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The signs as actual lines said in Supernatural
  • Aries - "I learned that from the pizza man."<p/><b></b> Taurus - "Yesterday was Tuesday, right? But today is Tuesday too!<p/><b></b> Gemini - "I lost my shoe."<p/><b></b> Cancer - "If you fudging touch me again I'll fudging kill you!"<p/><b></b> Leo - Do I look like a ditchable prom date to you?<p/><b></b> Virgo - "Last time you zapped me someplace I didn't poop for a week."<p/><b></b> Libra - "This isn't funny, Dean. The voice says I'm running out of minutes!"<p/><b></b> Scorpio - "Pudding!"<p/><b></b> Sagittarius - "Four score and seven years ago, I wore a funny hat."<p/><b></b> Capricorn - "Dude you fugly."<p/><b></b> Aquarius - "What are you going to do, poke her with a stick? Dude! You are not going to poke her with a stick!"<p/><b></b> Pisces - "Dean, this is a very serious situation, we don't have any time for any of your blah blah blah blah blah."<p/></p>

I’m dressing as Sonny from Rock and Riot for Halloween!


Epik High ft. B.I,Bobby,Mino & Kim Yoo Jung - Born Hater + Happen Ending @ 141222 SBS Gayo Daejun!


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Now i’ve been seeing this for a while since i’ve been into kpop but i don’t know if lately it’s been getting annoying or happening more often but i really wanted to address it due to this.

 STOP. ACTING. LIKE. YOU. KNOW. WHAT. GOES. ON. IN. KPOP. GROUPS. I really do hate when people see a video or a photo and assume out of it. In this case in this video B.I/hanbin tell Chanwoo to use informal speech and when he doesn’t B.I messes around with him. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like i didn’t notice or imagine how Chanwoo felt when B.I was being extra. My problem lies with the responses “get chanwoo out of this group” and “they’re bullying him” and “B.I has an ugly personality and they need to kick him out of ikon” and all this dramatic and negative response for not even a minute interaction between two members. And i bet its from people who didn’t even watch Mix and Match because if you did you would know that B.I fucking loves Chanwoo and wanted him out of the other two new comers into Ikon. When B.I was having previous stress it was Chanwoo would made him laugh. Additionally B.I LOVES messing with Chanwoo (like i said he might’ve taken it too far) but overall he doesn’t do it out of hate and don’t pull that ugly ass bullshit “oh you’re just defending your oppa” no i’m defending a human being yall are judging based off a video. Yall don’t know B.I, you guys don’t know Ikon in fact you don’t know ANYTHING that goes on in ANY group besides what they show you because you’re not in their group. You’re not their manager. You’re not Mr.Yg. You are a person behind a screen that is able to afford internet access to watch a 6 minute video that is displaying an event that happened out of a 24 hour day. And its not even just Ikon. It’s every group. Okay, maybe B.I does bully Chanwoo. Maybe its the other way around. Maybe Bobby makes them get in a boxing ring and fight while gaining money off of them. And heck he might’ve even apologized after rewatching his behavior. But the matter of the fact is yall don’t know SHIT. You won’t ever know shit. You will continue to not know shit.

Green Eyed Monster - Dean Winchester One Shot

“Hey I was hoping you’d be able you write something where the reader hunts with TFW and she dates dean and had to get all dolled up and sexy in order to seduce a demon or Crowley or someone so the boys can get past he demon/get info or something and dean gets jealous and it leads to the reader teasing dean about being jealous back at the bunker then smut or something please?”
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 3,800
Warnings: Mention of vampire case and violence, smut, alcohol mentioned, tiny bit of swearing.
Author’s Note: I am still feeling a little out of practise so be kind :)

Green Eyed Monster

“Oh come on Garth, are you sure you’re gonna be alright here without me? Bobby’s shoes are pretty big ones to fill; I could stick around a little longer if you want.” You teased, all the while incredibly proud that your hunting partner was taking on the responsibility of guiding hunters the way Bobby used to, and honestly pretty relieved that he would be slightly more out the reach of danger than he had been running down cases with you.

