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stranger things appreciation week - day three: favorite otp

“just hold on a little longer, okay? he’s gone, the bad man’s gone. we’ll be home soon. and my mom, she’ll get you your own bed. you can eat as many eggos as you want. and we can go to the snow ball.


Heading Towards Trouble

Words: 7664
Sam x Reader (smut!)
Warnings: smutty smut smut, mild language
Requested by anonymous
A/N: Happy Friday, have some Sammy smut! *fans self* Phew, I need a drink after writing this one!

Your name: submit What is this?

Dean pounded his hand on the wobbly metal table, fist clenched against the sting of the needle. “Dammit! Are you almost done, Sam?”

”Almost,” he said. Dean let out an annoyed growl.

”You’re welcome by the way,” he said to Sam. Sam squinted as he put in the final stitch and pulled the last end of the gash in Dean’s arm together, knotting the surgical thread.

”Yeah, thanks for butting in when I had everything handled,” he threw back at his brother.

Dean had been about to argue but was cut off when Sam’s cell phone lit up and sent loud vibrations through the table. Sam snatched it and glanced at the incoming call. “It’s Bobby. Hey Bobby,” he answered.

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Fast Cars and Freedom

Word Count: 3351

Warnings: Language, nudity, minor character death(s)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader (Y/N Singer)

Italics indicate flashback

A/N: Inspired by the song Rascal Flatts Fast Cars and Freedom (watch here). I have been listening to some older, better country lately and this has been nagging at me for awhile now. I have plans to turn this into a series if y’all are interested. Thank you so much to @death2thevirgin who was my amazing beta for this!

The party had been a success and we were both tired. I had just brushed my teeth, getting ready for bed when I walked back into our bedroom and my heart stopped at the sight before me; sitting at her small vanity table, removing her makeup, not like she needs it. Twenty years later, she still takes my breath away.  I leaned up against the door jamb, just watching her, enamored by the vision of her. Memories flooded my mind, like a dam breaking.

I was fifteen years old when Dad dropped us off with Bobby for a few days. Sammy was only eleven and didn’t understand why Dad was gone so much. I did my best to explain it to him, but he was just a kid and didn’t get it. He just knew he missed Dad.

Our Dad was a mechanic for a trucking company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A few times a year he would have to travel to pick up a big rig that broke down. He didn’t like leaving us ever since Mom died, but he didn’t have much choice. The job paid well and we had Bobby to keep watch over us while Dad was gone.

We went about our daily routine, breakfast, school, homework, chores. Bobby owned a garage and salvage yard, on a large plot of land with a few animals and there was no shortage of work to be done.

Y/N was Bobby’s daughter. She was less than a year younger than me and more often than not, she and I were left in charge of Sam when Bobby was working out in the shop. We got along well since the first day, discovering we had a lot in common and she adored Sammy. That was enough in my book.

The phone rang just as we were finishing up supper. As a general rule, Bobby didn’t allow phone calls during meals, but while Dad was gone, he made an exception so we could talk to him. Once Bobby gave his nod of nearly imperceptible nod of approval, I jumped out of my chair so fast it almost tipped over and ran to the phone.

“Dad!” I exclaimed as I answered the phone. Only the voice on the other end wasn’t Dad.

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Love Runs Out.

Pairing: Dean x reader

A/N: This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Anti-Valentine Challenge. Such a clever idea! I hope this kills you inside. This gif is from season five so that is where this story takes place from. 

Cast: Dean, Y/N, Sam, Bobby, and Cas. 

Word Count: 1,429 

Warnings: A whole lot of angst, ANGST, did I mention angst? abusive!dean, Dean is a major pain in the balls in this story. 

Titled: ‘Love Runs Out.’ 

Tagging: @sis-tafics @mysteriouslyme81 @winchesters-favorite-girl@daughters-and-winsisters @spnsisimagines @winchester-writes @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @sincerelysaraahh @ilostmyshoe-79 @abaddonwithyall@winchesterwhisper @waywardsons-imagines @winchester-writes@winchesterfics @winchesterenthusiast @winchester-clique @soaringeag1e@spnfeelstrain @msimpala67 @ivvitm1109 @mkay-chan@the-mrs-deanwinchester  @one-shots-supernatural @mysupernaturalfics@supernatural-jackles @bringmesomepie56@youwerelikeadream@mysteriouslyme81 @zombi3gyrl07@beatlesobsessionlove @wanderer-08@madelineannmolder @feelmyroarrrr@girl-next-door-writes @oh-goodness-loki @chantillilace @mysupernaturalfics @castiels-sweet-little-grace @supernotnaturalcas @atc74 @mommaton@ilostmyshoe-79 @my–heroine@curliesallovertheplace @blacktithe7@pureawesomeness001 @little-red-83@deansbaekaz2y5 @ellen-reincarnated1967 @chaos-and-the-calm67 @tardis-full-of-fallen-angels@therewillbeblood @meeshw777

Dean and You weren’t on the same page. Hell, you weren’t even speaking to each other. You were still so mad at him. Dean didn’t understand what he did was stupid, he saved your life for Chuck’s sake. He wasn’t just going to let you die. You were okay with dying. You wouldn’t be hunting if you didn’t accept in your heart that may you die whenever you step out the door. 

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Happy @ineedthesons (This one is slightly longer)

103) She’s my daughter, I can read her diary

132) I have reasons. You wouldn’t get it.

Happy’s POV

My daughter and old lady are the best things that ever happened in my life. 20 years with my old lady and our baby, Lucy, just turned 19. I loved being a dad and my baby and I had a great relationship until recently. She was at college not far from the house so she still lived at home but lately she seemed to be a million miles away.

In the past few months she had started coming home late during the weeks and on the weekends she was hardly home at all. Every time I tried to hang out with her she got this guilty look on her face and made up an excuse. She also was extra protective over her diary since her weird behavior started happening. I mean ever since she got her first one when she was 12 she had been protective over her private thoughts but lately she was extra protective over it. We had always had an open relationship though so I never felt the need to check her diary before now.

