bobby has a life (but not really)

“George pretty much glowed. He carried this sense of well-being & quietude wherever he went. There was this aura about him - like walking into a monastery, a sense of peace. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all holier than thou – that’s not what I am talking about, but he had an air about him, and it was a constant for the whole time I knew George. ” - Bobby Whitlock

“George was a good and humble man who believed in the power of love to overcome all adversity. He lived his life without asking anything for himself, and his courage to quietly remind us that God created a world for peace and compassion has had a profound effect on all of our lives.” —Billy Corgan

“So it’s really… It’s like to give peace a chance, or all you need is love. The thing is, you can’t just stand there and say, love, love, love or peace, peace, peace and get it. You have to have a direct process of attaining that. Like Christ said, ‘Put your own house in order.’ Maharishi said, ‘For a forest to be green, each tree must be green.’ So the same for the world to have peace, each individual must have peace. And you don’t get it through society’s normal channels. And that’s why each individual must tend to himself and get his own peace. And that way the whole society will have peace.”-George Harrison in an October 8, 1969 interview with David Wigg


Jemma Simmons has always been Lance Hunter’s annoying little half-sister…the annoying little half-sister who has him wrapped around her little finger. Not long after graduating, Jemma moves to LA to live with Lance, a general slob but adored by both his thousands of followers (he’s somewhat of a famous musician) and his little half-sister. Things are going great (Lance has showed her all the hot spots in LA), until Jemma is introduced to Lance’s best friend and bassist, Fitz. Both a little awkward and strange, the duo dance around one another until they finally cross the event horizon. Their relationship is great, effortless really, even after Lance throws a temper tantrum, only assuaged by his on-again, off-again girlfriend Bobbi.

Life is perfect.

Until it’s not. Lance and Fitz are involved in a terrible car accident which leaves Hunter banged up but relatively okay, while Fitz is left in a coma. It’s nine of the longest day for the Hunter-Simmons family, but he finally comes out of it, much to the relief of Lance and Jemma. His recovery is long and grueling, even so, Fitz and Jemma’s love for one another never wavers, if anything, it grows. And when Lance heads off to chase after the elusive Bobbi Morse and Jemma stays behind, Big Brother Lance Hunter knows that his annoying little sister will be perfectly okay. After all, she’s part Hunter. 

My knowledge on boybands I don't stan

I saw someone else do this and I thought, why not?

Got7: Jackson is a ninja, He gotta be be using shadow clone no jitsu, he’s freaking everywhere.

Seventeen: Woozi is a smol child. Vernon looks like Leonardo Dicaprio. The long haired one has nicer hair then me. Slip into the Diamond life.

B.A.P: They were gone but now they’re back. Smol maknae is now huge.

Super Junior: All pretty hella gay and dress up from frozen a lot???

Ikon: More like Bobby, B.I and the boys. One of them kinda looks like Tablo. All awkward babies.

JYJ: The original reason why SM started being called “Slave Management”

BtoB: Really loud. Was on ANTM.

BTS: The biggest Bigbang fanboys ever. They die in their music videos? Or they don’t? Nobody knows.

TVXQ!: … There’s two of them?


Infinite: Have more reality shows then they do members. 

Nu’est: Ren is prettier than every girl, ever.

Block B: Zico’s solo a lot. When will the other members come back from war?

My spn ending

A couple weeks back iloveshadow4ever1 and I were discussing theories and well, this happened… she got so upset she sent me a death threat

I have this theory that in the end, Sam and Dean will die. Bloody. Tragically, but together. It was inevitable. They’ll meet in heaven and see all their beloved ones, Bobby, Kevin, Charlie, Ellen, Jo, Ash. Then John and Mary appear. Sam goes to Mary and cries in her arms because he never really knew her and he says something like “I’m sorry mom. You didn’t get a full happy life because of me” and Mary comforts him, telling him that she would do it all over again because Sam was a hero and he saved the world, and what better son could a mother ask for…

Dean tells her that he loves her and has missed her every single day of his life. Then they hug John and tell him “Thanks for everything you did for us, dad

Then Jessica appears. Sam goes to her and hugs her and they cry together because they didn’t have their happy ending on Earth, but they can have it here now. They step into their soulmate shared heaven holding hands. Then John and Mary walk to their own heaven. And the rest of their friends and family walk to their heavens. And Dean is left alone.

