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Watch the adventures of Pete Wentz and Mike Shinoda in search of pokemon. What do you think of Pete what fraction?)

MikeShinodaLive and BobbyHundreds snapchat - Pokemon Go [LPCoalition]


@bobbyhundreds takes us behind closed doors of Mexico City’s famed Barragán houses—designed by the Mexican “emotional architect” whose work with light anticipated James Turrell’s years later.

Vámonos :: Part 2 :: At Home with Barragán

“The American moviegoer long gave up on taking rap movies seriously. Yet, with Dre’s and Cube’s venerable lifelong success (and pocketbooks), with an earnestness to the NWA story that flies above mediated sensationalism, and most of all, the decision to design a great, honest movie that cuts through race, class, and generations (instead of just a great, honest rap movie for a young, black audience), Straight Outta Compton prevails.” 

-Bobby Hundreds in “Don’t Quote Me Boy :: My Review of Straight Outta Compton”

“[My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is] first, have something to say. Second, add something new to the conversation. Don’t just come in to repeat or recite what someone else has already stated. The best advice comes from the naysayers, the detractors, and the doubters, who think they’ve got me figured out, underestimate me, who are convinced they can predict the future. Without them, I wouldn’t have anyone to fight against, prove wrong, and overcome.”

“I love the idea of making something out of nothing. Building something out of thin air. I’ve never been the type to be able to enjoy a movie, or read a book, or wear a piece of clothing, without deconstructing it and figuring out how I could make it better. The hardest part is that it can be exhausting. The entrepreneurial life is driven by risk, and sometimes you can be on the wrong side of that. You have to be courageous, a little bit crazy, maybe a bit stupid. There’s probably an element of self-hate or masochism!”

Bobby Hundreds on The Coveteur.