I talked to my old lady about it and she said that she was probably just dating someone new and didn’t want us to meet them yet because I “scare people off.” I am not as sure, she would of told us if she was seeing someone one, unless she knew I was going to be angry about it. Which means it was someone really bad which I definitely need to know about. At least that was my line of reasoning for what I was doing now. I had her diary in my hands and was playing with the spine. She must of dropped it out of her bag before leaving for school because I found it on the floor next to the couch.

I had been debating on opening and reading it for the past half an hour. I mean what if she’s doing drugs? What if she’s hurting herself? What if someone is hurting her? With that thought I opened the diary. I flipped to a couple months ago when the weird behavior started happening.

Dear Diary,

I’m not a 100 percent sure how it happened but I know that I don’t regret it. I don’t regret any of it, not the way it felt, not the way he made me feel, none of it. He says that it can’t happen again and I know he’s right but fuck I want it to. I want to feel his hands on me again, I want to feel him inside me again. I know he feels guilty and I do too slightly but dad won’t find out.

The door opened and I jumped and closed the diary. I leaned on the counter so my arms were covering it. My old lady rounded the corner and smiled at me.

“Hey baby,” She came over and kissed me. She looked at me and frowned. “What did you do?”

“What makes you think I did something?” I asked defensively.

“Your eyebrow twitches when you feel guilty.” She told me. I cursed her for knowing me so well no one else would of picked up on that. I slowly stood up and nodded to the counter. Her eyes widen and she gasped as she saw the diary. She smacked me hard in the arm.

“Hey!” I said.

“What the hell are you doing reading that!?” She asked with an angry look in her eyes.

She’s my daughter, I can read her diary!” I told her.

“No you can’t! It’s an invasion of privacy!” She yelled at me.

“She fucked someone!” I blurted out. Her eyes widen again.

“Do you… do you know who?” She asked. I shook my head.

“Did you know?” I asked. Those two shared everything.

“No, as far as I knew she was still a virgin.” She said sadly.

“This guy took her virginity!?” I asked angrily.

“She’s fucking 19, Hap. Be happy she’s not 14.” She told me. I grumbled and grabbed the diary again. I flipped to the next page. “Fuck Hap, you are on your own for this.” My old lady shook her head and walked away.

Dear Diary,

He couldn’t keep his eyes away off me. They followed wherever I went and I couldn’t help tease him. If he wasn’t going to do anything but look then he was going to suffer. I understand why he doesn’t want to do it again, I know he thinks he betrayed my dad but I can also see the way he looks at me. The hunger in them, I feel the same way.

My eyebrows furrowed. Betrayed me? Was it a Son that was fucking her? One of my brothers? A mechanic at TM? My hands shook at the idea of it. I turned to the next page.

Dear Diary,

I wore a short skirt and no panties today. When he realized that all of his willpower went out the window. He nearly took me on the fucking bar. This time after we were done, he refused to let me leave and pulled me close to cuddle me. I never expected him to be sweet with me, I thought it was just sex. Eventually I settled in his arms and he kissed me softly. I don’t know what this means but I won’t overanalyze it for now.

I sighed angrily and moved a month ahead in the diary.

Dear Diary,

God he treats me like a princess. I never expected this, it was just supposed to be a one night stand. Well after that I needed more and so did he. He asked me to be his girl a couple days ago. I told him that I’d need to think but I know now I’m going to say yes, especially after last night. He made me dinner and afterwards he pulled me close and we slow danced. After the song ended he made love to me. It was soft and sweet. I think I’m falling for him…

I rubbed a hand over my head and bit my lower lip as I moved to the next page.

Dear Diary,

I told him that I’d be his girl. He was so fucking happy that he kissed me out in the open. We just about got caught by Bobby when he did. When we were alone again, he said he wanted to let people know. He wanted us to actually be together instead of this sneaking around shit. I honestly wanted that too but dad would kill him. I didn’t want him to get hurt because of me. Dad wouldn’t understand though.

I clenched and unclenched my fists. Fuck! Can she just write his fucking name! I flipped to the next month to one of the most recent pages.

Dear Diary,

He brought up telling my dad again. We both feel so guilty about it but I know it’s safer if dad doesn’t find out. I love dad but I love him too. Maybe I should end it. If we’re only ever can be a secret is it worth it. Fuck I don’t know anymore. Everything is confusing.

It was my fault that she was hiding all this. But I don’t blame her for hiding it. I’m itching to kill whoever this is. I turned to the next page which was the newest one.

Dear Diary,

I’m going to end it today. I can’t put the pressure on him to keep us a secret. Every since I made this decision, my stomach has been twisted and in pain. I feel sick and I want to cry. I cried myself to sleep last night. We’ve only been together for a month but we’ve been friends for so much longer. He’s always been there and I can’t stand the thought of him not wanting anything to do with me anymore. I love Tig…

The diary dropped out of my hands. Tig.. Tig… Tig!? Fucking God! I walked out the door, slamming it behind me. I jumped on my bike and raced to the clubhouse. I parked and walked inside.

“Tig!?” I yelled as I went into the clubhouse. I looked around and everyone was staring at me like I had lost my mind. “Where is he!?”

“His dorm.” Bobby said. I stomped back there and knocked hard on the door.

“Coming!” Tig yelled. As soon as the door was opened big enough I grabbed him by his shirt and threw him into the wall. I heard the other guys start running down the hall at the crash but I didn’t care. I was so pissed at him. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and lifted him off the ground slightly before I start punching his face over and over. I knew the guys had stopped at the doorway and were watching what was happening but none of them made a move to stop it. Probably because they knew I’d turn on them if they did.

“Dad! Dad! Fuck someone stop him please!” I heard Lucy yell. She pleaded with the guys for another minute before I felt arms start to drag me away from Tig. It took Opie, Chibs, Jax, and Clay to rip me away from Tig. Tig spit some blood out of his mouth and sighed.

“I’m sorry brother.” He said. He knew why I did it and before I could tear out of my brother’s arms, Lucy jumped in front of me.

“Dad, please. It’s not his fault.” She said.

“It’s not, really?” I growled.

“It’s mine, he wanted to stop after the first time and he wanted to tell you when it did continue. I’m the one that wouldn’t let him.”  She told me.

