Author: theweirdymcweirderson
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby (mentioned)
Relationships: DeanxReader , SamxReader (brother and sister kind of relationship)
Word count: 6k (more or less)
Warnings: dirty thoughts, teasing, sexual frustration, injured Dean, masturbating, smut, hair pulling, biting, fingering, Dom!Dean but also some dom!Reader, bad English, that’s it I think.
Author’s note: I hope you like it, feedback is welcome. *kisses*

Summary: Dean walks in on the Reader changing her clothes, and he can’t help but seeing her in a completely different way from that moment. + Imagine being friends with Dean and one day while goofing off, he finds out you have a hair pulling kink, so he makes you moan for him. (The second imagine was on DirtySupernaturalImagines…I think *akward smile*) ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

Two months, two months since Bobby had introduced you to the Winchesters and they had asked you to move in with them. They enjoyed your company and you were a great huntress, not to mention that your charms came in handy when they needed information from someone.

It didn’t matter if you were talking to a man or a woman, you were able to crack anybody after just a few minutes, and Dean could never understand how you did it. You were a few years younger than Sam, which made him treat you like a little sister, while Dean, well he treated you more like a friend, not that you minded.

The only thing you couldn’t stand about them, was the need they felt to keep you safe. During every hunt, they did everything in their power to keep you out of harms way, even if it meant them getting hurt instead. No matter how many times you saved their asses, or the fact that you had been trained by Bobby, just like them, they still saw you as a damsel in distress.

A tough damsel in distress, who could kill any Supernatural creatures, but still a damsel in distress. Today’s hunt had been no different, even though it was just a salt n’ burn, they tried to protect you in any way, which ended up with Dean being thrown against a wall.

To say you were pissed, would be an understatement. You didn’t speak to any of them for the whole ride back to the bunker, you put your earphones on and practically jumped out of Baby, before Dean had the time to park her.

“I think she’s really mad this time…” Sam commented, turning to Dean and waiting for his opinion, “Oh yeah? What makes you say that? The frown she’s been wearing, or the fact that she jumped out of the car and slammed Baby’s door?”

That answer earned Dean one of Sam’s infamous bitchfaces, but after all those years, he didn’t care anymore; he grabbed his stuff and made his way to the bunker, followed by his worried, little brother. Once they were inside, Sam spoke again, “I think you should go talk to her”

Dean stared back at him with a ‘What? Why me?’ expression on his face, to which Sam shrugged and added, “You’re better with the whole ‘I did it to keep you safe’ speeches” After that he grabbed his duffel bag and left, “That’s just bullshit, Sammy, you just don’t want her to stop seeing you as the nice, big brother”

He waited for Sam’s answer, but the tall man just walked faster towards his room, “Bitch” Dean mumbled, before walking to the kitchen; if he was going to face a pissed off version of you, he needed some amber encouragement.

He went to his room first, since yours was just a few doors down, and dropped his duffel bag inside, removing his jacket and boots as well. When he realized there was nothing else he could do to delay, what he was sure was going to be one of the hardest things he’d ever had to face; he made his way towards your door.

He stopped in front of it, and was surprised when he noticed it was open, he was ready to bet that you would’ve locked yourself inside. Normally he would’ve knocked, but he was sure you’d tell him to leave and close the door, so he didn’t.

He slowly pushed the cracked door open, and froze in his spot; your back was to him, your very naked back, was to him. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He knew you were beautiful, no one could doubt that after watching you turn men into jelly just by flashing them a smile, he’d just never looked at you that way.

Maybe it was the fact that Sam treated you as a little sister, or maybe the fact that Bobby, practically introduced you as his daughter; Dean had no idea, but he knew he’d never be able to look at you the same way he did before.

He had to leave before you turned around and found him spying on you taking your clothes off, he could talk to you in the morning. Still, he couldn’t move, ‘Maybe she put a shirt on’ That thought didn’t convince one bit, but he opened his eyes anyway.

