bobby has a life (but not really)

Supernatural Rhapsody

Is this the real life? Is this Supernatural?

Caught up in Netflix, no escape from the hunting

Open your eyes, look down there to Hell and see

Luci is caged up, Michaels bad company

And it’s hunting here, hunting there, caffeine’s high, sleep is low

Any way the case goes, doesn’t really matter to us, to us

John, just made a deal

Azazel’s in his head

Pulled Colt’s trigger, now he’s dead

Mary, Sam’s life had just begun

But now dad’s gone and thrown it all away

Dean, ooh, didn’t mean to make you cry

But I’ll be back from Hell sometime soon

Carry on, carry on, being mortal doesn’t matter

Too late, Abaddon has come

Sends blackness everywhere, The Mark is aching all the time

Goodbye, Bobby, you’ve got to go

Gotta let you rest in peace and face the world

Kevin, ooh, I didn’t want you to die

I really wish I didn’t let him in at all

I see the angels wings, black on the wall

Gabriel, Gabriel, will you do the slow tango?

Werewolves and ghost sighting, Alphas, Djinn, and Banshee (shee)

(Jensen Ackles) Misha Collins (Jared Padalecki) Mark Sheppard, Eric Kripke, we all owe

(Cas is an angel, somebody help him)

Lucifer needs a hug, somebody hug him

Spare us this pain, and apocalypses please!

Family comes, family goes, does it end in blood?

No, we will hunt! Yes, with Baby go

(Baby go!) We will hunt! Oh yes we will go

(Baby go!) We will hunt! We have got to go

(Baby go!) Oh yes we will go

(Baby go!) We have got to go

(Baby go!)  Ah, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

(Oh Rufus please, Ellen please) Bobby please, let us go

Fergus has a Hell put aside for me, for me, for me

So you think you can shop and forget my pie?

So you think you can call Cas and not lose your eye?

Oh, Chuck, can’t do this to me, Chuck!

Just gotta get tattooed, just gotta get tattooed right now!

Supernatural matters, anyone can see

Supernatural matters

Supernatural matters, to me

Carry on, my wayward sons

iKon: Boyfriend Bobby
  • might come off as a lil distant when he came in terms w/ the fact that he liked you as more than a friend
  • he’d need a push by one of his friends (aka hanbin ofc) to actually make a move
  • bc everyone could see that yall liked each other 
  • and he just couldn’t focus on his work and music while he was too busy thinking about what it’d be like to kiss you and cuddle w/ you and just talking about his day w/ you
  • he’s whipped lmao
  • eventually yeah he’ll say something……………kinda
  • but I feel like you’re gonna have to do the work and make the first move 
  • bc only you know how shy he really is omllll
  • but anyways
  • besides all the nicknames that he already calls you, get ready for 20 more
  • esp in English
  • yall know he has a dirty mind so just keep that in mind while I leave that up to your imagination yikes
  • idk I just feel like…….Bobby the type to call you baby and mumble your name over and over when he’s just playing w/ your hair 
  • like just imagine how he would be when you’re the one playing w/ his hair ajhhhfhfjdkd
  • hanbin would have to like you ofc bc he’d make your life a living hell if his bf is dating someone unworthy
  • but honestly he’s so soft when he sees yall together that he just forgets about all the tests and torture he was gonna put you through :’)
  • and he’ll treat you like his lil sibling and always take your side when you and Bobby fight
  • ehhh not that it happens often
  • but he loves you sm that sometimes he can’t get the words out when he’s just being overprotective or when he’s worried 
  • but dw bc he always owns up to it when he’s made a mistake and always apologizes first 
  • no matter how mf stubborn he is
  • looooooots of late night marathoning 
  • esp 90s movies omg
  • he may or may not have you hooked on a new TV show that he just started watching
  • also may or may not guilt you into watching it w/ him
  • encourages you to steal his clothes ???
  • you’d expect he gets all moody and asks you to return all his stolen hoodies, but he’s like 
  • nah bae that’s all u ;;;;;;
  • “u look better in them anyway **shrug**”
  • can I get uhhhhhhh bobby pls
  • teaching you korean bc he wants to teach you bad phrases 
  • that’s it just bad words and insulting phrases 
  • that’s all u need
  • sometimes using your shampoo bc he always forgets to buy a new one
  • but he’s like 
  • “i like this smell better on u tbh i can’t be walkin around smelling like apple strudel ;(”
  • skinship in front of the members 
  • LOTS of skinship in general lmao
  • boi don’t even care 
  • rap battles!!!!
  • he’ll go easy on you tho
  • not
  • man he’ll roast you and every single person you ever came in contact with 
  • but also it’s hilarious?????
  • bc he’s so different from when he was on stage and then you got him in fluffy my little pony pajamas rapping about how you talk in your sleep and always waking him up
  • oml what a dork
  • crying over cute animals yall see in the park awwww
  • always surprising you w/ lil presents and knickknacks that don’t really seem like much at first 
  • but they mean so much to you bc it’s from him and omg he’s just always thinking about you 
  • :((((((
  • putting your selfies as his wallpapers and homescreens 
  • probably changes them like every other day when he demands a new selfie 
  • might have bought you those phone cases w/ the lights lmao he’s so extra 
  • going shopping together and taking hella selfies in the dressing room when you sneak him in wink wonk
  • him giving you lots of innocent cheek kisses
  • that almost always turn into something more wink wonk pt.2
  • falls asleep talking on the phone sometimes 
  • bc he wanted to talk to you so badly even tho he’s exhausted and passed out halfway through your story
  • but he’ll dream about you anyway so win win
  •  anyways take care of my mans 💛

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anonymous asked:

1/2 You know what i find sad and disturbing? That even though it's MUCH better than in previous years, i've still seen a few posts saying things like "see, Dean doesn't love Cas as much as Sam. He'd give up soul for Sam, but has never done that for Cas. Sam is clearly more important." And I don't even know where to begin:P Like. Since when is selling your soul a standard of love?? The show did this to show their codependency. Not to say "aw, look how much Dean loves Sam!!"

2/2 And Dean hasn’t done that for Cas because he hasn’t needed it. Plus, Dean and Cas, even with their problems, have always been on a more even keel than Sam and Dean. Dean doesn’t measure his self worth through Cas. He doesn’t see himself as solely responsible for Cas. He doesn’t put Cas before himself in that way. He has a *healthy* view of his relationship with Cas. These are GOOD things. Sam and Dean are finally getting there and i’ll never understand the resistance to that.

Hi there! You bring some heavy questions, so let’s see if I manage to remember all of them and not go running off down one single tangent so far that I forget about all the rest… >.>

Re: the soul-selling as pinnacle of love: bullshit.

Selling his soul for Sam wasn’t a noble self-sacrifice out of love, it was the same selfish act that he’d spent the entirety of s2 hating John for doing for him. Dean felt like he’d had ONE JOB his entire life: protect Sam. And he failed. That’s not healthy. That’s codependency at its absolute worst. It’s disturbing, and it’s supposed to be disturbing.