“He still should of! You both should of!” I yelled.

“I know but with the way you are acting now can you blame us!” She yelled back. That shut me up. She did have a point. I stopped fighting the guys hold on me and shrugged them off.

“Do you love her?” I asked Tig who was getting off the ground. He nodded slightly and he grimaced in pain which gave me a sense of satisfaction.

“Yeah I love her a lot, brother.” He told me.

“You hurt her and brother or not, I’ll kill you.” I told him.

“You’ll have to get in line behind me dad.” Lucy said with a smile as she came over and hugged me.

“I don’t like this or understand it but I guess if he’s what you want.” I said with a shrug.  

I have my reasons.You wouldn’t get it.” Lucy said with a giggle and kissed my cheek before going over and checking on Tig. I looked at the rest of the guys who all had similar looks of what the fuck is happening on their faces. I chuckled and walked out of the dorm. Now I had to go face my old lady who was definitely going to yell at me for the trouble I’ve caused today.

~ @dolphingoddess81 and @juiceboxxortiz Thanks for the help guys!~

okay but i have SO MANY QUESTIONS

what the hell happened to the avengers? did the framework have a project insight? did it even need one, or did people willingly give up their freedom for security like zola talked about in ca:tws?

was hydra still built on shield’s back? what happened to peggy carter? is the winter soldier still under hydra’s control? did steve rogers ever get found, or is he still in the ice?

was coulson still a cap fanboy? where is lola?

who is the doctor in winslow that was mentioned in that article coulson had?

who made first contact with thor? was it hydra? 


Green & Yellow - bully
  • <i>
  • Minho: Why are you crying?
  • Y/N: Big Bobby broke my wand!
  • Minho: It's not even real
  • Y/N: But my daddy gave it! Mom will scold me!
  • Minho: why did you give it to him?
  • Y/N: I didn't you idiot, he took it from me!
  • <two days later>
  • Y/N: Min what happened why are you running?
  • Minho: I kinda kept Big Bobby's wand on his chair, he sat on it and broke it. All the kids laughed and he's angry.
  • Big Bobby: Come back you lil shit!
  • </i>
  • Y/N to Newt: And ever since then Minho ran whenever he saw him.
  • Newt: So that's how the shank became such a good runner
  • Minho: Shut up you two.
Tell Me I’m A Bad Man – Part 3

Originally posted by sittingonyourcounter

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 1,127

Forever Tag List: @thesalsafic @bummblebeeblue @sarbear429 @bea789 @xtina2191 @lovethefandomsuniverse @evyiione @trustnobodyshootfirst @motleymoose @thegoodhunterrr5 @bookaddictedhedgehog @gurlwitafro @magicalsis11 @aquabrie @fanboyswhereare-you @percussiongirl2017 @almightyunnie @dionnemaria @sherlockslove112 @sesshomaru-lover @freaksforthewin @neishax-butler @hi-pixzza @cookee50 @captainidjit @imasunflower13 @clairedelalune @swimmer-sarcasm @winchesterswantmypie @lovelife-tothefullest

Original Request: Could you do a fic alternate universe in which dean was a evil demon and he is the head of a evil demon cult? he is really intrigued with this women he meets and shes a hunter and hes trying to track her down? she starts having visions/dreams about him and he is trying to lure her to him and its starting to work. she meets Sam in this universe who is trying to keep her away from demon dean? somehow the reader has fallen into this universe and she is trying to get back to her dean? - Anonymous

Author’s Note: Sorry it took so long to get another part up. I hope you all like this one. I think there is a few more parts left in this, I’m not really sure. Whenever I finish this up, I’m going to start back up my Stanford!Sam series. I’m almost done with that one as well. Again, the title is taken from House of Wolves by My Chemical Romance. Hope you all have a good Sunday! – Haley xx

Your name: submit What is this?

“What all do you remember?” Sam asked me, giving me a bottle of water. I eyed the bottle. “Drink up, we’re in the middle of the desert.”

I took the bottle from him and took a large drink. “I don’t understand what’s going on here, Sam.”

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10 characters I would love to see return to SPN

… but I’m not holding my breath. (in no particular order)

Naomi. Love her. We never saw her wings, so there is still hope that she will return to us. 

Amara. Love love love to see her again.

Chuck. Dah, if they are bringing back Amara, they might as well bring back God/her brother as well.  And vice versa. 

Ruby1. Hey, they bought back Ruby2, so they can figure out a way to bring back the original (better) version. 

Eve. So much potential wasted. 

Lilith. The baddest little evil girl to ever step foot in a tv show. 

Atropos. Love to see her again. 

Benny Lafitte. Sam warmed to him at the end and he knew where he stood with Dean. 

Bobby Singer. Never ever forgive them for killing Bobby. 

John Winchester. They bought back Mary, JDM wants to come back, J2 want him back, so let’s make it happen. 

“Connecting Link” (ft. iKON’s Bobby) Ch. 11 [END]

너와 나의 연결고리

You and me, our connection,

이건 우리 안의 소리

this is the sound inside of us.

Chapter 1; Chapter 2; Chapter 3; Chapter 4; Chapter 5; Chapter 6; Chapter 7 (rated); Chapter 8; Chapter 9; Chapter 10;

[BREAKING] Rumors resurface about iKON’s Bobby’s soulmate

In a thread titled, ‘Bobby may have already found his soulmate’, several fans are posting their own testimonies about spotting Bobby and his alleged soulmate. The thread has gained a lot attention among Korean fans as more stories are added. Unlike the previous ‘proof’ (alleged screenshots of texts between Bobby and his soulmate), netizens are saying that these stories are more plausible and that it was possible that Bobby may have met his soulmate a long time ago.

Here are some of the translated fan accounts:

‘I live in Apartment S and I’ve seen Bobby lurking near the apartment twice already in the last three months. I think he’s visiting someone who lives in the same building?’

‘I attended a fansign about a month ago and was in line with this girl who received special treatment from iKON members. She was acting really strange and even gave them sandwiches. That day, Bobby seemed really distracted in the beginning of the fansign, but after he talked to this girl who was wearing a cap, he started to relax(?). Jinhwan and Hanbin seemed to know her too, Jinhwan was even whispering to her and I remember that they were talking about samgyupsal. Bobby almost whispered to her the whole time and he kept smiling. She gave him two sandwiches too if I remember correctly.’