The sight he was met with, took his breath away. You had just unbuttoned your pants, and were slowly pulling them down. You stepped out of your jeans and bent down to pick them up, allowing Dean a nice view of your panty-clad ass.

He cursed himself when a grunt escaped his lips, there was no way you didn’t hear that. He slowly backed from your door, and walked as fast as he could to him room trying to make as little noise as he could. He reached for the knob, just as you poked your head from your door, “Dean? Are you…ehm, okay?”

He looked your way and relief flooded his body, when he saw that you’d put on one of the many shirts you’d stolen from him and his brother. “I-Yeah…just my back hurts a little” You nodded in understanding and glanced back inside your bedroom, “You want me to give you a massage or something? Sam says I’m pretty good”

'Yeah, I bet you can do amazing things with those perfect, little hands of yours’ He bit his lip at his thought, and shivers started to run down his spine, as he imagined your hands on his body, “No…uhm, it’s nothing a good night’s sleep won’t fix”

You smiled and all of a sudden, he realized what those poor guys you flirted with had to be feeling, “Look, (Y/n), I’m sorry about the whole 'keeping you out of harms way’ thing, I know it gets on your nerves, but we just…”

“Want to keep me safe, I know…and I’m sorry for slamming Baby’s door” You flashed him a cheeky grin, and he couldn’t help himself, he had to smile back, “Yeah, about that. I think you should apologize to Baby in person”

He winked at you and you chuckled at how dorky he was, “I will…tomorrow. Night, Dean” He watched you disappear into your room, before he murmured a 'Night, (Y/n)’ he was sure you didn’t hear.

The next day, he couldn’t look you in the eye, not after spending the night jerking himself off at the thought of you. You, on the other hand, had no idea why he was treating you like that, thinking he was still mad about you being 'mean’ to his Baby.

During the following days, you were more than a little frustrated; probably cause you had the biggest, dumbest crush on the elder Winchester, since…forever. What you didn’t know though, was that he did look at you, all the time; he just waited until you were too busy to realize it.

He couldn’t think of anything else that wasn’t you, and it was driving him crazy. After a few days he went back to being his usual self with you, but only cause he couldn’t stand Sam’s questions anymore.

You walked inside the living room, and found him watching Dr. Sexy MD. You didn’t mind that show either, but Dean always ended up joke-wrestling you for the remote when you took it away from him; and let’s just say, you were up for anything if it gave you the excuse to touch him.

You sat down on the couch next to him, and casually reached for the remote; he was so focused on what was happening on the screen that he didn’t notice. He did though notice when you changed; you saw him from the corner of your eye, as he slowly turned towards you.

“(Y/n)?” His voice was a low growl, and it made you immediately wet. You looked at him with the most innocent face you could pull, but you felt a smile creep up on your lips and you knew he was going to make you pay for changing his show, when you saw the evil smirk on his own lips.

You didn’t even have time to open your mouth, that he was on top of you; his hands trying to grab the remote you were hiding behind your back, “Give it to me, (Y/n)” His tone was serious, but you could see the smile in his eyes; you shook your head 'no’ and stuck your tongue out at him.

“Oh, it’s war, baby” You started to laugh as he tried to get around your small frame to the device, but let’s just say, luck wasn’t on his side at that moment. He shifted to get a better angle, and placed his elbow on your ponytail, pulling at it in the process.

You closed your eyes and moaned, you’d never told anyone, but hair pulling always got you going, “Oh God, I’m sorry, I didn’t-Wait, did you just moan?” Your eyes snapped open as you realized Dean was still on top of you, “What? No! What are you talking about?”

You pushed him off and sat up, the remote completely forgotten by the both of you; you turned towards him and he smirked, that God-damned smirk he had every time he managed to make you flustered with some sexual remark.

“You sure? Cause that totally sounded like a moan, (Y/n)” You looked back at the TV, just to avoid his green, inquiring eyes. He shifted a little closer, and you held your breath, his warmth radiating off of him and setting your body on fire. He gently grabbed your chin, and tilted your head towards him until you were looking him straight in the eye.

