bobby is a fanboy

IKON REACTION: To you dancing and singing other groups (like Exo, bts, monsta x, got7, 17...) infront of them

B.I.: “you’re good but… what about ikon?

Jinhwan: He’d like it so much that would secretly record to watch it every day.

Yunhyeong: “since when do you sing and dance so well? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Bobby: “yeah, that’s my girl!” *fanboy Bobby on*

Donghyuk: “let’s do it together” He’d start to dancing and sing with you.

June: “okay, better than I thought” He’d say

But inside he’d be having a fanboy attack

Chanwoo: “how do you do it?” He’d be a proud boyfriend and tell for everybody about your skills.

Hey, I’m here again and I just want to say thank you for all the support you’ve been givin to us, we love you all.

~ADM Cherry~

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My knowledge of boy groups I don't stan
  • I saw someone else do it and I was inspired
  • Seventeen: Woozi looks like a cinnamon roll but will kill you. I saw a picture of him attacking a dude with an innocent guitar. I thought there was gonna be 17 of them...
  • Winner: They won that survival show but YG must have missed that episode. One of them left block b and I don't blame him.
  • Busker Busker: Won an award, embarrassed Babyz and Exo-Ls and became A Kpop Meme™. Never heard of them again...
  • B1A4: Solo solo day, solo solo day boy
  • Ikon: YG is their biggest fanboy. Bobby ft B.I and the rest.
  • U-Kiss: deserved better, neverland was my OTB (One True Bop)
  • BigBang: disappeared for a long time and then they came back with a vengeance and stole 2015 from everyone else. Good to know Seungri is still alive though.
  • JYJ: The Original Krispy Krunch, Luhan and Tao
  • DBSK: And then there were 2.
  • Infinite: L is beautiful and Woohyun always comes out for the key change. Everyone loves The Chaser but BTD was better. fight me.
  • Btob: BTOB BACK AGAIN. BTOB CHANGE THE GAME. Tbh they shouldn't be allowed near a red carpet. Sungjae repeatedly smacked his head off a water melon in their debut show, and broke one in half on weekly idol. need me a freak like that.
  • B.A.P: Disappeared for a while but then came back. One Shot was a cinematic masterpiece and Warrior was fire. Zelo is too tall. Daehyun can sing and has a nice face. Protect Himchan.
  • Speed: Danced in heelies.
  • Got7: A and Girls x3 were bops. Congratulations, Jackson used to teach fencing. Stop Bambam.
  • B2st: idk? why? they? write? beast? like? b2st? Yoseob is a good singer and they have some bops.
iKon as Youtubers

Hanbin: “love the way you lie cover” “billionaire cover

Junhoe: make up challenge with himself and then he be like hAh trolled you guys i don’t need make up to look awesome :)) + 10 minute shot of only his face

Jinhwan: “10 saddest videos - don’t cry challenge’ FAIL !!!”

Bobby: 50% badass swag videos 50% him fanboying over winnie the pooh

Chanwoo: the new young korean pewdiepie

Donghyuk: “the 10 best study tips!!”

Yunhyeong: lipbalm and make-up hauls all the way + cooking tutorials

 What was Bobby trying to accomplish by fanboying over BTS at SMA? Why is he suddenly ‘kissing ass’ NOW that BTS is recognised as a powerful group that has been awarded multiple times. A year ago he was all about dissing Rapmon in various lyrics, now he suddenly likes them?

This guy is a snake, you could clearly see he wanted the attention by standing up during their performance, cheering for them. I wish Rapmon or any other BTS rapper would come up with a diss track calling him out on this fake act.