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Dad Standards

Requested Imagine: Could you write one where the reader asks Bobby to go to a father-daughter dance with her, because he is the closest thing she has to a dad? :3 

  • 431 Words
  • Warnings: Talk of family loss
  • Bobby is father to reader

You watched through the blinds, waiting on Bobby to arrive back home from the long case he had been working all week. The excitement gets the better of you when you see the headlights shining through the masses of cars around the yard. You can’t help but grin and jump a little in place.

When Bobby steps out of his truck, you run to the door and open it, allowing the man to bring his things on in. He sets them to the side and leans against the stairwell.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” He raises an eyebrow.

You roll on the ball of your heels and close the door swiftly. “Bobby, I have a question.”

He walks into the kitchen and grabs himself a beer, something you knew he would do the moment he walked in. It was part of his routine, and you weren’t. Normally you knew better, to stay in your room until he’s had a few minutes rest and don’t bother him unless it was really important. Well, you felt like this was important enough.

He takes the top off and gulps half of the bottle down before he turns to you again and clears his throat. “Alright, spill it.”

It’s hard to find the right way to put it. Surely he’d say no right off the bat, without much of an explanation. You curl your fingers around your wrist and say, “I have this thing at school, you see. It’s… I’m supposed to bring someone to a dance. A father-daughter dance, actually.”

Bobby was rummaging through a cabinet, probably in the hopes to find something edible in there, though there was hardly anything since he left. He twists his body toward you slowly, looking at you with narrowed eyes. “I’m not your father.”

You smile some, trying to look as cute and innocent as you could. Bobby had been there for you almost your entire life. When your dad left all those years ago, he took you in. Even when that horde of vampires took your mom, he let you live there. He let you stay with him as long as you promised to go to school, get good grades, leave boys out of his house. You respected him like your own father. “According to dad standards, you kind of are. I want you to be my father.”

Something in Bobby’s face softens. It was a look you haven’t seen in years and you were glad you put it there. His eyes water up and the corners of his mouth twitch. “I would be honoured, sweetheart.”

Like Father Like Daughter- Part 3




Initial request:
Don’t know if still taking requests but Could you write one where Free will is in the bunker and a little girl shows up at the door claiming to be Deans daughter *which she is* please and thank you

Part 3 requests:
part 3? X3333 loved the second part btw ^^ amazing job as always!
Thank youuuu! ^^

PART 3!!!!!!!!!!

Like father like daughter is so good aww ♥ Requests are closed so im not technically requesting but, I definitely would read a part 3 on it ♥ Love you~
Ty hun! Ily2

You were slumped in the chair, your legs hanging over the side as you scrolled through your phone. You glanced up to see your Dad and Unce still researching. You were supposed to be helping but you got distracted… Besides, they didn’t seem to mind all that much. Either that or they were so focused on finding a case they hadn’t even noticed- not that you were complaining.

Your Uncle Sam wore such a concentrated frown you were worried he’d get stuck like that. He hadn’t blinked for a good minute or so as he scanned the pages on the blaring screen. Your Dad looked half asleep yet determined to stay on task. He was chewing a pen lid as his eyes squinted at the mass pile of books. the actual pen itself was in his hand as he silently tapped it against his leg.

Your Dad’s phone broke the pair of them from their trance. He picked up and you and your Uncle both listened curiously. “Garth?…Yeah I suppose it is…Uh…Okay…Sure…Ohio?…Got it we’ll be there asap….Yeah you too.” He put the phone down and shared a look with Sam you didn’t recognise.

“Garth?” You echoed.

“A hunting buddy of ours.” He informed you before turning to his brother and speaking to him instead. “He’s found us a case in Ohio. Demons. Lot’s of demons.” 

“Let’s get packed then.” Your Uncle declared, shutting his laptop and rising from his chair. You followed suite but they both turned to look at you.
“Oh hell no.” Your Dad shook his head and gave you a disapproving look.

“Why not?” You frown, trying your best to look cute.

“Because I said so.” Your Dad declared.

“Oh don’t play that card! I had enough of those from my Mum.” You sigh.

“Y/N, you’re not ready.” Uncle Sam softly mentioned but it didn’t make it any less irritating. “I’m never going to be ready if all you do is leave for hunts without me. No one’s training me when you’re gone!” You protest.

Your Dad then pointed at you and nodded to himself like he’d just had some sot of light bulb moment. “You can stay at Bobbys.” 

“Who?” You frown.

“He’s basically like the Uncle we never had,” Sam started “He hunts. You can train with him.”

“Sound fair?” Your Dad asked. You nod reluctantly.

**** **** **** ****

You watch as the Impala drives out of Bobby’s land off to hunt and you can’t help but feel like you’re being abandoned- even though you knew he was going to come back.

Bobby put his hand on your shoulder and tugged you away from the window. “Come on, kiddo. Let’s do something interesting before I go out of my mind.”


“Yeah?” He turned around to look at you.

“Will my Dad ever let me hunt?” You tried not to pine but it was starting to bug you.