You felt his hand slowly creep back towards your hair; you knew what he was going to do, and he even gave you the time to stop him, but you couldn’t, you were lost in the spell that were his eyes.
You felt his hand combing through your ponytail, and released a shaky breath, your tongue darting out to wet your dry lips.

You expected him to pull your hair, but he didn’t; instead he removed your hair tie, letting your hair down, “Now, that’s more like it” He spoke the words in a low, husky voice and you shivered with excitement. Your hands trailed up his arms, stopping at his biceps to squeeze the firm muscles and then continued their journey to his shoulders.

He smirked and gently tugged at your hair, another moan escaping your parted lips, as he bit down on his, “You gonna tell me again that wasn’t a moan?” You still refused to admit it, not that he thought you’d give in that easily.

He leaned down and brushed his lips on your ear, his hand tugging on your hair again, this time a little firmer and you arched against him, a groan you immediately regretted, escaping your mouth, “That’s what I thought. You’re a kinky little thing, aren’t you?”

You nodded against his chest, and he chuckled, the sound filling you ears deliciously, “You make the prettiest noises, you know…and I think I wanna hear you making some more for me” You felt your heart beating like crazy, and your body starting to heat up.

He moved his lips towards your own, and just when he was about to kiss you; Sam yelled for the two of you that dinner was ready. It was almost as if he had snapped out of a spell, he got up and left; he didn’t say a word, not even glanced back your way.

You felt your heart sink in your chest at his actions, you thought you had finally gotten his attention, but it looked like you were wrong; you made sure you were presentable and then made your way to the kitchen as well.

When you entered the kitchen, you found only Sam sitting at the table with his salad and a half drunk beer, “Where’s Dean?” You tried to make your question sound as casual as possible, hoping that Sam wouldn’t notice your hurt expression. “Uh…his room. Said he wasn’t feeling okay, grabbed his burger and left”

You hummed to let Sam know you’d heard him, and sat at the table too, playing with your food and eating some of it, when Sam gave you the 'big brother’ look. You finished and kissed Sam goodnight, before walking to Dean’s room; you needed some explanations.

You reached his door and where about to knock, when you heard a deep grunt from the other side. 'Is he? Oh my God, no way…he’s probably watching TV or maybe it’s still his back’ You tried to find a reasonable excuse for the noises you were hearing.

“Ugh, fuuuck!” That was what settled the question, there was no mistaking a groan like that, and you were sure it was him and not the TV, you’d recognize his voice anywhere. You felt heat starting to gather in your lower regions, and a pretty vivid imagine of Dean Winchester touching himself popped in your mind.

You quickly made your way to your room and locked yourself in, you were in desperate need of some one-on-one time. You went to sleep that night with tons of fantasies about the green-eyed hunter, each more inappropriate than the other.

The following morning, you spent two hours, preparing yourself to face him, ending up deciding that no preparation would ever be enough for that; you took in a deep breath and left your room. You walked inside the kitchen, and sure enough, he was there; a huge mug of coffee in front of him.

“Morning, Dean” He chocked on his drink as he realized it was you, and cleared his throat before answering you, “Morning” He didn’t look at you, his eyes glued to the paper in his hand. “Feeling better today?” Your question got his attention, and he looked up at you with a confused look.

“Sam told me you weren’t feeling okay last night” He stared, a little more than necessary, and looked away as soon as he realized it, “Uhm, yeah, much better. Thanks” You nodded and walked to him, trailing your finger along his shoulder, before leaning down and whispering in his ear, “Nothing a good night’s 'sleep’ won’t fix, I guess”

You had practically purred the world 'good’, and he had to restrain himself from just getting up and taking you on the kitchen table. He looked up at you again, and you just shrugged, turning on your heels and leaving, with a sassy sway to your hips, as he stared at your back wide-eyed.

