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Shipping Meleven as an adult…

Fangirl Me: Mike and Eleven are soooooo cute! I ship it, I ship it soooo hard!

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30 Year Old Adult Me: Mike and Eleven are adorable but their relationship is way too intense for two 13 year olds.

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Indiana Comic Con: Sean Maguire Panel


  • “I guess the thing about Midwestern people is true. Everyone’s so lovely,” Sean Maguire about Indiana (x)
  • “This has been one of the great surprises of my career,” Sean Maguire about his guest spot on #OnceUponATime expanding (x)
  • Sean Maguire says he never heard fairy tales growing up. Instead his dad made up stories about growing up in Ireland (x)
  • Sean Maguire loved basically being able to say “I played Robin Hood” and then mic drop. “It was lovely to play somebody iconic” (x)
  • “…I think we’re a little sick of the rich… I think right now we kind of need a Robin Hood,” Sean Maguire (x)
  • Sean Maguire just quickly took a call from his 1yo son in the middle of panel. It was adorable. (x)
  • Only Robin Hood central ep was Sean Maguire’s favorite to film. “You feel like the tv heroes I watched growing up” (x)
  • Sean Maguire talks about making up songs on set like, “Once upon a time you’re bound to die but then you come back” (x)
  • Spoiler: Sean Maguire’s toughest scenes to film - when Robin left/cried; the scene preceding his death, which was his last to film. (x)
  • Regina is Sean Maguire’s favorite character to work with “because she’s my gal.” (x)
  • Sean Maguire admits he never learned how to use the bow and arrow. Says ABC and Disney have a “hard rule” about not killing people. (x)
  • “They obviously wanted to tell a different story than I thought they wanted to tell,” Sean Maguire about his #OnceUponATime ending (x)
  • “Being an actor means being able to step into people’s shoes. Experience the world –reading books…” Sean Maguire’s acting advice (x)
  • Sean Magauire advises aspiring actor  to “cut reality garbage” and “watch scripted drama” (x)
  • Sean Maguire jokes about how he “lies for a living” and his wife is a detective. (x)
  • Dustin Hoffman, Spencer Tracy, Kevin Spacey, Cary Grant and Michael J. Fox among Sean Maguire’s idols/inspirations. (x)
  • “You will meet the fate that you deserve…” line was Sean Maguire’s favorite, which was in #OnceUponATimeWonderland (x)
  • “Regiiiina, why so meanaaa?” is also a song Sean Maguire made up on set. (x)

  • Apparently Sean was only supposed to be in 5 episodes (x)
  • Omf Tanya called (x)
  • He loved the robin centric episode (x)
  • Lana was one of the first people to welcome him to the show :’) (x)
  • He said Ginny has the best giggle in the world (x)
  • Guy: Have you ever read a plot twist [on Once] and just wanted to stop? Sean: There’s been a time or two. (x)
  • He loves robins honor (x)
  • Sean wants a whole show about Ian Fleming (x)
  • Y'all he’s fanboying about bobby again (x)
  • He’s mentioned how Colin is like his brother :’) (x)
  • One tough scene was the town line (x)
  • For safety reasons he can’t have a real arrow (x)
  • He mentions how he has just moved when they told him he was being killed off (x)
    • I want to say even though it’s annoying they did that he didnt show any anger when he was talking about it, basically said that’s just life (x)
  • He said Tanya is like a human lie detector (x)
  • He thinks robin would find it sweet that his daughter is named after him (x)
  • People keep saying they love him :’) (x)
  • He creates songs to entertain everyone else (x)

  • Sean said he, lana, ginny, bobby, bex, and Colin like to play cards together in between their trailers (x)
  • He also said he liked to make the cast laugh during late nights and he would burst into song like “regina, why ya gotta be so meana” (x)
  • He said Bex is the one who told him that they were naming the baby after him. (x)
  • Also he mentioned everyone from the cast except Jennifer… (x)
  • He also said he just furnished his house and Vancouver and everything when the producers told him they were killing robin. (x)
  • Sean also said he believes that what happened with Robin happened for a reason because every canceled show is what leads him to the next and (x)
    • Without that, he wouldn’t have landed on Once Upon a Time (x)


Day 26 of 31 (late): Favorite Screencaps From Any Movie/TV Show:

I’ve pretty much been posting those all month, so here’s how I’m gonna get around Day 27: The bloopers of Matt the Radar Technician are the best ever. Ever. This skit was so brilliant. Even my bosses came in laughing about it on Monday. I love seeing him just break down over the ridiculousness of it all. And it’s so adorable how Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan couldn’t stop fanboying.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t say “I HAVEN’T HAD MY MUFFIN, MATT!”

“Dude, Matt straight up SUCKS.”

