bobby is coming back

Supernatural: The Movie

1. Crowley comes back.

2. Chuck & Amara come back from Vacation

3. Bobby comes back.

5. Gabriel comes back.

6. Kevin comes back.

7. Benny comes back.

8. Charlie comes back.

9. Ellen comes back.

10. Adam is let out of the cage.

11. Castiel: I love you.

12. Dean: I know.

13. Sam finds his shoes.

14. There is pie.

The end. 

(Post Credit Scene: Jo comes back and Lucifer is an Olympic Figure Skater)


stranger things appreciation week - day three: favorite otp

“just hold on a little longer, okay? he’s gone, the bad man’s gone. we’ll be home soon. and my mom, she’ll get you your own bed. you can eat as many eggos as you want. and we can go to the snow ball.


I just want to let everyone know that I’m not ok ikon had their come back and Bobby literally slays my whole existence.

And got7 released the full version of my swagger and youngjae doesn’t want to let me live

Also I did not know seventeen came out with their music video, I knew they came out with the song… BUT NOT THE FLIPPING VIDEO SOMEONE HELP ME

「The Powerful Characters」(From Tv Shows)

「Harold Finch」
“I’m going to kill you.
But I need to decide how far I’m willing to go…
how many of my own rules I’m willing to break
to get it done.”
“The streets aren’t made for everybody,
that’s why they made sidewalks.”
「Raymond Reddington」
“There is nothing that can take pain away,
but eventually you will find a way to live with it .”
「Frank Underwood&Claire Underwood」
“We don’t submit to terror, we make the terror”
「Diane Lockhart」
“You can slice an opponent to shreds,
smiling the whole time,
and they come back thanking you”
「Bobby Axelrod」
“Well then, it’s a good thing I’m a rich fucking man.”
「Annalise Keating」
“You call it crazy,I call it winning.”

Heading Towards Trouble

Words: 7664
Sam x Reader (smut!)
Warnings: smutty smut smut, mild language
Requested by anonymous
A/N: Happy Friday, have some Sammy smut! *fans self* Phew, I need a drink after writing this one!

Your name: submit What is this?

Dean pounded his hand on the wobbly metal table, fist clenched against the sting of the needle. “Dammit! Are you almost done, Sam?”

”Almost,” he said. Dean let out an annoyed growl.

”You’re welcome by the way,” he said to Sam. Sam squinted as he put in the final stitch and pulled the last end of the gash in Dean’s arm together, knotting the surgical thread.

”Yeah, thanks for butting in when I had everything handled,” he threw back at his brother.

Dean had been about to argue but was cut off when Sam’s cell phone lit up and sent loud vibrations through the table. Sam snatched it and glanced at the incoming call. “It’s Bobby. Hey Bobby,” he answered.

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Someone’s Always Leaving

Originally posted by frozen-delight

This is for @chaos-and-the-calm67​ Bev’s Milestone Celebration. I chose the quote, ‘It was odd to be in a room full of people who all seemed to look up to my dad like he was some kind of hero. A part of me wanted to see him through their eyes just for a moment. I tried to picture him as…’. The quote was slightly changed so it wasn’t ‘me, my’, but ‘you, your’. Also, there was a gif given which’ll be in the fic itself…I know it kinda looks like a dude…but just imagine the kid is gender neutral, cos that’s what the reader is. 

Characters: Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER), Bobby, Sam, Dean, Cas, Crowley

Pairing: No Pairing    Sam x Y/n (father-kid relationship)    Bobby x Y/n (father-kid relationship)

Warnings: Angsty angst…fluff here and there, but mostly angst. Abandonment over and over, resentment, character death, grieving, hatred, angst, more angst, broken relationships and just a mess of shit between everyone. 

Word count: 3600

Summary: Sam is the one who takes you in when you lose your parents. But he lets you down time and time again. 

A/N: Ok, so, this ended up hella longer than I imagined it being…But there’s mostly angst and nothing else really…Also, reader kinda talks shit about the Winchesters, so if u think the Winchesters are the world’s saviours, u might hate reader…Hope u like it!!

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You knew it was awful. You knew it was wrong.

Of course, most teenagers had their problems with their parents.

But you? Well, you hated him.

You didn’t dislike him. You weren’t just annoyed because he didn’t let you buy something.

You genuinely hated him. And to be honest, you knew it wasn’t good.

Hating the man you used to think of as your father. It was awful.

But then again, maybe you didn’t think of him as a father.

He was the one who took you in. He was the one who promised to protect you. He was the one who was supposed to play that role.

Except, he didn’t.

Every time you expected him to protect you, he didn’t.

He always left you behind.

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Last Night

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 1,557
Warnings: Drinking. Cussing. Smut. Unprotected sex. References to rough sex. Drunk sex. Not remembering consensual sex.
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @boxer-pup. Prompt: Drunk Sex / Quote: “What happened last night?”

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hufflepuffpride210  asked:

Since Gabriel might be coming back and since Mark Pelligrino reappeared as Lucifer and Bobby coming back (even if it is AU Bobby) and people talking about the writers giving into fans do you ever think the writers will ever start spelling Cas with one s instead of two?