“You’ve kept me company long enough (Y/N),  you’ve gotta get back out there chasing down things that go bump in the night, and making the world a safer place - it’s what you’re made to do. Besides I’ve got a new pair of hunters for you to show up.” He announced grandly, but his sincere smile showed that he did really admire you as a hunter and even more as a friend. You and Garth had been through everything in the years you’d hunted together, and he was the closest thing to family you’d ever really had, but you needed to get back on the road and knew he was where he was meant to be, so you were pretty excited to meet your new partners in crime.

He had invited some pair of brothers he had hunted with a while ago to meet you at his new base of operations, so they could take you back to their bunker for a chance to exchange information and catch you up on all the leads they were following. You found it hard to imagine working as well with anyone as you did with Garth but, as the doorbell went and Garth rose to answer it, you put on a smile and hoped for the best.

“(Y/N), this here is Sam and Dean Winchester, the guys who will be desperately trying to take my place.” He introduced, ushering two tall, gorgeous men into the room, both clad in plaid shirts, jeans and an unnecessary amount of layers.
“And this, gentlemen, is my exceptional partner (Y/N).” Garth beamed proudly as you jumped up and shook hands with the both of them.

“It’s great to meet you, I’m sure we’ll be a great team.” You chirped happily, figuring you should try and be friendly if you were gonna be spending all of your time with the two hunks. The long haired one smiled back, shaking your hand happily and looking a little surprised, while the shorter one just stared at you, his mouth slightly open, his gaze working down your body until it felt like he had surveyed every inch of you. You were used to this reaction when you met other hunters, and when they were as handsome as this one, it was very flattering. In your little floral dress and bright lipstick you didn’t exact look like the typical hunter, but this had worked to your advantage more times than you could count when it came to getting information, keys or luring men and demons to their end.

“Dean?” You said quietly, snapping him out of his trance, making him blush as he realised he had been blankly starring at you.

“Sorry, long drive,” he tried to brush it off as if he hadn’t been checking you out, “it’s great to have you on our side.” He beamed, shaking your hand and holding onto it just that little bit too long.

And that’s how it all started. Not only did you and the Winchesters become an amazing team of hunters but Dean found in you what he had been dreaming of his whole life. It didn’t take more than a couple of hunts for him to be amazed by how smart and brave and caring you were and after seeing the way he took care of his little brother it’s fair to say you were pretty smitten with him as well. It seemed to progress so naturally, from mutual respect, to heartfelt affection and even Sam felt incredibly happy to know his brother had someone looking out for him, and being there for all the emotional support that Dean couldn’t always admit that he needed. Your relationship was loving, comforting and you both knew that you’d be there for each other no matter what. As much as your lifestyle meant your relationship could be pretty intense at times, that didn’t mean you didn’t playfully tease him whenever you got the chance, which usually resulted in Dean scooping you into his arms and carrying you to bed as quickly as he could.

As well as becoming family to both brothers, you also taught them a thing or two about hunting; showing them that subtle charm could often get you a lot further than brute force and threats. You never failed to flirt your way past a sheriff or trick a demon into spilling his guts to you, something that had been crucial to a lot of your investigations. Sam really appreciated the way you could manipulate people, getting information more easily than he ever could before you joined them in their hunts, but Dean wasn’t a big fan of your methods, seeing you flirting with anyone other than him stirred up such intense jealousy in the hunter that half the time he’d leave Sammy to watch over you himself, not that he would ever admit anything for fear of coming across too possessive and putting you off. But still, he would try and suggest any other plan of action to stop you having to chat up any other man, demon or unholy being.

“We can just break into the place, get Garth to give us some hex stuff to break any charms and the vamp never even has to know!” Dean argued, desperately trying to sound confident in his haphazard plan despite knowing the best course of action was to put you in the line of danger.