Sam came by your room around noon, telling you that he was going to visit a friend, but you knew he was going to spend the weekend with the girl he’d met at the bar a few nights before. He kissed your forehead and told you to call him if you needed anything, especially if Dean was bothering you.

You stayed in your room for a little bit, and then decided to head to the living room and watch some TV. You stopped when you saw Dean had beaten you to it; you were about to turn around, when an idea took form in your head. The whole situation felt like deja-vu, and maybe this time things would go differently, without Sam there to interrupt you.

You hadn’t changed your 'pajamas’, since you were planning on spending the whole day in your room, you didn’t see the use. You sat down next to him, making sure to leave some space between the two of you, but not too much.

You noticed him visibly gulp when he realized you were wearing nothing more than a t-shirt; a t-shirt he was more than sure you’d stolen from him. You leaned back in your spot, and crossed you legs as seductively as you could, making sure he was looking at you.

He grabbed the half full glass of whiskey he had in front of him, and downed the it in one go, not even bothering to pretend he wasn’t uncomfortable. You cleared your throat and leaned towards him, trying to keep a straight face, even though a smile was already tugging at your lips.

“You seem kind of tense, you sure you don’t want that back rub?” He locked his green eyes on your (e/c) ones, staring in them for a while, searching for something, but you couldn’t understand what. “I-I…Ehm…” You placed your index finger on his lips and shushed him; his breath catching in his throat when you touched him.

“Just relax, Dean, after all, you did get hurt protecting me and you hit your back, really, really hard…” You trailed off and scooted closer, draping your leg over his parted thighs, and lifting yourself up, straddling his hips.

He took in a deep breath, and stared you up and down; his eyes landing on your the shirt that had ridden up, leaving your thighs completely exposed to his view. You lifted his chin until he locked eyes with you again, and licked your lips, “I think it’s my turn to do something for you”

You caressed his forearms with your fingertips; slowly making your way up to his broad shoulders, and increasing the pressure as you went. You reached your destination, and gently squeezed, leaning against him until your bodies were pressed together from the waist up; you reached his ear and whispered, with the most seductive voice you could muster.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna make you feel so, sooo good!” You nipped his ear lobe and he let out a deep grunt, resting his head against your collarbone. You grinned to yourself, proud of having a helpless Dean Winchester sitting underneath you.

You began to rub his shoulders, your hands going down to his shoulder blades, as far as the couch allowed them to and made sure to keep your head close to his, your breath fanning against his neck and ear, “You know, I walked by your room last night, Dean. And I heard you, I heard you moan just like you had made me moaning for you previously”

He tilted his head towards you, and you looked at him through your lashes, before your tongue darted out to wet your lips. “Fuck, I’m gonna need so much more alcohol…” He sat up, causing your bodies to press more together, and reached for the whiskey bottle on the table behind you.

“You wanna know what I did afterwards last night? I went to my room, and played with myself; I used my toy on me, hoping it was you…” He chugged down a good amount of the amber liquid, and closed his eyes to avoid looking at you. You smiled as you noticed a drop of whiskey trailing down his chin.

You leaned closer and licked it up, until your reached his bottom lip and sucked it between yours; he stared at you baffled by your actions, and you took the bottle from him, bringing it to your lips and drinking. He swiped his thumb on your lower lip, and you slowly parted your lips, sucking some of the alcohol off his digit, and moaning.

“Mmmm, tasty” He couldn’t speak, his mind trying desperately to wrap itself around what was happening, and then suddenly, the words you had said previosly, registered, “Y-You got a toy?” You nodded slowly, your eyes never leaving his, “How do you think I get myself off every time after spending hours in the same car with you?”

He blinked a few times, and opened his mouth to speak, but then thought better of it, and shut it. You ground your hips against his, and he threw his head back; his bottom lip sucked between his teeth, “Is this what you were thinking about last night? Cause I think about you, Dean, all the time” You let out a shaky breath, and moved your hips again.

He answered your question with a small nod, unable to do nothing more, “You like that? Like how my pussy rubs against your big, hard cock? Ugh, you make me feel so good, Dean!” His eyes snapped open and locked on your pleasure filled expression; your back arched, eyes closed and lips parted.

