”


“Ode to Kogi” - Big Phony

42 seconds of dorkiness. ♥

“Kogi 아저씨, 어디를 가느냐?
먹고 싶다”

아이유~~ 저도 먹고 싶어용~ ㅋㅋㅋ 

Edit: By the way, if Big Phony sang in Korean more, my panties would probably actually melt.  I’m just sayin’.  (Sorry, Shoegaze. ♥)


Interview with Big Phony (aka Bobby Choy (I like typing out his name (because it reminds me of bok choy (I’m so hungry right now, guys, I’m like f'serious)))) by his friend, comedian Danny Cho.


“When Five Fell” by Wesley Chan (Wong Fu Productions)

“Glasses (David Choi) – The glasses represent sight. In a relationship, there are times when our one desire is to share with the other person. We hope to offer a new perspective. To learn and grow from each other in that way. To show the world. Unfortunately, nothing stays clear forever. Many things can blind us: jealousy, doubt, overthinking, and ironically, comfort.h

Telephone (Bobby Choy) – The phone represents hearing. Relationships can’t exist without listening and communication. Sometimes, circumstances prevent people from communicating face to face. That distance greatly effects them. We hear about experiences when what we really want is to live them. Words can only go so far. The phone is interesting because it is constantly eavesdropping on our talks. What would that feel like? To always be talked to but never the subject of conversation. It must hurt to be so unknowingly ignored.

Umbrella (AJ Rafael) – The umbrella represents touch. The very simple idea of being close enough to touch someone. Physical contact. To be able to hold, cover, protect. These are basic parts of a relationship we hope to fulfill. Essentially an umbrella reflects occasional necessity. But who would want that? To feel needed when it’s only convenient.

Scarf (Paul Dateh) – The scarf represents smell. The intimacy of knowing someones scent is very special. It’s a privelege that isn’t easily shared and is often overlooked. It may sound ridiculous, but who are the people you can identifty with smell? Most likely those that you are very close with. People you have known for more than awhile. Also, scents can fade. Physical contact carries and transfers a scent but when that contact disappears, the scent is no longer.

Cup (Chris Dinh) – The cup represents taste. More specifically, the cup represents a kiss. And a kiss is the most universal symbol of love and affection. The fact that it describes a first kiss is even more significant. A first kiss is innocent and naive. We cherish it as though it will last forever. But when the cup is broken, the kiss is no longer possible– just like a relationship.

Between the five, viewers should be able to relate to different dimensions and roles of a relationship.

Besides the music and narration, there is rarely any ambient sound. This was a conscious choice. Since the way we experience memories is very much the same. Sometimes we choose to only remember the important pieces of an experience. All else fades away.”

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