“C’mon Dean, you know that’s too risky! (Y/N) can get us in without him suspecting anything, putting the hostages in way less danger!” Sam replied exasperated, tired of constantly having to talk Dean into letting you do your thing. The three of you had stumbled upon to a handsome vampire picking up women in bars and taking them back to his place to feed. You had gone to check out the nest and found it guarded by some magic that you couldn’t seem to break past, but by the sounds of it the lured women were still alive in the house. Naturally you and Sam suggested that you let the vamp pick you up in a bar and take you back to the house, then when his guard was down the three of you could get in and save the women; a straightforward plan that you were confident you could carry out, but Dean wasn’t happy about it at all.

“Gorgeous, you know I can handle myself, and you and Sam will be there to keep me safe. Nothing is going to happen to me baby.” You tried to comfort him, not realising the real reason he didn’t want this to go ahead.

“Fine! But let’s do this tonight and get it over with.” Dean reluctantly accepted, knowing a losing battle when he saw one. You and Sam agreed, giving you just a few hours to do some last minute research and make yourself irresistible, something you were well practiced in.


A few hours later you stepped out of the motel bathroom, making Dean’s jaw hit the floor the same way it did the first time he laid eyes on you.

“Nice work.” Sam remarked in his usual business like tone, knowing you took no pleasure from parading yourself round to lure out demons and vamps. But as Dean took in your stunning figure in your tiny, tight, black dress and killer red heels, he could feel the usual sinking feeling in his gut when he knew it wasn’t going to be his hand stroking your soft, exposed legs tonight.

“Let’s get this show on the road.” Dean sighed, slumping forward to pick up the Impala keys and shuffling half-heartedly towards the door. Sam headed out the door before him, so before you stepped out you pulled Dean into your arms and placed a soft, loving kiss on his lips.

“I’m going to be fine baby.” You reassured softly, putting his sad demeanour down to worrying about your safety. As you pulled away, he clutched you tightly against his chest, kissing the top of your head and whispering

“I know. I just love you so much.” You smiled and looked up at your gorgeous, loving boyfriend and replied

“I love you too Dean.” Before heading out to get in the car and make your way to the bar where the vampire had picked up most of his victims.

Sitting alone at the bar, you sipped a cosmopolitan and tried not to glance over at Sam and Dean, who were blending in by sitting in a booth in the darkest corner of the bar. You could practically feel Dean’s eyes boring into the back of your neck as a tall, handsome man settled on the seat next to you. You turned slightly to glance his way and noticed his gaze was fixed longingly to your neck where you had worn your hair up to make sure it was entirely exposed. Knowing this was the mark you needed to seduce, you waited for him to engage you, going back to sipping your drink and occasionally playing with your necklace to make sure his focus was fixed to your neck as much as possible.

“It looks you could use a fresh drink, may I?” The voice beside you purred, using one hand to take your glass and the other settled on your now empty hand, showing no sign of letting go.

“Sure, I’ll take another cosmopolitan” you replied nonchalantly, finally glancing up and making eye contact with the stranger, biting down seductively on your lip, figuring the more he thought about biting the quicker he would want to get you home. He handed you a fresh drink, looking you up and down, and started inquiring,

“I’m a big fan of this bar, and I’ve never seen you before, so I take it your new around here?” His voice was deep and smooth and his eyes were captivating; it wasn’t hard to see how he had lured several women back to his house so easily.

“You’re right; I’m just passing through town, but thought I’d stick around for one night and a few drinks in a strange, dark bar.” You replied, with a dark tone to your voice that you only used when you put on this act. As much as this seduction and flirting came pretty easily to you, it was nothing like the way you really liked to show affection. When you were with Dean you were sweet and playful and affectionate and it made you love your relationship with Dean, because with all the darkness that filled your lives there was so much happiness and light between the two of you. The two of you couldn’t help but smile when you were together and as you smouldered at this evil creature all you wanted to do was cuddle up with your loving boyfriend surrounded by blankets and kisses.

“I like your style, you picked an excellent place to settle for the night. Do you have a room booked nearby?” He asked suggestively, sliding his hand up from your knee to your thigh and you smiled slyly, trying to repress the shudder that came from his touch. It made your skin crawl, but you stayed focused, locking eyes with him, and commented,

“I could only find a fleabag motel to leave my things at, but honestly I’d much rather spend the night somewhere else.” You could see the vampire’s eyes light up as you spoke and the next thing you knew you were in his car, travelling back to the house you had tried to break into just that morning. You could see the Impala just coming up the street as he walked you to his door, whispering a few Latin phrases before he opened it up and gestured for you to come inside. You smiled gratefully and leant in towards him slowly, watch his eyes flutter closed and his lips pucker up, just in time for Dean to sneak up behind him and slice clean through his neck.