And really, DEAN KNOWS BETTER NOW. He’s not that wretched and self-hating. Just like Bobby said to him when he found out what Dean had done to bring Sam back:

Bobby: What is it with you Winchesters, huh? You, your dad. You’re both just itching to throw yourselves down the pit.
Dean:That’s my point. Dad brought me back, Bobby. I’m not even supposed to be here. At least this way, something good could come out of it, you know? I–I–It’s like my life could mean something.
Bobby: What? And it didn’t before?! Have you got that low of an opinion of yourself? Are you that screwed in the head?!

Yeah, Dean is really not that screwed in the head anymore.

You said that Dean was on a more “even keel” with Cas, but I’d describe it as a more “equal footing.” Dean has always felt parental toward Sam (part of the whole codependency stuff which he’s FINALLY letting go of by degrees now). They never had a truly equal partnership sort of relationship. But Dean and Cas? They really do. Neither feels parental toward the other, they support each other, they talk back to each other equally when they feel the other is wrong, and they trust each other. That’s HEALTHY and NORMAL and GOOD.

I am THRILLED that Sam and Dean are beginning to get to that point. Dean encouraging Sam to take the lead in the MoL raid in 12.22 was a huge step in the right direction. Sam accepting that Dean would go back to the bunker to try and undo Mary’s mind control was another.

Not that this has miraculously fixed everything between them, but holy cow it’s a damn good start. Honestly if Dean did something as idiotic as trying to sell his soul (or otherwise compromise himself) in order to bargain for Cas’s life, I’d be shocked. There’s a vast difference between grieving and the sort of personal-responsibility-failure-guilt-a-thon Dean descended into in 2.22. His monologue over Sam’s body pretty much says it all:

Dean: You know, when we were little— and you couldn’t been more than 5— you just started asking questions. How come we didn’t have a mom? Why do we always have to move around? Where’d Dad go when he’d take off for days at a time? I remember I begged you, “Quit asking, Sammy. Man, you don’t want to know.” I just wanted you to be a kid… Just for a little while longer. I always tried to protect you… Keep you safe… Dad didn’t even have to tell me. It was just always my responsibility, you know? It’s like I had one job… I had one job… And I screwed it up. (pause) I blew it. And for that, I’m sorry. I guess that’s what I do. I let down the people I love. I let Dad down. And now I guess I’m just supposed to let you down, too. How can I? How am I supposed to live with that? What am I supposed to do? Sammy. God. What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do?!

Dean sold his soul not to bring back Sam out of some profound love, but out of a sense of profound personal worthlessness. Holy crap, we do not ever want to see him do that again, for anyone.

thevorpalsword  asked:

I LOVE your posts! And I wanted to get your thoughts on something: you've spent some time on the facade that Dean uses (the pretty, dumb one). And I couldn't help but wonder about Sam's corresponding facade. Because we KNOW Sam sees right through that macho/airhead bullshit, and thinks Dean is brilliant. So what if some of Sam's reactions (specifically the negative ones in front of an audience) to Dean's acting is his way of backing him up, of completing the narrative and following Dean's lead?

Hey there! Thank you, so happy you enjoy my ramblings. :)

I’ve always taken Sam’s negative reactions at face value, both because Dean has been presenting a certain face to Sam purposely for a long time and I’m not convinced Sam does always see more than what Dean intends for him to see. Specifically, the I’m tough as nails, nothing phases me face (from 2.03): 

and because of Sam’s reactions in private when Sam discovers something unexpected about Dean, like when he learned in 1.08 that Dean watches Oprah: 

Or the way he makes fun of Dean for liking Dr. Sexy in 5.08: 

And here in 7.06, Sam is so freaked out by Dean enjoying Air Supply, he turns off the radio: 

Just look at the awkward silence ensue. I think if Sam was trying to back Dean up, he’d need a solid knowledge that Dean likes things like this, and I’d think he would want him to continue on being open about it by letting Dean know he’s free to enjoy what he wants to enjoy. But instead we have a Sam who is still freaked out by Dean whenever he does something that seems out of character from the gotta be tough big brother he’s known since they were kids. He was just as freaked out in 10.15 when Dean decided to let Taylor Swift play on the radio: 

I see a lot of this as having to do with Sam and Dean’s pseudo-parental unit syndrome because in a way Sam is learning who Dean is, like a child learns that their parents are people with varied interests as they reach a later stage in life; instead of just a one-dimensional being who has no other life outside of them. It’s an ongoing journey. 

His reactions to Dean in public in regard to things like Dean’s love of all things cowboy I think just comes from Sam not enjoying the same interests as his brother: 

Sam and Bobby both have similar reactions to Dean’s love of old westerns, and it makes Dean do this (6.18): 

I don’t think that’s the kind of reaction Sam would want to reinforce if he was trying to back Dean up. It’s more likely that he’s not even really paying attention to Dean’s reactions and instead focusing on his own disbelief that Dean even likes the cowboy stuff. 

Sam’s negative reactions  to things like Dean’s jokes, I’ve always seen as Sam just not enjoying the same brand of humour as Dean does. Dean isn’t presenting a certain face like he does with other things when it comes to his humour. He’s genuinely just a goofy dude, who’s humour is not to Sam’s taste (3.12):

And, honestly Dean always looks so bummed when Sam does this, I’ve never seen it as anything but a genuine reaction from Sam. And honestly, it’s more of brother reaction (just like the Dr. Sexy ribbing) than anything else, I think. 

ABO Fic Rec List

In honor of ABO Appreciation day I am doing a NEW ABO Fic Rec List! You can check out the Original ABO Fic Rec List here. So if it was included in that one, it won’t be on this one.

Just a disclaimer for all my reader insert buddies: I have been having some “issues” with reader inserts as of late so this list will be ships only. (Again, Destiel is my OTP so the list is 100% that this time) Sometimes I like some pretty ‘weird’ shit and YMMV, so always heed the tags on these. But they all have happy endings as that’s what I like in a fic! (The show gives us enough unhappy endings and cliffhangers, I just want my boys to be happy! Is that too much to ask?)

It’s my list so I can start with me! Check out my new fic Bringing Home the Bacon with art by @vinnie-cha for @deancastielbigbang

Omega Dean was doing just fine. He had an apartment, a good job, and a great family. But he didn’t have an alpha. When Castiel starts as his company’s new CEO everything changes. Alpha Cas becomes family, and Dean takes care of his family.

ABO office AU with Fluff, Smut and a happy ending

Also check out my short fic The Billionaire’s Pregnant Mistress for @destielharlequinchallenge

Lingerie Model Dean is pregnant with his Billionaire’s Alpha’s pup and he doesn’t know what to do. They just broke up and he doesn’t want to be where he’s not wanted.

Spoiler Alert: Happy Ending and minimal angst.