He’s in the hallway. He searches for his door. He’s scared of what he might find waiting on the other side. He opens it.

He’s standing near a lake with a fishing dock on it. The Impala is parked near it. He strolls to the fishing dock and sits down on the edge, looking over at the lake. He closes his eyes and breathes it all in. Peace finally settling in after all those years of pain and sacrifice (there will be peace when you are done…)

Then Dean hears a flutter of wings, and a deep voice saying “Hello, Dean”.

And the screen fades to white…

Honestly I’ve dedicated my life to being a spokesperson for Pendragon. Like, it deserves so much more recognition. They are such good books. I tell everyone I know to read them. Pendragon is my favorite book series. Over the hunger games and even over Harry Potter, which is really saying something because I love both of those series. Please, if you haven’t read them, go read Pendragon! It’s ten books long, which is a lot for some people, but it’s SO worth it in the end.

Huntingbird AU Aesthetics || 2/?    

She was from a small town were everyone lived, breathed and died for Football. Bobbi Morse, the bad girl–constantly trying to break free from the constraints of small town life, until her senior year, when Lance Hunter moved to town. He was smart, sarcastic and completely unexpected. On a whim (really a dare from his only friend), he tries out for the Football team. Now the Dillion Panthers have a new addition and Bobbi Morse has a riddle she can’t quite figure out…clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

ikon in a korean drama

Hanbin: initial love interest who appears out of no where and will sweep jinhwan off his feet with ease

Bobby: the childhood best friend who would low-key, high-key really love jinhwan (and has loved him all along), and would stand in the way of him and hanbin

Jinhwan: helpless main protagonist who can’t make decisions for the sake of his own life - will either fall ill or get hit by a car depending on what drama this is

Yunhyeong: the cute boy next door who would help jinhwan any time he needs him

Donghyuk: the mutual friend who would be a conscience figure reminding jinhwan of all the pros and cons of his decisions

Junhoe: snobby, pompous archenemy of hanbin who torments jinhwan to hurt hanbin even more, but surprisingly shows a soft side to him in the end

Chanwoorandom bystander jinhwan’s little brother - almost a cockblocker of some sort providing comic relief with his mischievous schemes  

False Pretense IV

Prompt: Jensen manages to convince you to take him with you on the shapeshifter hunt.

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 5750

Fourth part to False Pretense

[Part I] [Part II] [Part III]

It felt as if Jensen had forgotten to breathe. Looking at the real Bobby made him feel like he has been lied to his entire life. He couldn’t deny the fact that Eric was great at keeping a secret, telling lies rather than the truth, but he couldn’t help but wonder how many times Eric has exactly lied to him. And Jo… even Jo has lied to him, which makes him think how reliable Jo really is. He wondered if she intentionally went along with the whole thing and how long she was willing to extend it. He tried to go back in time to remember if you had anything to do with this little scheme as well, but he couldn’t remember to save his life.

“This doesn’t make any sense,” Jensen whispered, watching as Bobby stood up to walk around the desk. “What-” He scoffed. “What’s happening? Is this… Is this some kind of joke?”

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The Playground Fam + Christmas

For Eva @jemmasimmuns​, who wanted headcanons about how the team is spending the upcoming Christmas. Also for the anon who requested some happy team headcanons.