“I forgot to tell you earlier, you look amazing.” Dean replied, his spirits momentarily lifted by how well the plan had gone, and being able to slice off the head of the creep that had been touching you.

The rest of the evening went smoothly, you managed to free all the women held captive in the house and take out a few more vamps that had been nesting there. With the hostages safely returned home, the three of you headed back to the bunker, in what felt like a long, tense drive. With the joy of a successful hunt having passed, Dean had settled back into his deep funk of jealousy and self-doubt brought on by seeing you easily pick up any man you set your eyes on. You could feel the tension coming from Dean but decided to wait until you were back in the bunker to confront him, saving Sam from being trapped in the middle of a potentially awkward conversation. It was pretty late by the time you got back, and Sam headed to bed leaving you and Dean alone in the bedroom you shared.

“Is there something on your mind baby, you seem a little tense tonight?” You inquired, pushing him softly down onto the end of the bed and straddling his lap, incredibly happy to be able to be so close to him again, after letting someone else stroke you. You played softly with his hair as his hands moved up to your waist, holding you firmly so he could admire you.

“It’s nothing; I just hate watching you flirting with anyone else. I want to be the only person that gets to hold your hand and stroke your skin and lean in to kiss you…” You could hear the slight touch of bitterness in his voice as he trailed off, thinking about all the times you’d used your feminine charm to get your way on a case.

“Dean Winchester! Are you saying you’re jealous?!” You laughed, having assumed all this time he was just worried about your safety, not that his own insecurity was getting the better of him. It seemed so ridiculous that he would ever feel jealous; you couldn’t be more devoted and in love with your playful boyfriend, and you couldn’t resist having a little fun with this new found knowledge. Dean just scolded and pouted at your laughter, turning away from you until you pulled his lips back against yours. You then swept your hair over your shoulder, exposing your neck and sighed casually, “I mean that vampire was pretty handsome, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off my neck.”

As if in retaliation to your comment Dean’s lips latched to your neck, sucking and biting just enough to leave a very noticeable mark. He looked pretty proud of himself knowing anyone who looked at your neck would see his mark, so you rose up off his lap and start sliding out of the jeans you had replaced your blood-soaked dress with.

“There are probably so many men that I’ve spoken to over the years who have imagined how I look stripping down to get into bed, it makes sense you’d be jealous.” You continued coyly, turning around and making a show of bending over and wiggling your hips at Dean, knowing your bum looked amazing in your little black panties. You could tell he was getting worked up, both by what you were saying, and how incredibly sexy you looked stripping right in front of him.

He licked his lips as you turned back to face him, pulling your tank top over your head to leave you in just your lingerie, your body looking completely perfect to him.

“I mean, now that I come to think of it, I could pretty much run off with anyone I choose.” You remarked thoughtfully as you looked down at your figure, and the mesmerised hunter in front of you, running your hands over your stomach gently and up to your chest, where you unclasped your bra, sliding it to the floor. “In fact, I think I’ll go see how quickly I can summon an angel or Crowley or something…” You were struggling to hold back the laughter at this point as Dean looked at you in complete disbelief, it finally dawning on him that you were making fun of him. You placed a hand on each of his knees as you leant forwards, softly fitting your lips to his as you slowly sunk to your knees, before continuing,

“I’ve just grown so tired, of my gorgeous,” with one hand you rubbed the bulge in-between his legs,

“loving” the other hand unbuckled his belt as his head fell back at your touch, his eyes fluttering shut.