Gravity vs Velocity by PaperAnn @paperannxo

Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that any two bodies in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two bodies.

Dean swears he feels an honest-to-goodness gravity (not any scent-true-mates-bullshit) pulling him to a mysterious omega and makes the worst mistake of his career… he only has one thing to say…

Fuck science.

Dean is a detective and Cas is part of a mob family. They get in and out of a lot of trouble together. A must read!

A Story for Every Corner by thepinupchemist  @scarlettshazam

Dean’s a late bloomer. When he presents as an omega, everyone is surprised, and everything changes. Only a few months into omegahood, Dean decides to book it. A couple of truck rides and a state later, Dean’s in Apple Springs, Colorado at a bed & breakfast called The Snoozing Squirrel. The off-beat omega owner is just the beginning.

The hard part is the offbeat brother of the offbeat omega, an alpha named Castiel.

Gabe is the best, and I really love him in this fic.

For Science! by pm_lo

Selected transcripts and supporting materials from Dr. Castiel Williams and Dean Winchester’s seminal study on physiological and psychological sexual response by gender designation.

This is a crossover of Supernatural and Masters of Sex, it doesn’t use any characters from Masters of Sex, just the plot and the whole set up so you don’t need to know anything about Masters of Sex to enjoy it. It is written very differently than most fanfic (it’s not lying when it says “transcripts”) but it’s totally worth a read! (And go watch Masters of Sex! It’s important sexual history!)

Arranged by Miss_Lv @the-miss-lv

Dean Winchester is the omega chosen to marry Castiel’s son. The arranged marriage is as awkward and lackluster has Castiel expected it would be.

What he didn’t expect was what would develop between himself and his new son-in-law.

So I think this one qualifies as ‘weird’ but I’ve read it at least 4 times and love it. Don’t let the infidelity bother you as (*SPOILER*) Dean never has a relationship with Castiel’s son and only has a sexual relationship with Cas.

Obsession by Miss_Lv

SPN kink meme: Castiel is John’s friend and becomes fixated with his son Dean. The main thing is that as Castiel spirals into obsession Dean isn’t scared but rather likes it and encourages it.

Big age difference, but Dean knows what he wants and that is Cas. Very different way of mating.

A Hole in the World by AnnelieseMichel

Dean Winchester never wanted to go home again. Going back to Lawrence meant people who knew what he was, who didn’t buy into the lie. But with a tragic accident, he’s back and dealing with the death of his father, the social stigma and objectification of being an out Omega, and the lingering aftermath of a long-ago crime.

This is a super long fic with lots of sexual violence against omegas. About halfway through the tone really changes and it gets super political. So if you like you ABO with a good helping of civil rights, this is the fic for you!

Take On Me by Powerfulweak

Alpha Dean Winchester figured the closest he’d get to the apple pie life and fatherhood was a one-shot, “wham-bam-thank-you-mam” trip to a sperm bank. That is, until he comes face-to-face with the omega carrying his pup on a fateful trip to the grocery store. When the the omega runs off without a word, though, Dean learns the situation is far more complicated than he expected. Can an anonymous sperm donation and the favor of a lifetime help two complete strangers find everything their life was missing?

Super cute hijinks and happy ending. What more can you want?

Violator by MooseFeels

Dean’s fifteen, and his knot doesn’t pop. Part 1 of Revelation

You need to read the entire series, not just the first one. It starts out dark (and Dean has a lot of issues to work through) but it has a happy ending.

No Righteous Path by jupiter_james @jupiterjames

On his 40th birthday, Dean Winchester suddenly begins to worry that he may have lost his chance for a real mate. He’s been so focused on his business as a 24-hour roofing and repairman, that he’s never taken the time to date properly, or even make any lasting friendships outside of his family. Beginning in their late 30’s, alphas and omegas start to lose their mating and bonding hormones, making it more difficult - and often impossible - to mate or bond with anyone past a certain age. But as a modern Alpha, Dean would be content with a companion, at least. Blood bonds aren’t the be-all, end-all. However, after a late night emergency roofing repair call from Castiel Novak, Omega, Dean starts to hope. Yearn. The only hangup is that Castiel admits to being as old-fashioned as the books he teaches. Nervous to go against his religious upbringing by being with someone who he can’t bond properly, as alphas and omegas are intended to do. But he can’t deny his attraction to Dean, and despite his sensibilities, he thinks that, just maybe, he can change for the man he’s falling in love with.

Totally LOVE this fic! Super fluffy and has a happy ending!! All the (totally necessary for plot) angst gets resolved. Its everything you (ok fine, *I*) could want in a fic. (GIVE ME ALL THE FLUFFY ABO SMUT LONG FICS!!!)

Mulder and Scully by teller_of_tales_and_hero_of_songs

Castiel Novak is an undercover FBI agent working to take down a white collar criminal named Azazel, but Castiel finds himself way out of his depths when the case takes a dangerous turn and Azazel gets involved in an omega trafficking deal. With the help of an OPA agent named Dean, the Bureau and the Omega Protection Agency take down Azazel and his seller, Dick Roman.

As it turns out, that case wasn’t the last Castiel would see of Dean Winchester, and it isn’t long at all before Castiel finds himself falling in love with the fiery, strong-willed omega.

Dean is quite the kickass Omega. This story is really good, and it has THE BEST first “I love you”s that I have ever read in any fic. I still laugh thinking about it!

Best Laid Plans by Persephoneshadow @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper

Things are going well for Dean: he’s landed the biggest design job of his architectural career and is about to get final approval on the project despite how difficult the development company, personified by Castiel Novak, has made it. It’s not bad for a moody omega…except things are also going terribly for Dean because he has to get in a plane and fly to a meeting, and course ends up in heat a few hours before. Luckily, Castiel is there to help and both men discover the good that can come when nothing goes quite as intended.

This fic is great! Dean and Cas work together but don’t meet in person until Dean has to travel for a meeting.

Get Knocked Down, Get Back Up by Unforth @unforth-ninawaters

With an over-sensitive sense of smell, omega Dean Winchester finds the scent of most potential mates to be, frankly, nauseating. Enter alpha Castiel, who smells fracken *perfect* but has problems of his own.

As someone who in general finds most fake scents awful instead of pleasing I kinda relate to this. If my sense of smell was as good as most ABO fics I could totally see Dean being me. I love how unforth plays with sexuality and gender expectations in her fics.

Like Cats and Dogs by sweetdean

Dean Winchester, Alpha, lead Hunter for the Pack, is in need of a mate. His wolf is out of control, he’s on edge, and nothing seems to be doing the trick. Dean is convinced that he’ll never find a mate, but when the Pack’s Council forces him to figure it out before he ends up going rogue, Dean doesn’t have much of a choice. Problem is, Dean isn’t interested in what the members of his pack have to offer; and that means looking elsewhere.

Dean knew his mate would have to be different. He just didn’t know what “different” would really mean, and how “different” would bring his whole world crashing down on top of him.