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can you do double b as fanboys? i'm pissing myself thinking about it XD



  • most dedicated fanboy of the year
  • no but seriously it’s kinda scary hOw dedicated he is
  • he first got into the group in middle school
  • he has all the albums, special addition albums sighed albums and albums in different languages
  • he’s got them
  • and photo cards omygod
  • they are all on the side of his bedroom wall in order of which era they belong to
  • has special playlist of the songs for any occasion
  • “gym playlist” “walking playlist” “taking a dump playlist”
  • he used to be more private about his love or the group
  • but in the end everyone knows him as that “crazy fanboy guy”
  • “not crazy but dedicated”
  • will actually fight anyone who disses his faves
  • “wHAT DID YOU SAY??” :)))
  • when he was younger, he used to make rap cover of his favourite songs
  • titled “ [insert song name] by MC B.I !!!!!”
  • he forgot the password to his account and now they are there forever
  • his biggest fear is if the group fond his old song covers
  • and of the group disbanding
  • has gone to a couple of fanmeets and when he can’t get all grumpy and rants online
  • not a fully evolved saesang yet


  • got into the group cause of hanbin not shutting up about them
  • said the music was crap first but he found himself humming to the song whilst in the shower
  • second biggest fanboy in the world
  • has nearly all the albums and does part time jobs here and there so that he can afford all the albums
  • one day dreams of going to a concert and meeting his bias
  • he dreams of his bias and thinks about lovey dovey stuff
  • like boy calm down
  • wants to write fanfiction but can’t
  • he did once when he was younger
  • never again
  • “he look in her big brawn eyes and kissed her on her pink sexy liPS xxx “
  • also haunts his dreams of the group finding out about it
  • gifts them cuddly toys and headbands all the time at fanmeets
  • often put flirtatious messages in the gifts like
  • “heyyyyy xxx ;-)) “
  • wants to become an idol just so he can meet them and maybe date them 
iKON Fanboying

Bobby: Winnie the Pooh, Food, neon lights

Hanbin: Lyrics, Songs, Micky Mouse, Animals, 

Yunhyeong: Lipbalm, Nivea, Cherry chap-stick, Lips, Balms

Chanwoo: Video Games, Yunhyeong, days off

Junhoe: Mirrors, Jinhwan, naptime, selfie sticks, cameras

Donghyuk: Food, Supreme, amusement parks, text books

Jinhwan: Toy Story, chokers, other member’s clothing, wine

iKON: Yunhyeong’s English

IKON REACTION: To you dancing and singing other groups (like Exo, bts, monsta x, got7, 17...) infront of them

B.I.: “you’re good but… what about ikon?

Jinhwan: He’d like it so much that would secretly record to watch it every day.

Yunhyeong: “since when do you sing and dance so well? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Bobby: “yeah, that’s my girl!” *fanboy Bobby on*

Donghyuk: “let’s do it together” He’d start to dancing and sing with you.

June: “okay, better than I thought” He’d say

But inside he’d be having a fanboy attack

Chanwoo: “how do you do it?” He’d be a proud boyfriend and tell for everybody about your skills.

Hey, I’m here again and I just want to say thank you for all the support you’ve been givin to us, we love you all.

~ADM Cherry~

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iKon as Youtubers

Hanbin: “love the way you lie cover” “billionaire cover

Junhoe: make up challenge with himself and then he be like hAh trolled you guys i don’t need make up to look awesome :)) + 10 minute shot of only his face

Jinhwan: “10 saddest videos - don’t cry challenge’ FAIL !!!”

Bobby: 50% badass swag videos 50% him fanboying over winnie the pooh

Chanwoo: the new young korean pewdiepie

Donghyuk: “the 10 best study tips!!”

Yunhyeong: lipbalm and make-up hauls all the way + cooking tutorials

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Can u do a reaction when ikon finds out that ur a talented dancer :) thanks! I love this account❤️

I’ll just do all members this time just because i find it CUTE AF


“Come here and lets have a duet!”

Jinhwan would love it so much that you’re a talented dancer just like him. He might ask you to dance together with him in his studio.


*Yoyo approves*

Yunhyeong would watch you dance a lot. He’d ask you to dance more for him and so maybe he could show you off to the boys.


“Oh wow babe!”

Bobby would be your first fanboy for sure. He’d want you to cover as many dances as you can and would record them all and even maybe make a youtube account for you.


“Really? What else did you hide from me this whole time?”

Hanbin is a dancer himself and finding that his girlfriend is a talented one would bring him a major happiness. He’d take you to the studio and would have a date there while making some choreography with you.


“My baby is dancing!”

Donghyuk would join you the time that he saw you dancing to yourself. Asked you why you never told him about this before. Donghyuk would be the most hyper kid when he dance along with you.


“I could do better than that!”

June would be surprised to your hidden skill. But of course, he wouldn’t show it in front of you. He would challenge you to have a dance battle at midnight and you might end up dancing alone since June was only looking at you with his proud smiles.


“You’re so cute.”

Chanwoo would tell you how much he enjoy your dancing and he’d want to see you dance more. Chanwoo would be super supportive if you wanted to be a dancer in the future. He’d even ask Hanbin out to help you with your moves.