‘+1 OMG, I was there too! Her cap was white, right?’

‘+1 I dunno, still not that convinced…’

‘+2 Could be anyone’

‘Remember the recent news about Bobby saving someone in a car crash? That’s her.’

‘+1 How do you know?’

‘+1 I was there when the accident happened, but I was too far away to see exactly what happened, but Bobby looked really distressed and panicky. They even brought her to the hospital using their own car.’

‘+1 Hul, isn’t this too obvious at this point? This is why they were so vague about the car accident.’

UPDATED: [BREAKING] Pictures of Bobby and his alleged soulmate are released online

[BREAKING] Pictures of Bobby and his alleged soulmate surface online

Selfies of Bobby and his alleged soulmate, whose face we have blurred for their privacy, have been published online. The same user that uploaded the screenshots of the alleged conversation between Bobby and his soulmate uploaded the selfies in a long thread titled, ‘This is the witch who seduced Bobby-oppa’. The thread was taken down immediately, but the photos and parts of the thread have been translated below.

‘Hi everyone, this is minnieikon2. Since you guys didn’t believe me when I posted the screenshots earlier, I am posting more proof that a white-blooded witch seduced our Bobby-oppa. This girl is the one who got into an accident and I know her personally, so I went to the hospital to visit her. When I got there, Bobby-oppa was inside the room, so I wanted to leave. But this girl knew that I was an ikonic too, so she told me to go inside to brag about her relationship with Bobby. I stayed for a while, but she got angry because I told her to stop controlling Bobby-oppa and flung me to the wall with her powers. Bobby-oppa wanted to help me, but he couldn’t so he can only watch until I was bleeding. I managed to inject a tranquilizer into the witch, so I was able to escape.’

‘+1 I’m scared because I think I believe this.’

‘+1 Judging from the sheer amount she used the word oppa, I shouldn’t believe this but I’m convinced now that Bobby found his soulmate already.’

‘+3 I don’t know what to feel’

‘+2 If this is real, someone is going to jail.’

YG Entertainment has not released an official statement about these allegations.

“What do you have to say for all of these?” Yang Hyun Suk has handled a lot of scandals before, but the magnitude of this is different. He had let it get too big and now, he didn’t know which is the safest route—deny it completely and cut off all ties with the girl for at least the next 10 years or admit it and delay iKON’s comeback indefinitely.

Either way, it’s going to hurt Bobby.

Bobby stood there, his chest clenching at the gravity of the consequences he knew he would be facing and even then, his head was filled with nothing but flashes of your lips, your touch, your warmth, you voice… Everything. He tried to think past the cloud that your face had formed in head, but he can only sigh as the thought that he’d much rather be with you than answer to any of his responsibilities blurred his better judgement.

But he kept his head low and didn’t dare meet the eyes of the older man. Seconds ticked by and both men remained silent.

With Bobby’s eyes still trained on the floor and YG trying to breathe deeper while standing next to a window, the room became eerily quiet; as if giving way for Bobby’s phone to ring loudly. He fumbled through his pockets and pulled out his phone to see that an unknown number was calling him. Hastily looking at YG, whose eyes were practically asking him who was calling him at this crucial moment.

Though Bobby has been conditioned to reject all unknown calls, he had an inkling that you, whose phone was crushed in the accident, could be reaching him through someone else’s phone.

“Hello?” he whispered, turning away from YG as he pressed the phone against his ear.

“Oh! I got the number right this time.” You said elatedly, your remark directed towards Eunmin who was sitting by your bed in her wheelchair. “Bobby? I was wondering what time can you come back here?”

He hummed, glancing at YG again only to find him turned to the window with crossed arms. “I’m not sure, hun. I’m kind of busy right now.”


“Yeah, but I’ll come right after I finish, okay?”

“I see.” Bobby heard you sigh. “I’ll see you soon, Jiwon-ah.”

“Okay, I’ll see you soon.” He breathed, just wanting nothing more but to end the long day and see your face.

“Hey Bobby, can I tell you something?” your voice was suddenly meek after sounding so cheerful.


“I… I will always be on your side, so no matter what you or your company decides on doing, I will be okay.” The way your voice trembled when you said it made Bobby’s heart stutter. “I love you enough to understand.”

“Same here.”

Bobby returned his phone to his pocket, making sure that it was on silent this time and resumed his previous posture. YG refused to look at him still and the short moment that followed allowed both men to gather their thoughts in front of the sun barely peeking through skyscrapers.

It was still dark outside when you heard Eunmin’s stern tone outside your door. She rarely uses such an intimidating manner of speaking, but when she does, you remember that she is actually older than you. You tried to make out the words from her muffled sentences, but combined with the grogginess of having just woken up, you can only focus on the sound of her voice.

The door finally opened and you could see that Eunmin had won whatever argument she was in from the smug look on her face. A man in a black suit pushed her into the room and left wordlessly.

“What is it? It’s too early for this, Minnie.” You croaked out as you sat up with much difficulty.

“Y/N, you’re in a huge trouble.”

Usually, when Eunmin tells you the same exact sentence, it was about something completely harmless, but your intuition told you that this time, it’s different. After all, she wouldn’t barge into your room at an ungodly hour if the situation did not involve drastic reasons.

You noticed the tablet on her lap and the first thing that you saw was enough to give you a clue about how deep your foot was already in a grave. The photo was blurred out, but there was no mistake that it was your photo with Bobby; the one that you had taken in your phone before he left for tour.

Eunmin handed you the tablet and let you absorb all the information yourself.

Pictures, testimonies and speculations everywhere.

“Ah,” you groaned almost playfully, surprising Eunmin until she saw the way your smile easily drooped down. “…I really got caught this time, huh?”

“I’m using all of my connections to get everything off the internet, but even if we take down the photos now, it’s already been out for at least 5 hours… I don’t think–”

“No, it’s alright. This would’ve happened sooner or later.” You nodded, slowly rationalizing your current reality.

