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uhm i wanted to make a list of canonically lgbt comic characters, if you wanna add on that would be great bc im just going off the top of my head :P

-Kate Kane

-Maggie Sawyer

-Renee Montoya 



-Selina Kyle

-Diana Prince

-Poison Ivy 

-Harley Quinn

-Harper Row


-Karolina Dean


-Bobby Drake



-America Chavez

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did Ted keep any journals, writings or drawings that are public now?

There’s no writing as far as I know, at least not public. He did draw while he was in prison :

The 2 paintings were done in collaboration with Bundy’s friend on death row, Bobby Lewis. Ted draw the picture and Bobby painted them.

the greats: bobby hull, 1957–1980

Blonde and incredibly quick, Hull earned the nickname “The Golden Jet” in his 23 years in the National Hockey League and World Hockey Association. His talents were such that often one or two opposing players were assigned just to shadow him.  By his final NHL season, he had scored 50 goals or more a remarkable five times: only one time less than all other players in NHL history combined up until that point in time. [x]

Me and bobby are playing Saints Row 2 while listening to 80s rock. Thanks to some cheat codes, there’s a city-wide riot, people are falling from the sky and it’s permanently pouring with rain

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Imagine that when your Boss is angry about a show they call literally anyone and complain about it. Imagine them calling Matt Miller at like 3 in the morning and complaining about something stupid in a show and then Matt says something about new writers and continuity errors in Nyte Blayde and they end up talking for hours about junk like that until the sun comes up. And even then the Boss only hangs up because Shaundi and Ben will kill them if they don't.



Freaking out– front row for the red carpet event for Trainspotting 2; met my favorite actor and one of my favorite people on this earth, Robert Carlyle, along with Ewan MacGregor and others; and were given tickets into the premiere itself, sitting a few rows behind Bobby. Holy shit.

I honestly don’t even have the words to describe just how surreal today was.

And the movie itself, Trainspotting 2, is absolutely perfect. On cloud 9.

Will post the full story and photos within the next day!

ill admit that I definitely strayed from the request, but then again, when do I not?

Katie and her army of AUs presents - another AU??? whaat?? no waayy

Juvia stepped forward, the rain drizzling down her cheeks and hair, caressing her already lovely features.

“I love you!” She called, voice cracking from across the bridge. Gray went rigid, turning around to face her, long and drawn out.

He began trekking towards her, slowly, making each second count as his feet sloshed in the absent rain puddles dotting the road.

She was crying; it was hard enough to tell with the raindrops staining her porcelain features. He reached his hand out to wipe a tear dry, even if in vain as more tears followed.

“Don’t cry,” he whispered, holding her close to him in fear that he might lose her again.

“I’m s-sorry,” she cried, teeth chattering mildly. He tilted her head then, just in the slightest bit so that her lips were-


Suddenly, the rain stopped pouring. Juvia stopped crying and shook herself off, spraying him with water like a soaking golden retriever.

“Now just who in the bloody goddamn hell missed their light cue?? That was perfect – absolutely perfect and it was ruined! Somebody had better start-“

“Not bad Fullbuster,” Juvia quipped, flicking him on the chin and smiling.

“Not so bad yourself,” he complimented back, as they departed towards their respective makeup artists. Shooting a scene in the rain was hard enough, especially re-drying hair, re-drying scenes. It was awfully taxing, both on actors and crew.

Dammit! Did you see that shit? Your hair was absolutely perfect – do you understand how difficult it is to make it look like that? And now it’s…ruined!” Lucy, Gray’s makeup artist, wailed, waving a small piece of his hair like a white flag.

“You said that last time,” he reminded reminiscing to about fifteen minutes prior. This was their fourth try on the scene, the first time Juvia had walked to slow, the second time Gray hadn’t annunciated well enough, the this time…well, you get the picture. It was a brutal world of re-shooting out there.

“Because I meant it. Your goddamn hair is almost worse than Natsu’s. What is with its need to stick straight up? Honestly,” Lucy muttered, getting to work with a blow dryer and towel.

Across the studio, Gray made eye contact with his fellow star, whose long blue locks were being furiously dried at the moment by her makeup artist, Lisanna Strauss.

Juvia made a ‘kill me’ sign with her hand by swiping an invisible line across her throat. Gray pretended to tighten a rope between his hands and tie it around his neck as well.

“Hey! Stop squirming! You think I can’t see you two making goo-goo eyes at each other all the livelong day!? Quit it, I got work to do.” Lucy cursed, voice muffled by an array of bobby pins in between her lips.

“You would too if your hair got a total reconstruction every twelve minutes.” He muttered, silently hoping that she hadn’t heard him because an angry Lucy was a scary Lucy.

“What? Make sexy eyes at Juvia? I’m not sure how those two events are tied together, but whatever you say.” Lucy teased, stringing up a row of bobby pins at the end of his hair, doing a weird tuck thing so he looked a bit more sophisticated than rugged.

“I do not make sexy eyes at Juvia.” He mumbled, watching her get powder dusted all over her nose and face.

