ikon as frenemies


  • has made it clear more than once that he doesn’t like you that much but you’re tolerable sometimes
  • the sexual tension is off the charts
  • Backhanded Compliments Galore
  • can bicker for 7 hours straight

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Photo analysis of the Fab Five wearing their own merch.


This is fine. Snazzed it up with a denim shirt underneath. The only one who thought to do that. Pretty content. 


Truly in his element.A simple graphic or fan tee and jeans. Typical Antoni. Fully content.


This is fine. A bit dressed down but I’m JVN. I can work anything. Styled it with some fun pants. Also working the stache. Pretty content. 


Not really feeling it. I mean it’s clothing but more of a nice short and shirt guy. But it’s for charity so it’s okay. Barely content. 


Looks dead inside. Forced to wear a graphic tee. Couldn’t even french tuck it. Slowly dying on the inside. Where’s my button down? Not content.