“smart” you lifted his hips to pull his jeans and boxers down enough to free his solid manhood,

“playful” you stroked the length of him with your hand a few times

“boyfriend.” You looked up at him with a cheeky smile as you said the word, before slowly sliding him deep into your mouth, drawing a low, deep groan from his lips as his hands gripped the sheets, caught off guard by the sudden wet warmth. You gave him no time to calm down as you went to work, bobbing up and down quickly, flicking your tongue over his tip with every suck and letting your fingertips trail over his thighs, sending tingles through his entire body.

Naturally any annoyance from you teasing him had completely melted away the moment Dean realised what you were up to, and was replaced with his usual adoration for you, something he felt you might need a friendly reminder of. Pulling you up off your knees and lifting you clean off the floor, he flipped you, so you were lying back on the bed with him over you, his lips crashing against yours when he wasn’t pulling off his shirt. The smile on his face as his hands caressed you was unmissable, and your heart practically melted seeing the his face light up as you whispered into his kisses,

“I love you Dean Winchester.” Each kiss felt more passionate and loving than the last as one hand massaged your breasts and the other slipped off your increasingly wet panties. His thumb found your sensitive clit and rubbed it in rough circles, setting a fire inside you that you knew only Dean could ever satisfy. Two fingers made their way inside of you, pumping and twisting against your walls, as he trailed kisses down your neck, paying extra attention to the love-bite he had already given you. His sweet lips trailed down your collarbone, covering your chest and stomach in kisses before settling between your legs. His rough tongue flicked expertly over your clit, while he curved a third finger inside of you, your juices coating his fingers as he went, your legs shaking in pleasure as your moans grew louder and louder. You could feel your cheeks flushing red and heart beat racing as he brought your right to the edge of bliss, then he suddenly stopped, looking up at you while his fingers softly circled your folds, teasingly close to your slit.

“Dean please.” You breathed, the aching need for him overwhelming as your eyes begged him to keep going.

“Tell me that you’re my girl.” He commanded dominantly, a side you didn’t often see from him in the bedroom, but tonight he wanted to punish you a little for teasing him. Without any hesitation you moaned back,

“I’m all yours Dean, I’m your girl! Now please, I need you inside of me.” The pulsing in your centre was almost unbearable as he chuckled and thrust his fingers back inside of you, his tongue swirling over your clit. You whole body was practically vibrating in ecstasy at the relief his much needed friction provided, and you could feel yourself coming back to the edge of bliss. His fingers crooked forward, brushing your sweet spot and massaging your walls while tongue worked its magic, switching between broad, wet licks and short flicks over your clit.

“Oh Dean, fuck, yes.” You moaned as you felt yourself clenching around him, your hips bucking into him and your head pressing back against the pillow as the waves of pleasure crashed over you. His fingers rode you through your orgasm, the look of pride and adoration on his face very clear as you came completely undone the way only he could make you come. Your burning need for him wasn’t satisfied yet as you gripped his hips hard, lining up his throbbing member  and sliding him into you, instantly taking all the strength out of Dean’s arms, leaving him lying flat on top of you, your hot chests rubbing together as you set a frantic pace to his thrusts. His eyes clenched shut in pleasure, feeling how wet he had made you, and how badly you needed him. Your nails dragged across his hips as you bucked into him, loving the way he filled you completely sent a new ripple of pleasure surging through you. Your legs were turned completely to jelly as he sucked and licked your nipple, his movements erratic and shaky as he tried to hold on for as long as he could, but the way you felt was too much and he let out a loud moan, finishing inside you, the feeling of his hot seed triggering your own climax. You felt the waves of bliss wash over you together, as you both panted and moaned, and clutched the other close to you, until you finally collapsed beside each other, hardly able to move for exhaustion and happiness.

Dean reached over, stroking a stray hair from your face and tucking it behind your ear as he kissed you gently, feeling like no matter how much good he tried to do in the world, he would never deserve someone as wonderful as you in his life. You let your fingers trail over his chest and reassured him,

“You never need to be jealous gorgeous, because no one will ever make me as happy as you do. You’re perfect.” You cupped his blushing cheek and kissed him again, captivated by the feel of soft lips and sweet embrace.

“You’re perfect.” He repeated back to you, hoping that you would always be there to make him feel as whole as he did in that moment.