bobby steels

I’m heading down the highway
Sign has three inverted nines
If the lord don’t get me the devil will
But not without a fight

This highway never fucking ends
American nightmare running scared

Art by Simon Bisley


Well first and foremost, the loss of (Layne Staley and Peter Steele) is so tremendous because of the impact they’ve left - their legacy - their legacy in music.  

Layne was - when he was straight - he was engaging, strong, bigger guy than you think, about as tall as me.  We spent a Thanksgiving together and he and  I just went out by ourselves.  We went to some shady tit bar, I forgot what fucking town it was.  

Pantera - we weren’t even on tour with Alice and Chains. We just met.  Alice in Chains was on tour supporting their first record.  We were on the Cowboys From Hell Tour - so we both came out in 1990.  They were on tour with Iggy Pop.  We were on tour with fucking Prong and Mind Over Four -something like that.

Thanksgiving - we were at this odd place.  Anyway, we got pretty drunk and decided to roll this bum. We saw him coming down the street and I said, “Dude, let’s roll him.”  So we dunked tyson-esque style in between buildings and waited for the guy.  We weren’t violent or anything but we actually tackled him and he didn’t have anything but he freaked out and was scared and we started laughing “ahhh we was fucking with ya” and (Bill) pushed him on his way.  Poor guy but ahhh… He was fun man.

Next time I saw him was early ‘92.  I had met his girlfriend who eventually was the girl who ended up down in a hole.  She turned him on to dope.  

Ahh I saw him at the Lollapolooza gig and he was different, of course.  In retrospect, and once again, it brings up shame in my heart because I’m an engaging person. Like I say, man, I come with love and the fact that - at one point in my life I was a zombie, you know.

It’s very hard to say you’re sorry enough times to your fucking loved ones, your family, and all your friends.

Phil Anselmo


1984. Medieval Steel

Medieval Steel are an American epic metal band from Memphis, TN, which was formed in 1982. The band released a self-titled EP in 1984, a demo in 1989 and a compilation album, “The Dungeon Tapes”, in 2005. This album contains all of the tracks from the aformentioned EP plus newly recorded songs. and debut album in 2014.

unknown bands from the ‘80s that are just as cool, just waiting to be discovered. Medieval Steel is one of those sort of bands, and they play a bare-bones, riff-oriented style of heavy metal with wailing vocals, outer-space melodies, catchy choruses, and the whole package.  

If you love heavy metal, then you will love this.

        Bobby Franklin   Jeff Boydstun   Bill Jones   Jeff Jones   John Roth