You moaned as you felt your orgasm nearing; your damp panties and the fabric of his jeans, creating perfect friction. He held you closed as you shook on top of him, letting you ride out the aftershocks of your climix and keeping you close to his body; he’d never experienced something so intense.

“You okay?” His voice was so soothing, you could’ve fallen asleep if it weren’t for the situation you were in, “Hmmm…God, can’t even remember the last time I came that hard, and you didn’t even touch me” His arms unwrapped themselves from your body, and he placed his hands on your thighs. 

“(Y/n), I…we, uhm, we shouldn’t…” You lifted you head up from where it rested against his shoulder and looked him in the eye, “Yeah, sorry…should’ve asked you if you were okay with it. Look, if you don’t want this, don’t want me; it’s okay. Just make it clear so I can stop making a fool of myself”

He shook his head smiling, “How can you still doubt how much I want you?” He thrust his hips up, and his hard member brushed against your clit, “Dean…” And that; that was what did it, he couldn’t control himself any longer.

He crashed his lips to yours, his thumbs drawing tight circles on the insides of your thighs, as his hands squeezed them. He bit your bottom lips, asking for entrance and you moaned, giving him the chance to stick his tongue in, exploring your mouth and deepening the kiss.

You broke apart for air, and he started placing soft, wet kisses down your chin and along your jaw, stopping from time to time to tease your flesh with his teeth, “Damn it, Bobby is going to kill me!” You carded your fingers through his dirty-blonde hair, keeping his head close to your body, “You seriously thinking about Bobby right now?”

You finished your sentence in a breathy moan, as he began to leave open-mouthed kisses down your neck, “Uh…yeah? About Sammy too! I’m so dead when they find out I touched you…like this” He accentuated his words by placing a hand on your breast, and brushing your nipple through the t-shirt, bringing it to attention.

“It’s none of their business. I want you to touch me, Dean” He felt a deep grunt rising in his chest, and he let it out when you tugged on his short hair. He ducked his head, and his lips latched on your nipple through the thin fabric of the t-shirt, and he smirked up at you, a mischievous glint in his eyes at your choice to ditch your bra for the day.

He gently grazed your sensitive bud with his teeth, and you arched your back, pressing more into him, “Dean…please” He bucked his hips at your begging, and his hands made their way under your shirt, lifting it as they trailed up, and you lifted your arms to help him remove it.

“Fuck. You’re gorgeous, babe!” The words left his mouth in a growl, before he was kneading and sucking on your breasts again, “Dean?” He barely hummed, to let you know he was listening, but his attention never left your body, “Uh…room? You know, in case, uh, Sam comes back”

He nodded and got up with you in his arms, each hand on an ass cheek, kneading and squeezing it thoroughly, while his mouth was still teasing your nipples, “Dean, wait!” He lifted his head from your chest and locked his lust-blown eyes on yours, “What? Changed your mind?”

You chuckled and pecked his pouty lips, “Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen. Just, grab my t-shirt, we can’t leave any clues behind” You winked at him and he smiled, before brushing his lips on yours, making you melt in his hold, “Good thing one of us can still do some thinking”

He took your shirt and practically ran to his room, grunting and groaning every time you rubbed against his aching member, and stopping to press you against the walls, kissing the hell out of you, until you reached his door.

He walked to his bed, and sat you down on it while his hands desperately tried to find the switch to his lamp; you grabbed the hem of his shirt, and started to take it off of him, his hands working to help you as soon as he lit the room.

Once his upper body was naked in front of you, you began to press light pecks to his abs as your fingers worked to rid him of his pants. He pulled your hair until you were looking him in th eye, and bent down to kiss you, before he trailed his lips to your ear and whispered, “I think it’s time to hear you making some of those pretty noises of yours”

You shivered and licked your lips, and he grinned, scooping you up in his arms and moving you up his bed, until your head rested on his pillow. He hovered on top of you, making sure not to crash you with his weight and kissed you, long and deep, his tongue slipping past your lips as they passionately moved with his.