Lucy began laughing, obnoxiously fake, but still laughing and scoffing. “Oh whatever. All of Hollywoodknows you guys have a thing going on.”

“You mean all of the media thinks we have a thing going on. You know as well as I do that the only thing the put in those satanic picture books is recycled garbage.” Gray seethed. He and Juvia were a popular target of said magazines, their secret ‘love affair’ or whatever they were calling it now was a plentiful subject.

It was only because they were constantly around each other. That wasn’t weird at all, plenty of stars had friends. Juvia just happened to be a girl. A gorgeous girl.

“Gray! Gray, you need to hurry up here, we’ve got a 12:30 at the records building.” Jellal, Gray’s manager, and also Juvia’s brother, hurried over, a cell phone pressed to his ear (which was there so often Gray was beginning to suspect that it was actually glued there permanently).

“Yeah, whatever. Maybe if Lucy could keep her gossipy trap shut-“ Gray teased.

“Oh put a sock in it! You know it’s true!” Lucy fought back, pulling tightly at a chunk of his hair.

Ouch what the hell are you tying to-“

Jellal hung his phone up and dragged a hand across is face. “Je detest tout le monde,” he mumbled.

“Gross. English please,” Gray joked, Jellal’s trilingual tendencies (or however many languages he had down now) was annoying as hell.  

“Shut up, you’re just jealous.” Jellal said, eyes sweeping the studio for his sister. “How’s Juvi doing?”

“Great. You’re in my light, Jelly doughnut.” Lucy said, pushing Jellal aside so she could dust Gray’s face with talc.

“Whatever, you have a half hour to finish this scene.” Jellal reminded, about to make his departure to congratulate his sister.

“Hey, hang on Jelly, I gotta ask you something,” Lucy interrupted, finishing with the powder and retrieving Gray’s mortal enemy – hair gel.

“Fire away Lucy.” Jellal said, poking at his phone nonchalantly.

“You totally think that Gray and Juvia have a thing going on, right?” She asked.

Jellal groaned. “However gross and horrifying the idea is – yeah, they totally do.”

“What?!? Not you too, Jellal! You’re supposed to be on my side!” Gray moaned.

“Oh please, you two are more obvious than the plot twist in a Disney movie.” Jellal said.

“Well you’re-“ Gray struggled to think of a comeback to save his dignity. “-A loser.

“Well you’re,” Jellal mocked, snapping his fingers in a z formation because he knew it drove Gray crazy. “-In love with my sister.”

Gray glared at him, freezing the air between them as Jellal and Lucy laughed at his lack of response.

“Look, it doesn’t matter – even if there was a slim chance I did like her, it’d crash and burn. That’s how celebrity relationships work.” He snapped, surprising Jellal and Lucy into silence.

“…So…” Lucy began.

“You do like her?” Jellal finished, clapping his hands together like his one true OTP had become canon. “I knew it!”

“No I don’t!” Gray defended hotly.

“You do!” Lucy accused, using some freaky device to make his eyelashes appear longer.

“She loves you too, you know.” Jellal reminded softly, something Gray had definitely heard before.

“She’s just playing a role.” Gray defined, the topic making him sour.

“You’re going to miss your chance.” Jellal deemed, looking over at Juvia, who was just finishing her final touches.

“We never had a chance.” Gray deadpanned, pushing Lucy’s hand away when she tried to straighten a piece of hair that had fallen over his eyes.

“Gray, -“

“Fullbuster and Lockser, to the set, now.” A man said through a megaphone. Gray, eager to escape the conversation, leapt out of his makeup chair and raced to the set.

The bridge scene was supposed to be intimate – serene, it was the pinnacle of a dramatic romance, he just had to play the part. That was all he had to do. Just keep his eyes forward, and act-

“You ready?” Juvia asked, taking her position on the opposite side of the set.

“I…” he started, looking into her dark blue eyes and thinking about the events that had conspired moments before. “Yeah. I’m ready.”

She smiled and ducked her head, probably reviewing her lines and adjusting her character.

Gray did the same. He was a man, just a man who loved the girl in front of him. That’s all he had to be, that’s all, just take a deep breath, and-


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I know exactly 3 sentences in French I used one of them

i think we can all agree that i tried

Here is the new, rare footage of Kathleen!

In the top row, you can see Eunice, Rosemary, Kathleen, and Jack.Bottom row is Bobby, Teddy, Joe, Patricia, Rose, and Jean.Joe Jr. is the one standing to the left at the beginning and then waving in between Rosemary and Eunice.

ALRIGHTT from what I see:

Front row: Crowley, Dean, Cas, Mary, John, Bobby

Back row: The Tinman??? I think?, Jody, Paris Hilton from that wax museum episode?, Anna???, Ash, Demon lackey #1, 2, 3 and 4 most likely?

…..Can I just point out that Crowley and Cas are LITERALLY on either of Dean’s sides, the demon on the right shoulder and the angel on the left.

I just. Robbie.