  • There are approximately 10 mistletoes hanging around the base. No one has yet to claim ownership
  • Plot twist: they’re Hunter’s
  • Even bigger plot twist: he and May accidentally stand next to each other underneath one
  • Hunter is seen nursing a black eye the next day. May is seen attempting to scrub her cheek with industrial-strength soap in the communal bathroom
  • All mistletoes are now banned on the Playground
  • Jemma managed to steal one though. She totes it around and holds it above her head whenever she’s next to Fitz. Or Daisy. Or Bobbi. Or – heaven forbid – even May. Basically everyone except Hunter.
  • Hunter makes it his life mission to get a kiss from Jemma. Daisy has all his botched attempts on camera for her own ulterior motive. She sometimes adds Christmas music to the footage and anonymously emails it to Hunter
  • Daisy overspikes the eggnog on purpose. Ladies’ night gets weird really fast. 4-drink Jemma is incredibly sexual. Meanwhile the guys watch It’s a Wonderful Life and cry together. Nobody speaks of it the next day
  • Jemma makes gingerbread cookies using her mom’s secret recipe. Fitz helps her bake. They’re disgustingly domestic
  • Hunter is very vocal and graphic when he eats his gingerbread man, describing the process as if it’s a slow and painful execution. Mack suggests getting him a new in-house psychologist. Jemma simply smacks him with a spatula
  • Bobbi walks in on Coulson dancing to Mariah Carey wearing a Santa hat. Everyone wonders why she gets a mysteriously humongous Christmas bonus
  • Fitz keeps a secret stash of candy canes in his night stand. He is forced to forfeit them after Jemma reached for a condom and got a handful of candy canes instead.
  • Joey insists on doing Secret Santa and nobody has the heart to shoot his idea down
  • Lincoln gets a Pikachu onesie and side-eyes everyone in the room. Across from him Jemma Simmons sweats nervously
  • Daisy gets Hunter a copy of Advanced Portion-Making. He attempts one of the recipes and somehow manages to burn off Fitz’s left eyebrow
  • Secret Santa is now also banned on the Playground
  • Karaoke night starts with some mellow Frank Sinatra and devolves into the extra festive version of All I Want for Christmas is You as Bobbi drags Coulson up on stage to be the Bieber to her Carey
  • (Homegirl’s already cashed her paycheck and she’s fearless.)
  • After copious amount of alcohol and expert seduction on Jemma’s part, she gets Daisy and Bobbi to do the Jingle Bell Rock dance from Mean Girls
  • They’re short one person so Hunter begrudgingly agrees to join in exchange for The Jemma Kiss TM he’s been trying to get
  • Fitz thinks he’s emotionally scarred for life. He’s not sure. He’s still very dazed
  • Which results in Coulson banning karaoke night too

anonymous asked:

As someone who likes Supernatural and has watched it for years, but stayed away from the fandom, I have to say I've never understood why people only want Dean and Sam as recurring characters. Ignoring Castiel for a minute, would it not get dull without Crowley, and Rowena, and Jody, and Donna? The first season by the end just drags, and it's the introduction of Bobby and Ellen and Jo and Ash which really breaths new life. You can have an ensemble cast while still having main characters.


In fact, if they’d never introduced any supporting characters, the show never would’ve made it to season 12 in the first place. Kripke himself even said that when Cas was introduced, this was the first time he had the feeling that SPN was actually going to be secure for a few more seasons, so I don’t think there’s anything to add to that. :p
Tricky: 'I can still be really dark in my mind'
By Tim Adams

Tricky’s mother killed herself when he was four and violence has always surrounded him, so it’s little surprise that he has battled to make sense of his life. But the Bristolian musician is confronting the truths about his past  [Read More]

*wild speculation time*

Claire got sent to Jody’s. Jody’s been aware of the supernatural for years, and my bet is somewhere along the line Sam or Dean or Bobby or SOMEONE mentioned the Winchester Gospels to her, because hell, she’s probably in some of them.

Claire asked both Sam and Dean why they do what they do. She obviously has a rather shady/oversimplified version of what hunters even do in the first place, but up to this point in her life she’s really been living another hunter origin story, so it’s probably best for them to give her a more realistic picture so she doesn’t run off half-cocked with her new gun and her grigori sword and get herself killed.