He began kissing down your neck again, and you whimpered the loss of contact with his plump, soft lips; he went back to lavish your breasts as his fingers hooked in the waistband of your panties. He flicked his eyes to yours, silently asking for your permission, and you bucked your hips towards him with a smirk.

He traveled down your body, his lips attached to your skin as he went and removed your underwear, your hips coming off his bed to help him with the process. He threw them behind his back then kneeled down at the foot of his bed, and yanked you down from your ankles.

He parted your knees with his hands, and you moaned at the look of pure lust in his eyes, as he took in how wet you were already. He mumbled something under his breath, before you felt his lips on your moist folds. He licked and nipped at your outer lips, then separated them with his fingers, and licked a broad stripe from your entrance to your clit.

“Mmmm, tasty!” He sent you a teasing wink, and you chuckled breathlessly when he quoted your previous teasing words. He flicked his tongue on your clit, and you bucked your hips to get closer to him, making him growl and thrust two fingers inside of you.

He curved his digits in a hither motion, and brushed your g-spot as his lips closed on your clit and gently sucked on it. Your walls started to clamp down on his fingers and you tugged on his hair, yanking his head to yours as you sat up and crashed your lips on his, moaning shamelessly.

He pressed his thumb on your clit and sucked on your bottom lip, as you arched into him, “Dean, I-I…I’m gonna…” He kissed down your neck and nipped at your pulse point making you shudder against him, “I know…I got you, gorgeous” With that you let go, a loud scream of his name falling from your lips, before you collapsed on his bed; his hand still gently massaging you.

You wrapped one arm around his neck, and pulled him down on you; your other hand squeezing his bicep, you’d always had a thing for his toned muscles, “How 'bout you take those pants off?” He nodded eagerly and took off his pants and boxers, revealing himself to you.

You sucked in a shaky breath and reached for his hard member, “So big…” He smiled at your comment and bumped his nose with yours, “Bigger than your toy?” You bit your lip and nodded, “Definitely…” You stroked him, using his pre-come to slick your hand as he kissed you and slowly began to move in your grasp.

You tightened your grip on him, and he groaned, taking your hand off him and separating your folds with the tip of his member, coating it with your juices and rubbing against your clit. He slowly sunk into you, and you both let out a groan at the feeling.

He bottomed out and stopped to give you some time to adjust to his size, his lips pressed to yours in a wet, slow kiss. You sucked on his tongue and he growled, “You can move, Dean…” He nodded and pulled back, to thrust back inside of you, hitting all the right spots.

You set a sensual pace, him thrusting inside of you and you lifting your hips to meet him and make him go as deep as possible, “Damn, you’re so tight” He sucked on your breasts, his teeth biting down on your nipples and you raked your nails down his back, leaving red marks on his freckled skin.

“Dean, h-harder, please…” He brushed some hair off your face, and started to pound into you. He lifted himself into a standing position, still buried in you and placed your leg on his shoulder, the new position allowing him more access to you, “Want me to fuck you nice and hard, sweetheart?”

You moaned your answer as he set a faster and harder pace, one hand keeping your leg in place and the other going to play with your clit. He felt your walls tighten on him, and cursed, his hips snapping back and forth to get you to your peak.

You came hard around him, your mouth open on a silent scream of pleasure and your eyes shut. He twitched inside of you, his hips faltering as he neared his own orgasm, “Y-You…still on, fuck, pill?” You brought your leg back on the mattress and leaned up to whisper in his ear, “Yeah…wanna feel you come inside me, baby”

He cursed, burying himself deep inside of you and coming with a chocked out yell of your name. You lay back on his bed, both trying to regain your breaths, his hands stroking your sides and yours playing with his hair.

He cleaned you with his discarded shirt and shifted you both until he was lying on his back; you rested your head on his chest with his arms both wrapped around your body, caressing it, “Never been happier about walking in a room without knocking” He chuckled and you looked up at him, “What are you talking about?”

