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Absent/Present (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Scary/Cute -part 2- [masterlist here] [Part 1] [Part 3]

A/N: I dunno, I just wrote it!! Its ooc and doesn’t make sense, but I wrote it. I’m sorry!

“Hm?” You tilted your head to look up from your data pad. Your hand was still tapping in some commands even when your gaze shifted for a moment. “What is it?” Your coworker was standing nervously beside you. He was visibly shaking, so you lowered your device and started to worry. “Are you alright? Are you sick?”

He shook his head quickly and pointed just outside the shared office you were currently wandering around in. There was a large dark shadow hovering just outside the frosted glass. 

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A G E N T S : G A L A H A D & M O R G A N A

“If you are quite done mucking about, Galahad, we are getting quite late for an appointment. You do know how some people hate being kept waiting.” She was in a long black gown that managed to conceal that she was armed to the teeth. Provocative slits that stopped just below her hips were not just for the show of legs, but that she could easily access what was not tucked neatly into the clutch she held in her hand. Her other hand now touched a flowered bobby pin in her hair, making sure that it was perfectly in place, like the dozen others. 

Harry looks to her as he is combing his hair in the mirror, he was always late, part of his charm. “You know, it always makes for conversation when one is late.” He informs and looks to her though the mirror, before going back to fixing his hair. He secures his holsters and then lets out a sigh. Looking to himself in the mirror, before donning on his blue velvet smoking jacket. “Time is on our side Morgana.”