“Y/N, do you understand the gravity of the situation? When Jackson admitted his relationship with me, he was going along a careful plan which took months to prepare, but this? This is like an ambush attack and besides, no offense, but you don’t have the influence that our family has which we used to manipulate news reports. I mean, I can help you, but I can only go so far.” She explained rapidly, her words overtaking each other. “Y/N, are you listening?”

You nodded, closing your eyes for a brief second. “So what you’re saying is?”

“I really didn’t want to be the one spelling this out for you, but in this situation, no matter what choice you make, someone’s going to lose.” The pity in Eunmin’s face was a difficult expression to ignore. “The question is which side?”

You bit your lower lip and scanned your brain for a solution. In that silence, the only answer that satisfied your search was Bobby’s smile. If Bobby could smile with whatever choice you make, then that must be the right decision.

“By the way, your dad is arriving in the airport at 6 am. We have already arranged everything, from his arrival to your departure so you don’t have to wo–”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Your dad is coming here. He flew off hours ago.”

“No, after that.”

Eunmin froze, realizing that this was the exact point where things can become awry. “We already arranged everything from his arrival to your departure.” She repeated slowly, looking out for the change in your expression after your every word.

“My departure…” you echoed slightly. “…and how exactly can you prepare for that?”


“Who are you exactly to make that decision for me?” you gritted through your teeth, your gaze tinted with revolt and doubt.

“It’s just a plane ticket. You can always say no, but for me, the best move right now is for you to get away and let the issue die down. In the meantime, we’ll work out the issue with Baek Jimin and Bobby… well, Bobby’s part of one of the biggest entertainment conglomerates in Korea. I’m sure they’ll figure something out.” She explained with a gentle, yet intimidating tone.

The rage that had immediately risen in your head sizzled before it died down, as if Eunmin’s rationality was the water that extinguished its fire. If anything, only a small piece of your heart remains aflame, the one that yearned for Bobby at all times. “What would happen to us then?”

“You’re soulmates, honey.” She reached out to take your hand, gently patting her palm over your knuckles. “Trust that destiny will find a way.”

You fell into a silent stupor, as if you had fallen off a skyscraper… that moment of chaotic stillness as you continued falling further endlessly. Eunmin took this as her cue to exit the scene and let you absorb the situation. She knew better than forcing you into a decision, but at the same time, she wanted the best for you.

You sat there, head hung low with replenished tears spilling from your eyes. In your head, you thought of the scenarios that could spring from your decision.

If you stayed and held Bobby’s hand in front of all those people, both of you young and afraid in front of endless camera shutters and questions, who could say you would be the same people coming out of such a predicament? If you admitted everything and asked for understanding, trying to mend things without giving it time to recuperate, how would Bobby’s dream survive? How would yours survive?

But if you stayed, you would have the biggest prize of all… Bobby; his love, his attention, his understanding. You would be there to catch him crying under the pressure, grip his hand and try to smile with him as you faced the rest of the world. You wouldn’t have to leave him alone and you would not have to live alone.

But if you left and let time do it’s work, let wounds heal and let the universe return everything to its rightful place, wouldn’t you find yourself back in his arms? Wouldn’t the blaring lights be more forgiving and let you live in the shadows a little longer, so that you could become someone who could stand beside Bobby?

You can wait, what is waiting if you have the rest of your life to continue your story? But how long will you have to wait, how many years would be considered ‘enough’? If you left, how could you assure that Bobby can continue living his dream? Can he live on, exactly as he is, even when you weren’t by his side?

The door opened and you hadn’t realized that it was already bright outside. It was Eunmin again and on her lap was a tray of food, which you assumed was your typical hospital breakfast. She smiled carefully, gauging your tired eyes and tear-stained cheeks.

“Good morning, I heard from my people that your father had just arrived in Incheon airport. They’re escorting him already.” She informed you, placing the tray by your bed. “He will be wrapping up things with your work, before going here. Your flight is at 11 am today, so…” she exhaled because it was as hard for her to ask. “…what’s it going to be?”

You rubbed your face against your palm hastily, pushing your hair back before forcing a smile on your face. “If I remember my rights correctly, I’m entitled to one phone call, right?”

If anything reassured Eunmin that you were going to be alright, it was the fact that you can joke like that at that crucial moment. She nodded along, pulling her phone from her pocket before giving it to you.

You turned on the screen and paused. Your following smile was both sweet and hopeless as you turned to your bestfriend, “I don’t suppose you’ll have Bobby’s number, right?”

‘You don’t know? That’s the best answer that you came up with?’ YG’s usual calm demeanor had been rattled by Bobby’s simple words. Bobby looked out the tinted window as the car accelerated down the road on its way to the hospital. The conversation earlier had ended with Bobby declaring that he wasn’t the only one involved in this anymore. ‘Is that so, then can you get on a car immediately and ask your soulmate? Maybe she has a better idea of how serious the situation is right now.’

Bobby sighed again and even he was getting tired of it. He felt strange buzzing behind his eyes, so he closed them for a second, knowing that it was the telltale sign of an incoming migraine.

In that brief second, almost as if he had imagined it, Bobby heard the call. He was convinced it was an auditory hallucination caused by lack of sleep, but his pulse already accelerated and his palms started tingling in anxiety. A sixth sense nagged at him, telling him that something has definitely gone wrong.

‘De ja vu?’ he thought subconsciously as he shifted in his seat, which suddenly became too small for him, and recalled the time when he heard the call from the very same seat, in a similar manner and just like then, something told him that he had missed you again.

The wind that hit his skin when he went through the hospital doors felt heavier. Bobby kept gasping for air; somehow he felt his heart was being overworked. Not caring anymore who saw him or what they thought about him, he fled through seemingly endless hallways of unending exits and entrances until finally, he stood in front of your hospital door.

When he placed his hand on the handle, he was overwhelmed by the sudden stillness of the atmosphere.



Bobby’s first instinct was to call the number you used earlier. It rang relentlessly until Bobby realized that he had called 17 times.

On the 18th time and on the third ring, the call finally connected. “Y/N!” his scream echoed down the empty hallway. “Y/N, I thought I lost you! God, where are you? Why aren’t you in the hospital? We need to talk, eo? Where are you? I’ll go to you right now.”