He kissed the tip of your nose before going back to staring at the ceiling, “The other day, I stopped by your room to give you the whole 'we just want to keep you safe’ speech, and I pushed your door open without knocking, finding you almost naked”

He smiled at the memory and you slapped his arm, “You spied on me while I was changing?” He nodded, and looked back down at you, “I didn’t do it on purpose. I closed my eyes when I realized what I had walked in on…” Your expression softened, until he finished his sentence.

“…but then I couldn’t help myself and opened them again” He grinned sheepishly, and you wanted to scold him, but couldn’t avoid smiling at the guilty/apologizing look on his face. “And then the way I saw, kinda changed completely” You smiled and pecked his lips.

“Mmmm, I like changes” He hummed in agreement, and kissed you again, his hand playing with your (h/c) hair. You stayed in his hold for a little, and then tried to get up, to go back to your room, “Hey, where you going?” You turned to him from your search of your panties.

“Ehm, I thought you’d want me to…uh, what about the whole 'Sam killing you’ thing?” He sat up and pulled you closer, nuzzling you neck, “After this, nothing is going to keep me apart from you…give me some time, I’ll deal with Sammy…”

He finished and kissed your lips, before locking eyes with yours to let you know he meant it; you smiled and lay back on his bed, pulling him down with you. You chatted a little, before you started to drift off to sleep, your head in the crook of his neck.

He was about to follow your example and sleep, when he received a text from Sam: 'You better not be bothering (Y/n), or I’m gonna kick your ass when I’m back!’ He sighted and closed his eyes 'Aaaand, I’m screwed!’ His thought immediately changed though, as he looked down at your sleeping form.

“I promise, I’ll find a way, babe…” He kissed your forehead, and encircled your waist, pulling you closer to him and breathing in your scent before falling asleep.

Your Eighteen?!? (Part 2)

Hey I was asked by this lovely person @gallifreyansass to continue the your eighteen fic. So as she requested here you go!

Word count: 1,257

Authors note: Hey this is part 2 to my fic Your Eighteen?!? Hope you enjoy. Read part one here Your Eighteen (part 1)

Originally posted by seksiuzaylilaraskina

“Hey Y/N. Mind if I jump in?” As you gazed at the man standing before you, you were met with the green eyes you had gotten to know so well. The longer you looked at Dean your lungs refused to work quickening your breath. This was the moment you were dreading. The moment Dean was going to tell you his decision. 

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Chapter 55: Weight Off

Summary: Ellie tells Sam and Dean a story, because talking can’t be worse than not talking, can it?

Wordcount: 4269

Warnings: Oh my word. Child abuse. Mention of animal death. Panic attack. Blood. Death. I think that’s all.

A/N: I’m so so sorry!!! I thought telling Ellie’s childhood trauma from her 3 year old POV was an interesting idea, but it just made me feel like a terrible person for hurting that poor little bab! Still, this is the conclusion of Ellie’s story, and there’s a final scene to hopefully make everyone feel better.

Episode Guide: Set during Episode 3x08


My Mama had big brown eyes and everyone said mine were just the same. You’re gonna grow up real pretty like your mama, that’s what they all said, and I couldn’t wait. My Mama was always smiling, and her hands were soft and smooth and gentle. The lady holding me by my hair wasn’t my Mama. Her face was like Mama’s and she was wearing Mama’s clothes but I knew it wasn’t her. Her eyes were black all over and her mouth wasn’t smiling. She had it twisted all funny, like my Daddy when he yelled at the TV. Her hands were pulling on my hair and it hurt. Mama didn’t even pull my hair when she brushed it, she was always super careful and she would stop as soon as the brush caught and made me squeak.

“Stop screeching, you little brat! Now, come on and keep your mouth shut.”

It was Mama’s voice, and I didn’t understand how this lady had taken my Mama’s voice and her face but she had and I didn’t like it.

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