I love werewolves! And this has a lot of weres in it!

Caribbean Wonderland by LittleAngelCassie

Dean Winchester has spent his life working towards his dream: to teach and care for omega students. But a genetic mutation from birth has kept him from his field of choice. After years of hiding under the protection of his Uncle Bobby and his younger brother Sam, Dean has finally been given a chance.

He accepts the position to care for a young orphan who needs more than just a teacher but also a fellow omega to help her traverse the changes ahead. There is always a hitch, however, and in Dean’s case it’s a hot billionaire alpha with piercing blue eyes. This remote island paradise has the opportunity to give Dean everything he’s wanted, but will he be able to rise above his own fears and the stigmas associated with his unique biological designation?

Throw away what you know about alpha/ beta/ omega dynamics because this is a brand new adventure in wonderland.

So this one is really great and it has a “new” gender designation within ABO. Super original and I totally love it.

Gray Matter by PaperAnn

It should have been a night like any other night, but for Dean Winchester this evening was different.

Tonight was his last on Earth.

The omega finally snapped; the weight of his kills moonlighting as an assassin were too heavy to carry. So he decided to set out to numb the pain with whiskey and the white noise of whatever seedy bar he randomly ambled into. Although he’d intended to drown his sorrows alone, a bold alpha (who introduced himself as Castiel) wormed his way into his party-for-one, but more importantly: his story.

After brazenly announcing that Dean’s plan to shoot himself in the head was “unoriginal,” the alpha lured him out into the bar to prove there are much more interesting and creative ways to go.

A bizarre, deranged game turns into a night of passion, and leads Dean into introspective questions he never would’ve asked before. Maybe everything wasn’t as black and white as he thought, maybe there’s more to his own story that he, himself, didn’t even know. The stupid fucking alpha had transformed his world into shades of gray and made him doubt everything.

You need a dark sense of humor for this one, but if you have that, this is fantastic!

How incredible was this moment for El?

No seriously, how incredible was it? She’s with this man she calls ‘Papa,’ who has taken care of her for what we can presume is all of her life. While he’s done horrible things to her, he’s the only one who was consistently there for her - offering his comfort when she was pushed too hard, showing his pride in her when she reached a new level or her abilities, giving her gifts to make up for the pain she went through. It’s was very clearly an abusive relationship, but for someone in El’s position, they don’t know anything different. She spent her life seeking that approval, trying to make him happy and proud so that maybe he would one day stop pushing her, stop making her do these terrible things. In the mix of all of this mess of emotions, he is her Papa and he is all she knows.

And then she spends one week - just seven days - with Mike and his friends, and she experiences his kindness, his care for his friends. El probably had no real compass for bad or good before this, but the first day she meets Mike she understands what bad is. Papa is bad. His people are bad. The monster is bad. She is bad for opening the gate. And once she’s back in the arms of her Papa, and she looks over at Mike, she doesn’t hesitate to reach out for him.

She rejects the hand of the only person she’d ever really had in her life, for this kid she knew for seven days. The amount of trust she has in him is what truly distinguishes their relationship. Not their kiss, not their promise to go to the Snow Ball. It’s their intense all or nothing kind of trust.


I mentioned her in my post about fire- about how fire was symbolizing new beginnings. And Rowena is not exempt from that.

Rowena is a survivor. She was caught by surprise but don’t tell me she didn’t think ahead about being burned- she has a plan. She always has a plan.

She’s the person I like using phoenix for the most because I feel that it fits her the best. She was so old, and she had seen so many things, been so many places. She burned… but now she can rise up from the ashes.

Rowena has been looking for a new start for a long time. Ever since she left Amara, she realized that she needed to find a new path. Power wouldn’t make her happy, even though she pursued it for so long. Wealth wouldn’t- those things didn’t make her feel better about herself- maybe they even made her feel worse. And then she worked with the Winchesters in Regarding Dean. Of course, she was after the Grimoire but she had fun. Dean’s compliment, feeling wanted and needed- she got a glimpse of something else that could make her happy. She met Gavin, and despite her ulterior motives, I’d say she did really care about him. She saw another side of herself that she hadn’t uncovered yet.

She walked away from her old life. She tried to start over. Obviously it didn’t work out. So… her life going after power didn’t make her happy. Her normal life burned and she’ll never get it back. But there’s another place she can go.

Supernatural doesn’t really have a place for her anymore, but a certain spin off does. Rowena found that working with people who actually liked her made her feel like she belonged. She has a mother-y side of her that she showed with Gavin. She wants to retire but she also doesn’t want to be alone.

I was thinking… Rowena might be the Bobby for the Wayward Sisters. She’s another adult that the girls could go to if they need help. Rowena cares even if she doesn’t show it, and she adds something different to what’s already there- Rowena is ancient (in a good way). She can identify monsters they’ve never seen and create ways to defeat them. She can guide Kaia and Patience in ways that Jody and Donna can’t. And through all that she can find what she is really looking for- she can find what makes her happy.

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random miraculous headcanons
  • marinette can tap dance, like, really super well. nobody knows apart from nino because he helped her work on a routine for a talent show in CE1 but she never actually auditioned because of nerves.
  • alya cannot bake or cook or even make toast properly to save her life but she gets very inventive with salad and likes to experiment with dressings and weird vegetables.
  • adrien tans really easily so he always has sunblock with him. one time he forgot about his face and went to a shoot with a tan line around where his sunglasses were.
  • nino’s favourite film is the original 1954 Godzilla. he first saw it when he was eight and he has a dinosaur plushie sitting on his bed.
  • sometimes adrien falls asleep at his desk. nino and alya grab the opportunity to try to braid his hair and marinette supplies bobby pins and hairbands in a plethora of fun colours.
  • adrien actually enjoys people braiding his hair so when his hair is longer as chat he tries to get marinette to braid it for him.
  • alya really wants to learn to play her dad’s bass guitar but she gets easily frustrated when she can’t form chords, claiming that her hands are too small (they’re not…she’s just annoyed).
  • nino is an expert triangle player and he owns three triangles. he suggested that alya try the triangle rather than the bass guitar and she threw the triangle in the bin. he refuses to touch said triangle and now alya owes him a new one.
  • ever since becoming chat noir adrien has had an obsession with string and ribbons and yarn and everyone is slightly confused by this.
  • marinette’s guilty pleasure is the old barbie movies e.g. swan lake, rapunzel, and she watches them whenever she’s sick.
  • likewise, adrien can quote almost every single disney movie. his favourite is the aristocats, for obvious reasons.
  • nino went through a hawaiian shirt phase when he was twelve. he still has all of his hawaiian shirts and refuses to get rid of them.
  • adrien has a collection of fake moustaches. nobody knows why.

anonymous asked:

"if anyone has taken up Jimmy’s mantle as Claire’s dad in any regard, it’s Dean. Even in 10x20, when Cas was around, Dean’s the one who really bonded with her. " Yeah just give Dean another character while Cas is completely isolated. What a good idea! Its not like every chars revolves around him. Charlie,Jody,Donna,Ketch, Bobby, Mary and now Claire too

Do you really think that Claire’s character “revolves around” Dean? That she isn’t entirely her own character? or that her dynamic is very different with Sam than it is with Dean?

