bobby is a fanboy

“We need a favour Y/N.” Sam said as he and Dean sat down at your café table. You eyed them both and then laughed. The last you saw of them was when they’d pulled you into helping them save the town from an evil witch and then had left you to explain what the hell happened to everyone. You’d been so annoyed with them. You couldn’t explain much so you’d pinned it on them. It had been quite satisfying.
“No.” You said as you moved your work papers away from them. You did not need them to mess that up as well.
“Please.” Sam pleaded with you and you rolled your eyes.
“I must of not enunciated clearly; screw you and screw you. Hell, screw eachother.” Your answer was a bit more angry than you’d expected. You ignored them as you flipped through your work and hoped that they’d leave. Dean picked up his phone and dialed it, making you look at him suspiciously. It was not like Dean to act calm when refused help. He should’ve been threatening you or blackmailing you or bribing you.
“Hey Bobby, she’s right here.” He said smugly as he handed the phone to you and you glared at him.
“That’s playing dirty.” You frowned as you gingerly took the phone.
“You idjit, you need to get over the fact that you’ll never have a normal life and help the boys. You’re the only one who can and they need someone to stop them from making stupid mistakes.” Bobby said gruffly.
A smile grew on your face as you realized what he meant. “Bobby, you just complimented me.” You gloated. “We’re having a moment.” You teased and he grunted again.
“Yeah yeah, it’s all love and kindness, now get your ass in that car with the boys and cooperate fully.” He ordered.
“Fine.” You huffed. He hung up then and you chucked the phone at Dean. “For the record, I still hate you both for messing my life up.” You said to their smug face. “And I will be getting my revenge, I mean, I didn’t get it before, but its coming and shit is about to get real.” You there the threat in to make them uneasy and it worked. If one thing had to be admitted by the guys, it was that you could outprank them any day.