Bobby retraced his steps quickly, breezing through the hospital towards the basement parking lot. By the time he finished his sentences, he was already leaning against the elevator with the B1 button pressed and glowing. The humid air in the enclosed space was not helping him calm down at all.

“Bobby-ssi? It’s me.” A girl’s voice rang through and Bobby froze, mistaking it for Jimin’s voice. “It’s me, So Eunmin… I’m Y/N’s roommate and friend?”

“Eunmin-ssi? Why do you have Y/N’s phone?” The elevator door opened at the 5th level and several nurses came in, whispering obviously amongst themselves.

“This is actually my phone. Remember Y/N broke hers in the accident? She borrowed it briefly earlier to call you.” Eunmin explained level-headedly, trying not to make Bobby any more agitated than he was.

“Oh, but where is she right now? Did something happen? I know we haven’t met properly, Eunmin-ssi, but I called you plenty of times. Why didn’t you—“

“About that, I’m sorry. Honestly, I didn’t know what to tell you and I thought really hard about whether I should tell you the truth or not.” Bobby froze in his place, not caring whether a car could possible run him over, when he heard Eunmin’s words. “Truth is, Y/N’s father flew in this morning and they went back home.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Y/N’s internship is over and I also think it’s best for her to rest from home—away from all the media, if you know what I mean.”

“You think? Who are you to make that decision for us?” Bobby asked in such an exasperated tone that Eunmin didn’t even realize that you had asked the same question mere hours ago.

“I didn’t make a decision for either of you. Y/N chose for herself and you will too. She went away because she thought that would be the best for you. Now, it’s your turn. What would be the best for the both of you?”

2 years later…

You remembered very well… the feeling, the warmth, the insatiable passion for new beginnings that you had the moment you breathed the air of Seoul, South Korea roughly two and a half years ago. You had a lot of energy and no expectations, just like any ordinary college student. You were ecstatic for the opportunity of doing your internship in a foreign country. You thought that you couldn’t be happier.

But in fact, you couldn’t have been more wrong.

Yet there you were, back in the same country where you had your highest highs and lowest lows, breathing in the familiar autumn air.

“We’re here, miss. Should I help you with your luggage?” The taxi driver asked and you peeled your eyes away from the familiar foliage draping over the streets of Gangnam. You realized that you had arrived at the hotel that Eunmin had set you up in. You also realized that it was way too extravagant for your taste.

“No need! If you can just kindly open the back, I can take it from there.” You smiled at him, before alighting from the taxi with your backpack. You quickly grabbed your small suitcase before strolling towards the carpeted lobby, lighted by the most exquisite chandelier.

You shook your head and thought, ‘Definitely excessive.’

You were checking in already when your phone rang and you didn’t even need to check because only one person in the country knew your phone number. “Yah! Have you arrived?”

The receptionist looked at you and you apologetically smiled at her. She handed you a few papers and asked you to sign them quietly, not wanting to interrupt your call. “Are you psychic? I’m…” you signed the papers and she handed you the key card. She asked if you needed assistance and you simply shook your head. “…I mean, I’ve just checked in.”

“Great! How do you like our hotel?”

“What?!” you shrieked and bowed slightly to all the people who turned. “This is your hotel?”

“Well, it belongs to the company, of course. That’s how corporations work.” You could almost hear her shrug and you just rolled your eyes as you stood outside the elevator. “I left a gift for you in the room. It’s in the flowers!”

“You gave me flowers? You’re the one graduating; I should be the one giving you flowers!” The elevator doors opened and you rolled in with your suitcase.

You pressed your floor number and waited for the door to close. You noticed that a grandiose bouquet was sitting just in front of the elevators and sincerely hoped that Eunmin hadn’t gone that far. Just when the doors were closing, you saw through the thin crack someone who looked like Hanbin and the one closely following him… Bobby?

“Eunmin?” you gritted through your teeth.


“Are you up to something?” Eunmin could hear your accusations perfectly. “Because I think I just saw Bobby?”

“진짜? 어머나, 대박! What a coincidence.” Whether her reaction was legit or not, it was difficult to tell that day. “But what the hell, Y/N. I didn’t pay that much money for that… what do you call that stone again?”

“Moonstone.” You chuckled.

“Eo, that thing. I didn’t pay that much for you to just meet him coincidentally somewhere. Are you sure that it hides the call? Are you sure that he won’t hear?” She nagged until you arrived on your floor.

“Let me remind you, Eunmin-ssi. You were the one who insisted on paying for it because I quote, ‘You deserve to pay for the rest of your life.’ If you are really up to something, then I guess it worked ‘coz I didn’t hear a single thing yet.” You pressed the key card in and heard the melodic sound of the door opening. You gasped because the room was as over the top as the lobby was. You wheeled your suitcase further inside and noticed the vase of flowers that Eunmin must’ve been referring to. Surprisingly, it might’ve been the first thing in the hotel that you actually liked. “Speaking of Bobby, have you heard anything about him lately?”

“You know, if you actually read all the articles that I send you, then I wouldn’t have to give you updates like I’m your secretary.” She scolded you just as you sat by the window overlooking Seoul in the autumn afternoon. “He’s doing extremely well, for your information. Although I’m still not happy about the fact that YG used the fact that you were hospitalized to gain pity when Bobby admitted that you were his soulmate, everything turned out for the better in the long run. You know what they say, publicity is publicity whether good or bad. The past two years have been kind to all of us.”

“Oh, okay.” You mused until you remembered the flowers, so you stepped out of your shoes and padded through the room barefoot until you stood in front of the vase filled with strange, dainty flowers that you couldn’t recognize. “These are beautiful flowers, Eunmin.” You remarked, running your hands over the edges of each tuft. You noticed a white envelope inserted inside the bouquet, so you took it with one hand and used your shoulder to press your phone against your ear. “What’s this envelope for? Is this your gift? Did you give me pocket money?”

While you were waiting for an answer or even a sliver of laughter, you pulled out the contents of the envelope. While slowly comprehending what you were holding in your hands, you hadn’t noticed that your phone had slipped from your shoulders.