Here in lies the difference between “canon” and “fanon”.

Technically speaking, fans are the ones getting it wrong. “Canon” is 9 seasons of the writers spelling it officially as “Cass”, two S’s. They’re not gonna suddenly change after 9 seasons of not giving a crap how fans spell it.

But frankly, nor should we care. Does it matter if “Cas” with one S is only the fanon spelling? People are gonna keep spelling it however they please because one S or two has literally NO impact on the series’ plot.

why in the world did Bobby have to age so badly?

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meanwhile Ronnie

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even ralph

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like.. damn bobby..

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but at least he’s still losing weight and his head is in the right place now.. and no more drugs. 

Fast Cars and Freedom

Word Count: 3351

Warnings: Language, nudity, minor character death(s)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader (Y/N Singer)

Italics indicate flashback

A/N: Inspired by the song Rascal Flatts Fast Cars and Freedom (watch here). I have been listening to some older, better country lately and this has been nagging at me for awhile now. I have plans to turn this into a series if y’all are interested. Thank you so much to @death2thevirgin who was my amazing beta for this!

The party had been a success and we were both tired. I had just brushed my teeth, getting ready for bed when I walked back into our bedroom and my heart stopped at the sight before me; sitting at her small vanity table, removing her makeup, not like she needs it. Twenty years later, she still takes my breath away.  I leaned up against the door jamb, just watching her, enamored by the vision of her. Memories flooded my mind, like a dam breaking.

I was fifteen years old when Dad dropped us off with Bobby for a few days. Sammy was only eleven and didn’t understand why Dad was gone so much. I did my best to explain it to him, but he was just a kid and didn’t get it. He just knew he missed Dad.

Our Dad was a mechanic for a trucking company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A few times a year he would have to travel to pick up a big rig that broke down. He didn’t like leaving us ever since Mom died, but he didn’t have much choice. The job paid well and we had Bobby to keep watch over us while Dad was gone.

We went about our daily routine, breakfast, school, homework, chores. Bobby owned a garage and salvage yard, on a large plot of land with a few animals and there was no shortage of work to be done.

Y/N was Bobby’s daughter. She was less than a year younger than me and more often than not, she and I were left in charge of Sam when Bobby was working out in the shop. We got along well since the first day, discovering we had a lot in common and she adored Sammy. That was enough in my book.

The phone rang just as we were finishing up supper. As a general rule, Bobby didn’t allow phone calls during meals, but while Dad was gone, he made an exception so we could talk to him. Once Bobby gave his nod of nearly imperceptible nod of approval, I jumped out of my chair so fast it almost tipped over and ran to the phone.

“Dad!” I exclaimed as I answered the phone. Only the voice on the other end wasn’t Dad.

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Camping with the X-Men - Wolverine x Reader

Summary : Logan (your boyfriend) decides to take all of the X-Men on a camping trip. Alright then… 

Just some love for the X-Men really, wanted to write something with (some of) the gang. Warning for langage, and also, slightly NSFW. As usual I’m like “meh, it’s kinda shit” (uhuh), but I still hope you’ll like it : 

(My masterlist blog here :


The sound of your laughter fills yours and Logan’s bedroom as your boyfriend announces to you that he just told all the X-Men he planned a camping trip for them. 

Right. Like that would ever happened. When he was off to go camping in the wild, he wouldn’t take even you sometimes, so everyone ? Suuuuuuure. 

But as you start to calm yourself from your giggly fit, and you’re face with a very serious Wolverine, you start to doubt your convictions. 

-Wait…You’re serious ?

He nods. 

-You want us to camp…all together ? 


-Like, everyone, we go out and we put our tents up, and we make a bond fire and all of that ? 

-That’s the idea.

-…Even Scott ? 

-Even Scott. 

-Even Emma ? 

-Even Emma. 


-Everyone !

-Everyone ?


-…Everyone ?

-YES goddammit, how many times are you gonna make me repeat myself ? Everyone but the students of course. They’re all going on a field trip to the Sh’iar imperium.

-So, us, all the teachers, the X-men…We’re going…Camping ? 

-Yes (Y/N), we’re going camping. All of us. 

Worried, you walk to your boyfriend and, even though you knew it was impossible that he’d have a fever, you lay the back of your hand on his forehead, just to check if he was warmer than usual you know. 

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Green & Yellow - bully
  • <i>
  • Minho: Why are you crying?
  • Y/N: Big Bobby broke my wand!
  • Minho: It's not even real
  • Y/N: But my daddy gave it! Mom will scold me!
  • Minho: why did you give it to him?
  • Y/N: I didn't you idiot, he took it from me!
  • <two days later>
  • Y/N: Min what happened why are you running?
  • Minho: I kinda kept Big Bobby's wand on his chair, he sat on it and broke it. All the kids laughed and he's angry.
  • Big Bobby: Come back you lil shit!
  • </i>
  • Y/N to Newt: And ever since then Minho ran whenever he saw him.
  • Newt: So that's how the shank became such a good runner
  • Minho: Shut up you two.