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It’s the moment of truth,
And the moment to lie.
The moment to live,
And the moment to die.
The moment to fight,
The moment to fight,
To fight,
To fight,
To f i g h t !

#AgentsOfShield season finale

So, that ending?! Is Coulson the only one in space? Is the whole team in space? Did Coulson know they were going to space? Was this Ghost Rider’s thing? If so then why? Is it all just for a big Thanos tie-in? How pissed would May be stuck in a box in space? How upset would Jemma be after everything that happened with her getting stuck on that planet? What if Daisy tried to quake some walls and the whole place gets messed up?! That’s just impractical! What if the whole team is still down on earth dealing with the shield fallout while Coulson was the only one sent to space? You know that team gonna go looking for him. But also, May piloting a space ship might possibly be the best thing ever. Will we ever get any FitzSimmons closure for everything? Will we get more Mack mourning Hope stuff. Will Mack and Elena become even closer now? What if Yoyo had a baby guys. What if Yoyo had a space baby?! While they’re in space, can Stan Lee be there? I feel like Stan Lee should be there. Why was Coulson not surprised? Was he like, “oh yeah guys, I signed us all up for special space camp and waited till the last second to tell you…” And Daisy just be like, “you didn’t tell us! We woke up here!” And May be like, “you’re losing a lot of dad-points right now Phil” And FitzSimmons are just huddled in corners rocking back and forth like, “not again, not again, no again. Why does no one want us to be happy?!” Can we have Hunter and Bobbi back now? They all like, “we told you guys to maybe take a vacation sometime, not to go to SPACE sometime!” Can Sharon Carter show up back on earth like, “I heard you guys needed a new face of shield and, as Peggy Carter’s GREATEST niece, I got this. *wearing cool smilie sunglasses*” Can Nick Fury just go strolling through the destroyed base like, “damnit Phil, you don’t ever clean your room. What kind of example are you setting for my grandkids?” And Maria Hill is beside him all like, “have you seen Tony’s life, this is nothing in comparison to his constant emotional turmoil.” Fury: “I can’t take your sass right now, half my avenger children ran away!” Maria: “I wonder who they learned THAT from Mr. Fakes His Own Death.” Fury: “that was ONE time.” Maria: “I don’t think you’re being honest with yourself.”


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Given Unsought, Part 1

A/N: This fic is something I’ve been working on and I’m pretty deep into it now. I’ll be posting the full thing on AO3 as soon as I figure out just a bit of it, but I thought I’d put the first part up now. This is a retelling of season three of Agents of SHIELD where Jemma came back from Maveth just a liiiiittle bit different. The final fic will be about 40-45k, and it’ll be broken down into weeks. Jemma/Daisy with mentions of other ships. Warnings for language, injury, isolation, past abuse. I’ll be posting the fic in chunks and tagged on my blog as “given unsought.” Thanks to @insidiousmisandry for encouraging this, you enabler.

Love sought is good, but given unsought is better. 
The Twelfth Night, Act III, Scene I, Line 147

Week Four

In her years at SHIELD, Daisy had learned to evaluate the silence of the post-mission flight. The grim quiet of a failed mission had an entirely different flavor to the quiet of exhaustion after a successful op. And a truly successful op didn’t usually contain great stretches of time without talking. Bringing an agent back from the dead usually called for breaking into one of Hunter’s many secret stashes of beer on the quinjet and cracking open a cold one. If Bobbi was the pilot, she’d play cheesy eighties pop on the intercom and Daisy could get a dance party started in the hold.

She’d even twirled May once. That had been very, very strange, and Daisy still wasn’t sure she hadn’t dreamed that.

The flight from Gloucester should have been jubilant, full of dancing and music. They’d brought Simmons back. She was safe, and coming home, and Fitz—after months and months where Daisy had lost hope—had done it, the cheeky bastard. He’d gone to another world and had come back clutching his friend. By all rights, even though she’d drained all of her energy, Daisy should have been standing on her seat, holding a beer aloft and shout-singing Captain & Tenille with Mack. Instead, she sat quietly in the co-pilot’s seat and watched his giant hands as he moved them over the controls.

“Feeling okay?”

“Nothing sleeping for a year can’t fix.” She stretched out her arms, grimacing as her muscles creaked. “I still can’t believe Fitz did it.”

“Can’t you? He’s a determined one, our Fitz.”

Daisy nodded. She could have flown back on Zephyr One, but she hadn’t wanted to abandon Mack. Plus, she suspected that she’d only be in the way as Bobbi checked Simmons over. And maybe there was a desire to avoid more unnecessary medical checkups herself. Sure, she had the mother of all migraines, but the nosebleed had stopped. She’d be fine. “What do you think it was like over there?”

“Looked like it was pretty dusty.” Mack flipped a couple switches overhead.

Daisy glanced down at her front, still covered in dirt from the explosion of the monolith and hugging Jemma afterward. “Well, you’re not wrong.”

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▶ Spy’s goodbye.

“Bobbi and Hunter .. they never cracked.

They did that for us, and they paid the price.

Believe me guys, I’m gonna miss them too.” 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S03E13: Parting Shot.