It’s not a good thing or a bad thing, but she’s clearly just as important to Sam. It’s just… Sam relates to people differently than Dean does.

And Jody. You really think Sam’s friendship with Jody isn’t as strong as Dean’s? I mean, I’ve always thought at least her character “revolved around” Sam more. Sure Dean and Jody have bonded over “parental” sorts of things, while Sam and Jody have bonded more as “friends.”

Thing is, other characters serve as mirrors to bring out traits and show underlying characteristics and feelings of the main characters. And because Sam and Dean are fundamentally different people, the side characters are going to reflect those differences.

This is how storytelling works.

And since the start of the show, and for the majority of the 12 years it’s been on, Dean has been the emotional POV character (aside from that time he was in Sam’s usual spot as the Mytharc character during the MoC arc, and even then we often saw Dean’s emotional reactions more than Sam’s). So just by the structure of the narrative, we inherently understand Dean’s pov more than Sam’s.

It’s not a good thing or a bad thing, it just is. And because of that, the mirror characters tend to reflect Dean’s POV more than Sam’s. Dean also tends to bond with people more readily than Sam does, because that is his personality. You can see that really clearly in 2.18 (which I watched yesterday so it’s a fairly fresh example in my mind) and in 2.19 (which I just watched like 20 minutes ago, so also fresh in my mind). Heck I’m writing up notes on 2.19 now, and the thing I’ve still got saved to the clipboard is Sam’s quote to Dean:

Dean, does it … bother you at all, how easily you seem to fit in here?

And Dean’s like, no. It doesn’t bother him. He can fit in practically anywhere he wants to.

What’s the first thing we learn about Sam? He’s got a very solid idea of where he wants to fit in, and he’s never felt like he fit in in the hunting world. He wanted to go to Stanford and have a normal girlfriend and a normal life being normal. His entire narrative has been about getting dragged back into hunting, where he dragged his heels kicking and screaming back into the life.

It’s just who he is as a person.

But if you think Sam doesn’t have just as important of a bond with Mary or Bobby, then I don’t really think you’ve been paying attention. It might not be the same kind of bond that Dean has with them, but it’s no less important.

Saying it’s different doesn’t imply a value judgment here, either.

As to Charlie… well, why do you think the queer character has been more associated with Dean than Sam? Knowing that other characters serve as narrative mirrors for the main characters? It’s not difficult to understand that one.

Donna, who has self-image issues, is a tough-as-nails cop on the surface but who also is completely unashamed of her bubbly, fluffy sense of humor? Oh, and who deals with her emotional distress through a complicated relationship with food… She’s basically the G-rated girl version of Dean.

And Ketch. Really? Wtf? You really think his character “revolves around Dean?” He’s basically a dark mirror for Dean, in the way that we’re supposed to disassociate his character from Dean. This is the WORST incarnation of what Dean could’ve become… IF IT HADN’T BEEN FOR SAM showing Dean the shades of grey in the world…

Yes, Dean gets more of these narrative mirrors than Sam does, and yes he relates to these character differently than Sam does… but that’s because Sam has almost always been the character that the narrative happens TO, Dean’s the observational POV through which the audience processes our reactions.

It’s not a judgment about Sam vs Dean here. It’s literally the narrative structure of the show.

Bobby ‘Runaway’ - My theory about the M/V

This is a really deep and meaningful MV in my opinion because it represents all the struggle Bobby has been through.

Bobby and Kim Jiwon

  1. Kim Jiwon, the little kid from Virginia that dreams to become a successful artist.
  2. Bobby, his present self, mature and successful, but it may also represents the future self that he dreams to be.

 The broken window

  1. His broken heart. He was really young when he left Virginia (his family, his old life, his old self) to pursue his dream and that really affected him.
  2. His crushed hopes. The reality was more tough that he ever imagined and sometimes he maybe felt like giving up, drowning in his own loneliness. 

The hospital hallway

Bobby feels lonely and broken, so the hospital can be the symbol of his feelings. He is by himself, crying and trying to escape.

The car

  1. The ideal version of him is guiding the child him to the success (driving is an action that shows control). He is determined to become the version of him that he wishes to (to pursue his dream), even though it’s hard to deal with the responsability of living on his own at a very young age, far away from his family (the sad Jiwon from the third picture).
  2. His future self is looking back (the second picture) at the old self contemplating all his choices.

The bridge

A symbol of life changes, crossing a path into new or strange territory of life and also dreams and hopes.

His childhood toy

The link beetween the past and the present. Pooh was there for him when he was all alone with an uncertain future.

The church

We may be apart, but if we pray it’ll be just like being together. So I’ll pray hard, I want you to pray too” - Bobby’s mother, WIN: Who Is Next

That’s all I have for now :) I’m not really sure about the meaning of those sneakers… what do you guys think? Sorry for any grammar errors. I did my best!

Congratulations for your solo debut, Bobby! iKONICS are here for you!

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what... what about.... briggs-crastination

oh this is wonderful

  • someone comes in from patrol and lies down in front of the fire in the great hall. a few other people show up and join in. it becomes a cozy dogpile and grows every time people walk past. everyone has other stuff they should be doing but it’s so warm and nobody wants to be the first one to get up and also some of the people near the bottom of the pile physically Can’t get up
  • Neil is so tired of working on this 1 piece of automail. he starts stacking and balancing whatever he can find in the workshop in an impressive display of physics. Patricia comes over and joins his game of Hazardous Jenga. half the things in the stack are breakable and the other half will break anything they land on. Patricia places a scalpel on the pile. Neil, visibly sweating, secures it with an entire angle grinder
  • after staring at Buc’s hair at breakfast for a full minute, Miles decides to see how many tiny braids he can make with it instead of one big one. 2 hours and 56 braids in, he has no conclusive answer but his hands are getting really tired and Buc is falling asleep
  • for months, Bobby has been pocketing every paperclip he finds in the fort and making a chain of them. so far it stretches across the entire width of the basement level 2 times and he’s working on a third pass. every few weeks, Miles shakes his head and wonders out loud why the hell he has to buy paperclips every single time he leads a North City supply run. sworn to secrecy, the maintenance crew suddenly really enjoy the taste of their coffee
Precious Gem

Pairing: Merman!Dean x Mermaid!Reader AU

Summary: The reader finally meets the king. She also learns some new things about Dean’s that leads to a confrontation. 

Warnings: A touch of angst. 

Word Count: 1,836

A/N: So I’m not sure how I feel about this piece. It was far longer than expected and I feel like it was boring. But there are still several more parts planned out and I hope you enjoy this and feedback is always welcome. 