It was a ticket to iKON’s concert in Jamsil Stadium to be held that night.

You immediately picked up your phone when you regained your senses and you heard Eunmin calling your name repeatedly. “Hey, you there?”

“Y-Yeah, what are you up to now?” you hadn’t intended to sound so accusing, but you did. Eunmin needed to take a second to compose herself and acknowledge that you had every right to be agitated.

You heard her take a deep breath before explaining, “Okay, before you freak out, I must say that I kept my promise and I never told Bobby anything about you. You know that he called thousands of times before he admitted your relationship and when he finally announced it, the calls stopped.”

“And then?”

“And then, instead of calls or texts, he would send flowers and concert tickets—always with the request to give them to you. Whether it was going to be held in Korea or in Brazil, he would always send the tickets.”

You remembered the countless times Eunmin has asked you if you wanted to go to an iKON concert in the most absurd places, including your city. “So that’s why you were so persistent.”

“The flowers were pretty strange to me at first. They’re called astilbe. I did a little googling and apparently in flower language it means, ‘I’m waiting for you’.”

It took you a few chosen moments to process Eunmin’s words before you began laughing uncontrollably. “Th-That’s so cheesy, Jesus! I’m not even going to call you out on that one ‘coz that’s really something that Bobby would do.”

After wheezing and crying, Eunmin finally cut into your bliss by asking, “Well, are we going?”

You sighed, looking at the tickets again. “Is it possible for us to get tickets that are not this near to the stage?”

Eunmin huffed. “Have you forgotten who I am? Leave it to me.”

You caressed the moonstones that wound around your wrists as you and Eunmin took your places in the crowd. Your heart swelled with pride when you saw the sheer amount of people who came to their concert. You listened closely to the giggling fangirls that chatted away around you, trying to pick up as much as you could. One girl said that iKON is releasing solo songs of their members that night. You shifted excitedly in your seat, a second-level one, quite a far stretch from your original VIP tickets (which you gave away to a few lucky girls).

The lights dimmed and the crowd erupted with screams. When they finally came on stage, you thought your heart would burst out of your chest. Unknowingly, you had taken Eunmin’s hand and held it tightly when you saw another version of Bobby onstage—your Bobby, two years after you met him. He changed a lot, but if it was possible, he only drew you closer and kept you on the edge of your seat.

You missed him so much. Your heart felt strange, knowing that it was missing something.

They performed songs that you recognized and newer ones that came out during the last two years. Their energy, their charisma were unwavering and it felt like you were watching them for the first time again. Once in a while, you would catch Eunmin shooting you a worried gaze only to find your eyes sparkling, your lips pressed together to keep yourself from grinning like a Tasmanian devil.

“Hey, it’s Bobby’s stage after this video. Will you be okay?” Eunmin whispered, briefly making your eyes leave the screen and meet hers.

“It’s Bobby’s stage. How can I be anything but okay?” your smile reassured her, but a gut feeling, the one that has allowed you to read Jackson and Eunmin’s thoughts countless of times, made you feel a little queasy.

An unfamiliar beat dropped and you watched, clapping unsuspectingly just like the thousand other girls in the venue.

But you’re not like all those other girls.

You’re Bobby’s soulmate, which is why when Bobby began uttering the words of the hook, your heart began beating wildly—more than just seeing him, he began reciting the ‘spell’.

Your spell.

너와 나의 연결고리

You and me, our connection,

이건 우리 안의 소리

this is the sound inside of us.”

When it first happened, you thought you imagined it, but the moonstone on your wrist pulsed as it tried to resist the incantation. Thankfully, Bobby began rapping after one hook and you began to breathe again only to realize that his lyrics was telling your story.

It was a story of two people who met in crossroads of their lives. Two different people from two different backgrounds and the setting was the cruel, noisy roads of Seoul. A heartbreaking story of two people whose lives met once and how he, Bobby or Kim Jiwon and whoever was in the same situation as him, wrote the song to call out to his soulmate, wherever she was. Finally, the hook came again and it was at this moment that you understood what Bobby was trying to prove with this song.

No matter what, your souls are linked together and he will never give up hope that he will see you again.

너와 나의 연결고리

You and me, our connection,

이건 우리 안의 소리

this is the sound inside of us.”

“Eunmin-ah… Say… Did you bring any bodyguards today?” you said without raising your voice and just trusted Eunmin to hear.

“Huh? Oh, I did, but they’re outside. Why?”

“I think I might need them.” You raised your hand to Eunmin’s eye-level and she quirked an eyebrow not quite understanding what you meant until her eyes fell on the moonstone glowing and pulsating on your wrist.

On the 8th repetition of the hook, the moonstone shattered to pieces and you felt the familiar latching on your stomach. Your hands grew cold and clammy as you heard the call so clearly in your head.

And on the stage, you saw how Bobby’s eyes widened as his eyes frantically searched the audience. He distractedly rapped the verse that followed as he scanned the VIP seats for you, expecting that you were seated on the seat he always reserved for you, but you weren’t.

He could hear the call so well, just like that day when he met you in the middle of a road, but how can he find you in this sea of people when you didn’t want to be found.

‘The hook, the spell.’ There was no wind in the concert stadium, but he felt like a gust just whispered the reminder to him.

너와 나의 연결고리

You and me, our connection,

이건 우리 안의 소리

this is the sound inside of us.”

He repeated, he sang, he recited desperately, calling out to you just like he always had in the past two years.

His rough voice latched on to you and tugged you forward out of your seat. A few people turned to look at you as you stumbled forward. Marshals tried to stop you, but you couldn’t even stop yourself as Bobby continued singing, out of beat and frantically.

The crowd was already buzzing and the fans around you were whispering amongst themselves when you were pushed against the railing of the second floor.

The music has stopped at this point and Bobby was left on the stage reciting the hook as if his life depended on it. He ran to the far ends of stage, desperately looking for any signs of you.

In a surge of energy, Eunmin began chanting, “여기! 여기! 여기!”

Finally, the fans recognized who you were and joined the chant. Bobby followed the sound and the lightsticks pointing to your direction until… he met your eyes.