He sighed and adjusted his cap. “Your Dad cares about you and he doesn’t want you to get hurt, Y/N. You need to give him time, remember. He’s never had a kid before and you turned up out of the blue. Besides, are we here to train or to talk?” He finished with a smirk and you rolled your eyes.

Bobby was nice and he was a damn good trainer. But you still missed your Dad. You hadn’t known him long but you still wanted to be with him and to make him proud. Show him and Uncle Sam you can hunt.
You wondered if you’d ever get that chance.

That’s when you got the call. You picked up the phone, Bobby was out getting supplies. “Bobby?” Your Dad asked when you didn’t say anything.

“Dad?” You rubbed your eye, having been asleep.

“Y/N where’s Bobby?”

“He’s not here.”

“Well, okay uh…man,” his tone changed from nervous to amused but it was unsettling “This place is one hell of a funkytown.”

You froze. You knew what that meant. Your brain went back to when Uncle Sam taught you the Hunter’s code. You gulped, knowing full well you could be on loud speaker “Is it?” You chuckled confidently.

“Sure is. Well, when Bobby get’s back tell him to give me a call okay, sweetie?”

“Sure.” You put the phone down and went straight over to your bag. You stuffed in some extra necessities and raced out the house. You knew if you told Bobby he would go and make you stay and you weren’t having that.

As you reached the road you started praying to cas. You went on for a good ten minutes non-stop. You must have repeted yourself a lot but you didn’t care. You went from internal monologue to talking aloud. “Please, Cas. My Dad’s in trouble. Maybe Sam and Garth too. Please.”

A flutter of wings made you turn and stare at the man in the trench coat. You sigh with relief. “Where?” He demanded coldly.

“Ohio, Mudhouse Mansion.” You state, adjusting your backpack straps.

“Okay, I won’t be long.” 

“I’m coming with you, Cas. I need to help.” You say firmly.

He stared at me for a while and I couldn’t read his expression. He then sighed and nodded “Alright.” before placing his fingers on my forehead and Singer Salvage Yard disappeared from my view.

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    “Hey Bobby!” Y/N shouted as she quickly descended down the stairs. 

    “In the kitchen!” Bobby answered. 

Y/N rounded the corner to see Bobby in front of the stove, making his famous chili. 

     “What’s going on kid?” Bobby asked. 

    “Can I ask you something?” Y/N asked. 

Bobby turned away from the his cooking to face Y/N. “You just did. But shoot.”

Y/N was slightly nervous, though she knew she shouldn’t be. She didn’t want to Bobby to deny her invitation. 

     “So, there’s this dance at school this Saturday. It’s called a Daddy-daughter dance and girls bring their dads to it. It’s kinda a cute Valentines day thing. Any way, I was wondering if you’d go with me. I mean, you’re the closet thing to a dad that I’ve ever known. I totally get it if you don’t want to go. But you’re kinda like a dad to me so I thought I’d ask.” Y/N said. 

Bobby was silent for a moment, taken back by Y/N’s invitation. 

    “Shit kid, you really think about me that way?” Bobby asked, tears gathering in his eyes. 

    “Always have, always will.” Y/N said with a smile. 

   “Of course I’ll go. Get over here.” Bobby said, opening his arms, waiting for a hug. 

Y/N hugged Bobby back like she never had before. He really was a dad to her and she couldn’t have asked for anyone better. 


“Hi Dad.” 

Bobby dropped the book that was in his hand and looked at you, completely heartbroken. He rushed over to you, reaching out to touch your cheek, but his hand just going straight through your face.

“Y/N. What… this can’t be happening.” 

Bobby said softly as tears began to prick his eyes.

“I’m sorry.” 

It hurt you to hear his broken voice as he looked at you, but you you knew that this was always going to be the hardest goodbye. 

“Don’t be sorry, it means that I can finally rest. Goodbye Daddy.”



“Hey, Dad! Burgers are al…most…” You snapped your mouth closed, seeing two new figures in the kitchen. Your lips twitched into an awkward smile as you waved and said, “Uh…hi?”

“Hello,” Sam said, staring at you. Dean, however…

“Dad?” He asked, looking between you and Bobby. “As in, father-daughter? As in…biological?”

“Balls…” Bobby sighed, shaking his head. “Boys, this is my daughter, Y/N. Y/N, this is Sam and Dean. They’re John’s boys.”

You nodded before smiling, a little shy. “S-So, I’m making burgers but, uh, Sam you’re a vegetarian right?” Sam nodded in response to which you hurried to the fridge. There, you pulled out some tofu. “I’m not really sure how to cook it though.”

“I can help,” Sam said, smiling softly as you lead him out the door.

“Idjit better not try anything with her,” Bobby growled a bit. Dean just smiled, shock having finally settled.

–Might do a multi-shot for a bit of Sammy love :) –

‘’Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” Okay get ready for round 10 its gonna be all about our surrogate dad Bobby Singer so get pumped.


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