Jody will have been given her background info before she invited Claire into her home. She’s still trying to give Alex as normal a life as she can after her traumatic past, but I be she’s thinking Claire and Alex will get along and bond over their awful childhood experiences at the hands of the supernatural. Not to mention, Jody is a realist. She’s honest and prefers not to lie to herself or anyone else (as pointed out in her conversation with Sam back in 9.08 about not making promises she can’t keep etc.)

Claire will have questions for Jody. “How did you meet my dads? How did you get dragged into this awful mess? Why would anyone keep doing this?”

Jody will have answers. But she’ll also hand over the Supernatural books. And then Claire will know why Sam and Dean do what they do. And she’ll know what Jimmy did, not just to save the world, but to spare HER from the fate of being Castiel’s vessel.

I would like five seasons of Jody Mills Home For Girls Who Survived a Brush With The Supernatural, please.

Best Of Your Life

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2235

Warnings: Grief, some language, major fluff

Requested by anon: I know this is late notice, but I just found your blog( I really enjoy ice queen… Like a lot!) and was wondering if I could request a Sam x reader. It’s almost Father’s Day and the reader lost her dad to a hunting accident when she was younger, and Sam helps her deal with it. Then the reader has an idea and celebrates with Bobby since he was kinda like her surrogate father. It’d mean a lot! You’re an amazing writer!

A/N: So this one kinda just wrote itself.  Thanks for the great request anon! I’m sorry if it’s not exactly how you wanted it, but, like I said, this story just kind of…happened. Let me know what you think!

Your name: submit What is this?

The moment you opened your eyes, you knew it was going to be a bad day.

And you knew it was going to be a truly terrible day when you reached across the bed, searching for your boyfriend, Sam, and your fingers found nothing but cold, empty bedsheets.

You sighed and glanced at the alarm clock. 6:23 a.m. Exactly seven minutes before your alarm would go off. You rubbed your face with your hands, feeling pressure building up behind your eyes. At this rate, this day would end up being the worst of your life. Even the small things were going wrong.

Okay, so maybe not the worst day of your life. The day your father had been murdered by a demon took the cake in that category.  But this would probably be a close second.  

Today would have been your father’s 50th birthday.  To make matters worse, tomorrow was Father’s Day.  You still missed him like crazy and the way your chest tightened painfully when you thought of him let you know that empty ache wasn’t going away anytime soon.  

The one person who was able to ease the sadness had surprisingly disappeared the very moment you needed him most–right now.  

You had met Sam years ago, while you were living with Bobby after your father died.  The tough old hunter had taken you in as his own and raised you.  He did a damn good job too.  He and your father were hunting buddies and he would regularly remind you of how great your parents had been.  

“Your mama, she was a beauty.  Helluva hunter too.  When your dad first met her, I swear, he was gonna do anything to take her on a date. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Most loyal man I’ve ever met, your father.  Woulda sold his soul for ya, and that ain’t an exaggeration.”

“Got married real young, those two.  Knew they were in it for the long haul after only a month of seeing them together.  There ain’t a finer pair anywhere. Damn shame she got sick.”  

The way Bobby talked about them made you so proud to be their daughter. But it made you even prouder to be Bobby’s adopted daughter.  He’d saved you, there was no doubt about that.  Even though you were so grateful to him, you couldn’t help but wonder how your life would have been different if that stupid demon hadn’t come along.  

You remember your father nearly always smiling, always laughing.  Always cracking jokes to make you laugh.  But your favorite memory of him was the time he had taught you how to shoot a gun.  

“Hold it up, now, girl.  Just a little higher now.  Right there.  Now be ready for the kick.”  He was an extremely patient man too and when the butt of the gun hit you square in the nose, he took you into the house and wiped the blood and tears from your face with gentle, calloused hands, making faces the whole time to get you to laugh.

Sam seemed to have that same light within him.  He loved so completely and passionately.  But it was that ray of hope within him that never got snuffed out, no matter how much he went through, that made you fall in love with him.  