You thought you were going to faint or vomit or cry, any kind of reaction will do, but you just froze in place. The call stopped.

“You… stay there.” He said into the mic, pointing a finger at you.

The fans reacted, almost swooning as they watched the scene unfold before them. A spotlight shone on your direction and you belatedly tried to shield your eyes. Fans cheered, but none of these mattered to you as Bobby held your gaze until he ran off the stage.

Countless people tried to grab him, talk some sense into him, warn him, even threaten him as he ran to the flight of stairs that led to the second floor, but he couldn’t even see them. He could only see you and the memories that he held onto so dearly—the memories that kept him alive through the devastation of your departure. He waited long enough, in his head he knew that he has definitely waited long enough.

This scene has played in your head a thousand of times, always in a different setting or manner. Surely, you have imagined seeing him like this in front of all these people, but somehow you still weren’t prepared from the way your head spun as Bobby ran and swept you off of your feet and into his arms. You were both breathing heavily, him from running to meet you and you from trying your best not to cry.

He pulled away, taking your face into his hands as you looked at each other with fragile adoration, the feeling of looking at someone and feeling that much have made your heart feel like it was on overdrive.

This scene has played in your head a thousand of times, true. You had imagined telling him a plethora of words, but somehow, you could only breathe out, “Hi. Long time no see.”

He grinned, that smile that softened his features and returned him to the Bobby that solely belonged to you. His first reaction was expected, but the next wasn’t as he wrapped his arm around you again and pressed his lips firmly on yours. “It was a really, really long time without you, Y/N.”

Your name falling from his lips was the last straw and you burst out crying.

With you sobbing and the two of you barely hearing the cheers that erupted in the whole stadium, Bobby asked, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Are we finally going to get a romantic moment?” You’d be lying if you said that you didn’t know what he was going to ask. It was the answer that was still murky in your conscious mind.

“It depends on what your answer is going to be, but first, I missed you. What took you so long?” Bobby’s voice cracked in the end and you could instantly feel the amount of sadness that he had to endure.

“I…” you had your reasons and he knew that most of them involved him and his career, but all you could do was apologize. “미안해, 지원아.”

“Marry me.”

A few girls gasped behind you, their hands holding their phones in excitement. This should’ve been a telltale sign that you had heard him correctly, but you only gave him a dumbfounded look.

“Marry me, Y/N.” he repeated with his smile.

“That’s… That’s not a question.” It felt like yesterday when he was asking you to be his girlfriend and now he was asking you to marry him?

“I know, but a gentleman should ask for consent.”

“Besides, we barely had a second date and I haven’t seen you or heard anything about you for the past two years. Things change, Bobby.” You try to remind him, your sensible head kicking in at the wrong moment as always.

There was a louder, collective gasp, but you didn’t hear any of it.

“I know, but I haven’t changed. I’m still me. I’m still in love with you.” He squeezed your shoulder and when you didn’t respond, he dropped on one knee and took both of your hands.

You finally look at all the people who were intently holding their breaths and waiting for you answer.

“But Bobby, look at all of these people who love you…” you swept another look throughout the stadium, noticed how the other members have come out on stage to watch and how one screen solely focused on your reaction. “I mean, how can I compare to them?”

“You’re my soulmate, Y/N. If I can’t marry you now, then I will marry you on my next free day or maybe 20 years from now, but I’m sure and I’ve never been more sure on anything that I want to spend the rest of my life waking up to your bed hair and swollen lips, to your violent tendencies and your love for green tea, to your silly nicknames and drunken outbursts. I barely know you, but at the same time I know everything about you and I could live with that.” If there are more earnest words that has been said to you in your lifetime, you have no recollection of them. Only these words from Bobby and the way his lips quirked up at the recollection of all those moments. “Dear God, Y/N I don’t know why I have to convince you into marrying me but—“

Your scoff cut his sentence short. “You don’t even have a ring for me.”

“I-I wasn’t expecting you to—“

“I’m kidding! See you don’t know the first thing about me at all, Bobby. I ruin all of our supposed-to-be romantic moments together.” If there was an adjective for someone laughing and crying at the same time that is not along the lines of cynical or crazy, that would be the perfect word to describe you. “Yes. Yes, Bobby. If you want, we can go to the office to sign the forms right after you explain to Yang Hyunsuk-ahjussi.”

He laughed when you pulled him off the ground. “I better seal it off with a kiss.”

He kissed you and the rest of the stadium erupted to a series of applause and endless cheers.

Everything that happened after was a blur, but you were sure that Bobby held your hand through it all.

You led an ordinary life until you heard the call. You thought you led an ordinary relationship, but sasaengs and accidents and internships and being an idol got in the way. You thought you could never fall in love in such a short span of time, but Bobby came along and made your life extraordinary. As you fell asleep on his shoulder, with his lips pressing weakly against your head, you believed that from hereon your life will be anything but ordinary and even if it were, if you had him, everything and everyday would be a new moment to remember.

“It really was nice meeting you, Bobby.” You whispered into his chest.

“The pleasure is all mine.” He whispered back, pulling you closer.

Two silver rings glistened under the lowlight from the streetlights you sped through—a somewhat, redundant proof that your soul and his were connected. 

The End. 끝.

a/n: This is the first multi-chaptered scenario series that I have finished in my entire life. Ah. Finally. After releasing the first chapter almost a year ago (11 months to be exact). Here we are. PLEASE SHOWER ME WITH COMPLIMENTS. LOL. 

I thought you were dead

Characters: sister!reader, Sam, Dean, Bobby, mention of John

Warnings: little bit of angst, light swearing

Word count: 1810

Summary: you see Bobby again after you had thought he was still dead. You see that he is not alone, and is hunting with your brothers that have no idea who you are

Here you were again; hunting another demon on your own. Just one more hunt, you would promise yourself every time, but you never stuck by it. Being the daughter of John Winchester meant that a lot of hunters disliked you, and a lot of monsters wanted you dead. What was the point in stopping hunting when your fate was already sealed for you?

The only reason you ever considered giving up hunting was because that was the promise you had made to Bobby Singer. Every single day without fail he would make you promise that when he was gone you would give up hunting and live a normal life.

Keep reading