Catch Up Here: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

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The sun was just peeking over the horizon when you awoke to meet Dean. Today you were going to meet the man that was supposedly your father. You had always gone through life thinking your parents were dead, the idea that you may actually have a father was hard for you to wrap your head around. Not to mention he was the king of all merkind. Heck you didn’t even know his name but you were equally excited as you were nervous. Quietly slipping down the stairs, you snuck towards the back door. That was when the lights overhead snapped on and you found Lana leaning against the wall looking very annoyed. 

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Let’s Talk Disney’s #DuckTales

When it comes to rebooting old animated franchises, the results may vary. The reboot can either succeed (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), fail (The PowerPuff Girls), or endure a combination of both (Sailor Moon Crystal).

Disney’s DuckTales reboot, on the other hand…

…is a massive success.

For my thoughts on Disney XD’s DuckTales reboot, feel free to keep reading. There will be spoilers.

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found you.

Based off this AU.

words: 1,817

rating: Fluff fluff fluffy AU (I’m thinking about making more out of this AU so tell me what y’all think)

summary: A world where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker/whatever the hell you want, it will show up on your soul mates skin as well. Yugyeom’s favourite part of the day is watching small doodles and lines show up on his skin, hoping to one day decipher your scribbles and be able to find you.

Yugyeom watched as lines began to surface on his forearm once again. You were obviously bored, wherever you were, because it was a new piece that carried on for ages. He watched, hypnotised as you drew a fairy and surrounded her with intricate patterns and flowers. He watched as you drew the one flower that made it’s way into every piece you drew.

A lily.

He had pieced together bits and pieces about your life and who you were. You were an art student somewhere in Korea, itching to become a tattoo artist. He discovered this as you scribbled down your art history homework on your arm before writing a reminder to ask Hyungwon for the name of the tattoo parlour looking to hire. Yugyeom had frowned when he saw another boy’s name but shook his head as he prayed that you would write down the name of a shop and he’d be able to find you.

He had tried meeting you before, writing locations on the back of his hand, hoping you would see it and realise. But you never came. You had somehow assumed it was an old reminder, completely forgetting the fact that every time you marked your skin, you marked his too.

He himself was a bit of an artist as well, although he prefered dance. He would add little details to your pieces here and there, allowing you the reminder that he was out there and waiting.

You knew he was there. Adding things, giving you reminders. But you were scared. Scared that he wouldn’t be satisfied with the broke aspiring tattoo artist you were. Scared that he wouldn’t be everything you dreamed of. So you pretended to be oblivious.

After a while, Yugyeom gave up on trying to trick you into meeting him and just tried to meet you by chance. Hoping that the supermarket you were going to was the one near his dance studio or that you bought your paints from the same store his friend Jackson worked in. No such luck.

You began to make your reminders a little bit more specific, as if understanding somehow that he was trying to find you.

Breakfast @ Kwang’s Noodle Palace with KiKwang.

Buy new pens @ Kinokuniya by Bingsu Barn.

You would linger a little longer after paying the bill or pretend to not see your pens as you circled the familiar store for the umpteenth time, hoping to run into him.

No such luck.

Years began to pass as you continued to scribble along your skin here and there. It had become a routine for him, watching you aimlessly doodle. You continued to watch as he added himself into your pieces, taking pictures of the final products for your boss at the tattoo parlour. You love how he signed his initials next to yours. KYG.

KYG. Three letters which belonged to someone who could change your life forever.

Your move from Busan to Seoul had been a quick one, and you thrived on being independent. You were doing what you loved and you loved where you were headed. What if KYG was controlling? Or misogynistic? Or unsupportive of your dreams?

You shook your head as you walked through the coldness of autumn to the shop, rushing past others on their way to work.

“Y/N!” Your boss and piercing expert, Im Jaebum, called, “You’re here!”

“Yah! Sorry I’m late, the train was packed this morning so I decided to wait for the next one.”

“No worries.” He pushed his chair back, “Could you man the front desk for a bit? I have to go pick up my little brother. He wants an industrial but is too pussy to come here on his own.”

“Yep, sure.”

“Cool, you’ll like him. Youngjae is pretty cute.”

“You say that about all your brothers. The artsy one, the music one, the dancey one, the martial artsy one. They’re all cute, I get it. It was a common trait in your foster home.” You laughed.

“Don’t sass me, girl. I do pay you.” Jaebum grinned before ducking out of the shop to pick up his brother.

“Next appointment is…” You mumbled to yourself, hoping to get some designing time in, “4pm, Jeon Jungkook.”

You internally danced at the four hours of free time you now had to decorate your arms with. Your designs were by far the most popular and you needed to produce new one.

“What shall our centrepiece be today?” You bit your lip and flipped through the animal and mythical creature designs, “Mermaid it is then.”

You began to lightly sketch the mermaid in the centre of your forearm with the carbon paper. You stopped mid sketch, and decided to put supposed Mr. Right to the test.

“Let’s see if you notice what’s missing, jagi.”

You rubbed the lily off and replaced it with a magnolia, continuing your design until the ink had finally dried on your skin.

Yugyeom was at the dance studio with Jungkook and Bobby when he began to see faint lines appear on his forearm once again.

“What are you painting for me today, my love?” He whispered as he continued to watch your masterpiece come to life. He loved watching you create, it was his favourite part of the day. It meant that you were well and alive somewhere in Korea, doing what you loved. He could just imagine you sitting at your desk, with your tongue out in concentration. He could feel that you were one of those people.

“You should bring your soulmate’s designs to the tattoo parlour I’m going to later.” Jungkook said, “They may just hire her.”

“Last time I checked she has a really good job. Her salary is more that you’ve ever earned.”

“Salty!” Bobby chided, “Jungkook was just making a suggestion, kid.”

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s finish this routine, then we can go watch Kookie squirm under the needle.”

“You should get one too!” Jungkook bounced on the balls of his feet, “Something significant to you.”

Yugyeom shook his head, “Not without her permission.”

“So ask her. There’s bound to be a pen somewhere.”

“It’s okay. I’d prefer to ask her in person. Then she can tattoo me herself.”

“You guys will be one of the the most artistic couples I know. A tattoo artist and a dancer. Your kids will be so creative Van Gogh will have a run for his money.” Bobby laughed before turning the music on once more, “Alright then. 5, 6, 5, 6, 7, 8…”

You had finished your mermaid piece and was awaiting any amendments made by him. He would notice right? He had been watching you sketch for almost your whole life, he had to know.

You remembered the first time you sketched on your skin. It was senior year of high school, and you had been bored in your Spanish class, no dar una cogida. You had been scrolling through tumblr, looking at tattoo designs for your friend. You spotted an intricate design of a lily of the valley and immediately needed to mark your skin with the design. So you did.

Once you had finished, you noticed a word below your art piece.


He had to remember. It was your first encounter with the man on the other side.

