bobby your face

iKON: as shit my mom says

Hanbin: “I swear if you don’t pick up your dog’s shit from the floor I’m gonna wipe it all over your face” 

Bobby: “What do you mean? No in this family we only drink Voss water” 

Junhoe: “What do you want for dinner- wait, hold on. Did you SEE WHAT SHE WAS WEARING?!” 

Jinhwan: “No what I’m saying is that your sister looks ugly today.”

Yunhyeong: “Okay everyone needs to stop what they’re doing and tell me if my shoes look good with the dress because if they don’t we’re not going out tonight” 

Donghyuk: “Look. I’m not trying to be mean. I’m just telling you that maybe you shouldn’t eat as much rice as you do.” 

Chanwoo: “What does ‘shade’ mean, Sky? No I’m serious what does it mean because Greg from work said he ‘threw shade’ at me but i didn’t get it”

-also pray for me i deal with this on the daily

Junkyard Part 2

Part 1

The rain seemed to pour down harder; the tree branches shielded the rain a little but your jacket was still soaked and you trembled as you tried to stay warm. Your toes were numb and your fingers were stiff and hurt when you tried to move them. Your eyes were getting heavy and you couldn’t hold your head up. You let your head fall to the side your eyes drooping shut as headlights shined against your face.

“Bobby Dean found her! We’re headed back now. Grab warm blankets and clothes, shes freezing.” Sam talked into the phone as Dean got out and picked your limp cold body, grabbing your bag and rushing back to the car. Sam slid behind the wheel as Dean climbed in the passenger seat; he peeled off your soaked coat and took his leather jacket from the back, wrapping it around you. He turned the heat on full blast to warm you up faster.

Sam sped down the highway and got to bobby a in record time. Dean held you close to his chest as he rushed inside from the rain. Bobby brought freshly warm dryer blankets and a change of warm clothes. They all looked at each other “Everyone out. I’ll do it” Dean said taking the clothes.

Dean carefully peeled off your wet shirt and soaked pants. He carefully put the shirt on you before removing your bra and put a blanket over your waist and legs before removing your panties and putting the warm sweatpants on. He covered you and laid you back on the couch making sure you were covered. He moved the hair from your face before walking away and closing the doors letting you rest in the peace and quiet.

“So she’s your daughter?” Sam asked as he stood there arms crossed while Dean sat there across from Bobby letters still in his hand. Bobby nodded collected the letters folding them delicately before putting them back in their envelopes and putting them into the metal box where held items that belonged to his wife. Dean shook his head; running his fingers through his hair pushing it back. “Bobby this is crazy. She doesn’t remember anything about her mom being a hunter?” He asked as Bobby shrugged “according to her mother she doesn’t. Apparently that was part of the deal. The deal was she got brought back and she knows nothing of the supernatural” Bobby sighed picking up the glass of whiskey and throwing it back.

“Look, I met Linda years and years ago, we had a….fling and then, a serious hunt picked up and I left town. I didn’t know she was pregnant. And maybe if I had, she would have gotten to live a lot different life…” Bobby said shaking his head.

“Well, how do we keep her protected from a world she knows nothing about, without telling her” Dean asked causing Bobby to fold his hands on his desk and shrug. “She’ll stay here, and…we’re going to have to tell her eventually. But not until it’s time to, I don’t want to risk her getting hurt like her mother did” Bobby said staring toward the couch in the other room.

“Bobby, look what if we find the demons that were after her all those years ago and then kill them. She’ll be safe and you don’t have to bring her into all this” Sam said shrugging some. But Bobby wasn’t listening. What if he had been there since you were born? What if he would have been there when those damn black eyed sonsabitches were there? What if he could have saved you and your mom? He sighed and shook his head looking at both Sam and Dean.

“It’s time I step up and be her father and protect her”

Part 1