bobby's hat

I’m really curious about the three little scraches on Bobby’s hat.

like here,

and here.

what did them? a cat? some kind of little monster? 

can you actually imagine bobby holding a cat for some kind or reason and when he looks away because someone called him or something it does the scraches? 

oh shit that’s adorable.

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing again recently, so have some souls as cute villagers.


@six-sleeping-children‘s Hanako (as a cat)

@sixsmolsouls‘ Adilet (as a deer)

@six-souls-chilling‘s Bobby-John (as a lone wolf)

Pretty Little Liar! Ashton

Words: 3.3k

Warning: Smut, Ashton kinda fucks you with a lolly. But it’s ok I swear.

Summary: Y/N had been getting text’s from ‘A’, threatening her to sext and send nudes. Only to find out he was going to be at her very own Halloween party, so they will meet face to face and be face to face with other parts of the body. (69 if you catch my drift;) 


I reached my hand in my pocket, feeling my phone buzz and ding inside the confinement. I was currently setting up for my halloween party that I was holding tonight and I had been getting all sorts of messages. Mostly people confirming the time and if they can bring booze, well duh. I placed my thumb on the screen opening up my phone and clicking onto messages. I sighed and tapped onto the message, it was yet another message from ‘A’. ‘A’ had been texting me for the past couple of week’s, they were a nightmare. 

They had been sending through messages asking for nudes or asking me to sext and if I didn’t they threatened me with video files that could get me into trouble. Last year wasn’t my best year and someone had caught it on tape. So as anyone would I reported it, but the person behind ‘A’ leaked a video of me stealing a file from our headmasters office. It was one of my friends medical file, but they gave me a week detention as I had no proof it was hers. And breaking into the headmasters office was frowned upon. So since then I’ve been dealing with everything ‘A’ tells me, other wise other things will spill. 

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Could It Get Worse? - Part 1

Originally posted by cupcakesam

Summary: You’re Bobby’s adopted daughter, Dean and Sam had feelings for you and you had feelings for both of them. But what happens when those feelings get put on thin ice? (Season 7)

A/N: This is the first Tumblr story i’ve written so if it’s terrible i’m sorry in advance:) If you did enjoy this let me know if you want to be tagged in the further parts.

Pairing: Sam x Reader x Dean (No Wincest)

Warning: Language, mentions of smut.

Words: 1.5k

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I’m dressing as Sonny from Rock and Riot for Halloween!