After two hours of staring at the piece on your arm, you noticed a lily being sketched at the bottom of the portrait, making you smile.

He knew. He knew what was missing.

Maybe it was time to let him in. Maybe it was time for you to allow him the luxury of being yours.

Yugyeom traced his attempt at a lily at the bottom of your new design with a sharpie, slightly upset that he hadn’t done it as well as you would have.

“Sorry, love, never going to be as nice as yours.” He blew on the wet ink and lay down on Jungkook’s couch.

“Yah! Jeon Jungkook!” Heol, Jungkook’s girlfriend yelled, “You better pick a nice design. I’ll be stuck with it forever as well.”

“Well, there goes my forehead dick tattoo idea.” He grinned at her cheekily before looking at his friend, “You ready to go?”

“Yeah.” Yugyeom smirked, more than ready to watch Jungkook hold back tears as he got his and his girlfriend’s names tattooed over his heart.

“Are you sure I’ll be okay?”

“My brother makes a shit ton of money off his tattoo parlour. You’re lucky he even squeezed you in, pabo.”

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry. You know this is just nerves speaking.”

“Mhmm. Suck it up.” Yugyeom ran his hand through his blonde hair, “At least your pain tolerance is better than Youngjae’s. Jaebum said he had never heard anyone scream as loud as him when he pierced his ear.”

“Oh lord.”

“Don’t pussy out now. You promised yourself you would do this.”

“Right. No turning back now.”

The pair pushed their way into JB’s tattoo shop, heading to the front desk where they found Yugyeom’s foster brother.

“Hm, the artist went to buy lunch for us, so she’ll be a while.”

“She?” Jungkook gulped, “Is she goo-”

“The best.” Jaebum answered firmly, “One of the best artists I’ve ever met.”

“Okay, okay.”

“You can check out her designs if you want. The book is somewhere in the pile on the table.”

Jungkook picked up the first book, which contained the designs for lettering, “It’s okay, I’ll just look for the font I like the best.”

Yugyeom’s curiosity to see how good this artist supposedly was compared to his girl caused him to grab the book under Jungkook’s. He made himself comfortable on one of the loveseats in the waiting area and read the front cover.

Y/N’s designs.

“Y/N.” Yugyeom murmured, “What a pretty name.”

He opened the book and froze. This piece looked so familiar. From the sharp edges of the vampire queen’s teeth to the lily at the bottom of the page. He frantically flipped through the book and found every single design you had designed together with your initials next to his near the bottom.

The door to the shop opened, “Yo boss man, they didn’t have your go to order so I just got you the beef fiesta burrito.”

There you were in all your glory, tight black jeans, Ramones t-shirt and black boots.

“Y/N.” Yugyeom stood up from the seat.

“Hello there…” You tried not to drool at the insanely attractive boy in front of you.

“This is my brother, Yugyeom, and his friend Jungkook. You’ll be doing a piece for him today.”

“Nice to meet you, Yugyeom,” You loved how his name rolled off your tongue.

You stretched your inked arm out to shake his hand, only to be met with a hand connected to an arm with the same exact design. You looked up at him and gaped as he grinned.

“Found you.”

Just A Crush

Chapter 5: Family Dinner

Originally posted by subcas


Word Count: 4,976

Summary: You and Cas are having dinner with your parents tonight… what could go wrong?

Warnings: None, I’m pretty sure…

You had took your time in the shower, your thoughts were relentless and they wouldn’t leave you alone. When you got out of the bathroom, you put your dirty clothes away and Cas swapped you places. You sat on the bed as you could hear him turn the water on, wondering just how magnificent and wondrous he must look under all of those clothes. Immediately you shook your head and stood up, pushing the thought from your mind as you looked for your phone.

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life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all. | helen keller

one month ago i decided to take a leap of faith, one i wasn’t quite sure how [or if] i could. but i did, and here i am – living the life, in sunny florida!

it all started when a job opportunity came up in atlanta last fall. at that point, rhyan + i had a heart to heart about his thoughts on me taking a position out of state. he assured me if it was something i wanted to do, to go for it, because the opportunity may not be there if i waited until he graduated high school. he talked about how he’s almost seventeen, doing his own thing, and he didn’t want me just waiting around for the little time we actually spent together. he knows the only reason i stayed in the same area i grew up in was because i had him young + couldn’t move him away from his dad – but that i was oh, so ready to get out of north carolina. he reassured me he would be okay, we’d have facetime + the times we did have together would be more quality time anyway. plus, he would just move in with his dad + grandparents full-time, so it wouldn’t be much of a change. 

so with that, i went forward with pursuing the atlanta opportunity – which fell through in january. i was really disappointed + felt like i was back at square one. nowhere to go, stuck again. i kept going around in circles, trying to figure out what else i could do to get out of my rut; until march 30th, when bobbi said something that shook me awake. she said ‘grace, we love you + we will always support you, but if you want change, you can’t keep waiting around for something to fall into your lap – you’re going to have to take that step + make it happen.’ it was exactly what i needed to hear. 

she suggested booking a flight down to st. pete to visit them for a few days + maybe look at some areas i might think about moving to. so i booked the flight, started perusing the internet for areas i might like + ended up finding the perfect little cottage on treasure island. it was the only one like it: newly renovated, fully furnished, in my price range, front yard overlooking the bay, one block from the beach, with a roommate. it was available the first week of april, which was not even feasible for me, but i called anyway. talked to the landlady, explained my situation, and she agreed to give me first right of refusal – if i wanted it + could get things in order to move down. from there, i talked to the realty company i was renting my house from + they agreed to let me give my 30 day notice, which i did. i then talked to my manager at work, explained my situation + he said there was a guy in charleston who could take over my territory as soon as necessary. i talked to rhyan + his dad/grandparents, who all encouraged me to go. 

since my flight wasn’t until the middle of april, my parents went over to look at the cottage + signed off on it for me. little did i know, it’s only 6 miles from their house! i was finally able to visit: fell in love with the area, met my landlords/roommate, took some time to relax + let the fact that within a span of 5 days i had flipped my life upside down sink in. packing ensued when i got back home: got all my keepsake stuff into storage, sold the big furniture, moved all rhyan’s stuff to his dad’s, packed the car with as much as i could + hit the road to florida. 

i’ve taken the past week to get settled in, which has been wonderful. i absolutely love it here. i’ve been taking daily bike rides on the adorable beach cruiser i found on craigslist, spending copious amounts of time on the beach, getting up early for my burn bootcamp classes, checking out the local spots around town + just taking it all in. i went yesterday to start putting in applications + was hired on the spot by the general manager of my first pick of places to work. i’ll be serving drinks in the pool/beach bar area at an adorable surfer-esque throwback hotel two miles from my house, which means lots of fun in the sun during daytime hours this summer. 

it’s just amazing to me, that every day i wake up in paradise + know without a doubt that taking the first step of faith led me here. i truly feel god was just waiting for me to make the move, because he had everything under control from there. it’s been so seamless, everything has fallen into place + i just feel so grateful – for bobbi, for giving me that push + for god, leading my path. 

life really is good, my friends.

Rita from “Groundhog Day” is a Female Version of Bobby from “Company”

I love what Danny Rubin, Tim Minchin, and Matthew Warchus have done with the character of Rita in the musical vis a vis the movie.  Movie Rita works for the film, there just wasn’t enough time to develop her the way musical does.  Major kudos to Barrett Doss for infusing musical Rita with a lovely blend of strength, intelligence, humor, and kindness.

(Full disclosure: I haven’t seen the movie in awhile and not since I got into the musical, so I might be misremembering how Rita comes across. I’m afraid if I watch the movie now I’ll spend the entire time comparing the two.  Which is a worthy and enjoyable endeavor I plan to undertake one day, but at this point I don’t want to ruin my love of either by pitting them against each other. (And I’d miss Andy. Sorry Bill.)

If Ned is Phil’s spiritual guide in the musical version of Groundhog Day, Rita is his life coach.  However, she gets her own journey that is overlooked and overshadowed by Phil’s.  Her path leads her to the realization that there is a middle ground between the princes and the beasts. That real true love means you have to compromise and find the perfect in an imperfect person. Otherwise you end up as an octogenarian spinster painting watercolors of bucolic vistas.

So, how is Rita like Bobby from Company(Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Book by George Furth)?  

Under the cut is a wall of text that I hope will explain my belief that they are similar characters on similar journeys.  If you’ve never seen or heard Company, I think I give you enough context that you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

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Peter usually relates to the people he deals with in his day-to-day life as Peter Parker, or as Spider-Man — it’s usually one or the other. When he’s with Bobbi, she’s someone who has the same kind of lifestyle and interests, but also someone who can relate to both parts of him in a way that others haven’t.

He’s had a relationship with the Black Cat, who really just wanted to have a relationship with Spider-Man. He’s also had relationships as Peter where he’s revealed that he is Spider-Man over time, so it’s almost like they have to suddenly accept this other secret half of him. With Bobbi, he’s walking into this relationship where, from the moment they start it, she knows both halves, and she’s coming at it from the superhero side.

They know the kind of craziness their lives get into. It’s not something he has to make an excuse for. They’re also people who have fought together side by side. They’ve been teammates and looked out for each other. Their relationship stretches back to the time when they were both on the New Avengers. This is a very different thing than we’ve seen in Spidey’s life before.

she is a super scientist, as well. And she, too, has left relationships in her wake moving through the superhero life, just like Pete

The way I write Spidey is that he has feet of clay, and he’s going to—like us—find all new ways to screw up. Bobbi has got the secret agent/super hero part together. The way I see Mockingbird and where she is now is, she’s very much about getting that part of the job done, and she does it in a way that Spidey doesn’t. At the same time, there is that trust when an agent has a partner in the field and they’re each watching each others’ backs.

That’s the masked parts of their lives. What it’s going to be like when the masks come off… we’ll have to wait and see.


Dan Slott

a) Its different but OOC so it’s bullshit

b) Asshole MARY JANE did that shit too, she just came at it from the civilian (i.e. more important) side of things in experiencing what it’s like to be Peters friend and watching what happened to Gwen

c) Peter and MJ have fought together too. More importantly they’ve gone through emotional and domestic battles together. The stuff that REAL people deal with

d) Who the fuck did Peter date where he revealed his identity to them and then they had to deal with that? Deb Whitman left the same issue he came clean with her and she didn’t even believe him.

e) Peter and MJ’s relationship stretches back to you know…Stan Lee’s run

f) So a retread of why Carlie should be with Peter. Because they are both scientists. And the silent thing he is saying is that MJ was dumb for not being a scientist.

g)  You aren’t supposed to write Spider-Man in such a way that he will inevitably screw up and that is the point you goddam jackass! You are supposed to write him as doing his best to be a good responsible guy and sometimes he screws up but that’s not the goddam point! UGHHHHH!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

(I understand these are a bunch and you don't have to do them if you don't want to dearie) but! *cracks knuckles like Peter in front of the explosion* got any headcanons for Warren, Kurt, Peter or Jubilee? (she really deserved so much more in apoc)

A/N: sorry i haven’t watched apocalypse yet x


  • Before the two of you even bein dating, he’s your best friend first.
  • The two of you passing notes in class and not really paying attention, much to Professor Xavier’s disapproval.
  • You being practically the only one who understands his need for flying, not judging him if he decides to skip class and take to the skies instead.
  • Lots and lots of trips around the school, him holding you in his arms as he flies around.
  • As soon as he realizes that he has a crush on you, nothing really changes much in your relationship, because quite honestly he doesn’t know how to respond to these feelings.
  • Most of the people in his life that loved him were disgusted by the fact that he was a mutant, but for someone who understands the struggle and perhaps loves him because of that seemed surreal to him.
  • Going to Bobby for advice, which Warren tries on you with no avail.
  • Professor Xavier noticing his struggles and giving him the piece of advice after all; to be himself.
  • As cliché as it sounded the Professor turned out to be right, the two of you getting together nearly a week later.


  • One the most polite and respectful boys that you have ever dated.
  • Gentle kisses, whether it be on the lips, cheeks, neck or elsewhere.
  • He always asks permission for a kiss or anything else that he wants to do with you, almost as if he’s afraid of hurting you.
  • Sometimes he gets a bit insecure that someone like you is dating someone like him, when quite possibly you could have anyone in the school and yet you chose him.
  • Always mending his insecurities with small kisses on the forehead or cheek.
  • Absolutely loving his accent, which around the school makes him a bit insecure since everyone has American accents, but you reassuring him that its a big turn on.
  • The two of you often going on dates that involved watching after the children in the school, Kurt being the best father figure in the world.
  • Lots of awkward and sweaty handholding.
  • Sweet, chaste and gentle kisses.
  • Him being the best boyfriend anyone could ask for.


  • Never in your life had you met a more arrogant and self-centered person.
  • Thus, your first reaction was to utterly loathe the boy.
  • However, he was known not to take no for an answer, which was why every time the two of you were on the same mission or happened to be in the same class together, he would shamelessly flirt with you.
  • Multiple times you would tell him off, but you could swear he had to be either the most dense or stubborn person on the planet.
  • The two of you having a love/hate relationship with each other for months.
  • There was suddenly a shift in your relationship, as if perhaps being with him wouldn’t be that bad.
  • You, of course would never admit that; you would never want to fuel his ego even more.
  • Him becoming super jealous of every guy that you seemed to hang out with, but he would always deny it whenever you seemed to suggest that idea.
  • It was only after you were severely injured on a mission, did Peter finally make a move.
  • As soon as you were conscious he spewed out his well prepared speech, but noticing your perplexed look, kissed you instead.
  • The two of you getting scolded for making out in the med bay.