You had hoped that flame would be there when you woke up to ease you into the day ahead of you.  

You sighed again, rolling over and wishing you could fall back asleep, but knowing it was impossible.  You closed your eyes briefly anyway.  

The next thing you knew, two strong hands were snaking their way around your waist as a set of smooth lips pressed against your forehead.  

“Babe,” came his whisper, his breath tickled your ear.  In your half-asleep state, you considered twisting out of his grip to show your hurt about earlier, but decided against it.  Instead you snuggled closer to his chest.  The feeling of being in his arms was just too good.  

“Hmm?” you murmured, keeping your eyes closed.  

“Time to get up, sleepyhead,” said Sam, still in a quiet husky whisper.  You opened your eyes and looked at him.  He was looking back at you, a small smile curving his lips. “Have I ever told you how cute you are when you wake up?”  

You looked down, rolled out of his embrace, and sat up.  His smile was replaced with a frown, confusion drawing lines on his forehead.  

“Y/N?”  he said, sitting up with you and reaching for your hand.  “What’s wrong?”

“Sam…” you began, trying to find the courage to say what was on your mind. “Why weren’t you here this morning when I woke up earlier?  I really needed you.  You know how tough this day is for me.  Are you not going to be there tomorrow either?”  You felt so vulnerable, admitting this weakness and your need for him, but you had to say it.  

Sam studied you for a moment, rubbing his thumb in soothing circles on the back of your hand.  

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” he said finally, “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here.  I was planning to, but the pancakes were taking longer than I thought they would and I didn’t want to come back in here with half a breakfast tray.”

“What?” you asked.  Now it was your turn to be confused.  

“I made you breakfast,” Sam answered, smiling slightly, he turned and pointed behind him, where you could see a tray laden with pancakes, bacon, eggs, and fruit on the nightstand.  “I also had to pick these.” He reached down beside the bed and picked up a large vase filled with a beautiful assortment of wildflowers. “There’s not a decent florist any where near here, so I had to pick these out in the woods.  I should have done it yesterday, but I wanted them to be as fresh as possible.”  

You stared at him, dumbfounded, for a few seconds.  And then, the tears finally spilled over.  Sam set down the flowers and wrapped his arms around you again.  

“Shh,” he murmured. “’s okay.”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” you sobbed.  “I’m such an idiot, I–”

“No, you’re not,” Sam assured you.  He pulled back a bit so he could look into your eyes.  “Have a little faith in me, babe.  I wasn’t gonna mess this up.  Not for my girl.”  You laughed and reached up to kiss him, throwing your arms around his neck.  His lips were gentle and soft on yours and you could feel his affection for you in his touch.  This man cared so much for you.  You felt stupid for ever doubting him.  

“What would I do without you?” you said after you’d pulled away, studying his beautiful face.  He just laughed and touched his lips to yours again.


For a day that was sure to be one of the worst days of your life, it actually turned out to be one of the best.  Sam had the whole day planned and somehow convinced Dean to stay away from the bunker the entire day, so that you and Sam had it all to yourselves.  

You had cuddled on the couch, flipping through old photo albums, and you had cooked lunch together (you barely helped, Sam was such a good cook).  He listened when you wanted to talk about your father and he didn’t ask questions when you didn’t.  Later, you went on a walk together, your entwined hands swinging between you, only to find the bunker filled with candles, the smell of your favorite dish cooking the oven, and a new red dress and heels on your bed when you returned home at dusk.

You had asked Sam how he had managed do all this in one day, but he merely shrugged, smiling, and said, “Now, go get dressed for our date.”  

An hour later you had slipped into the red dress and heels, curled your hair, and swiped some makeup across your eyelids and lips.  You found Sam in the kitchen, his back to you as he worked on the salad.  The heels clicked as you made your way across the tile, but he didn’t look up.  You wrapped your arms around his waist, resting your cheek on his broad back.  

He lifted one of your hands and kissed it before spinning around to face you. You watched his eyes take you in, pleased at his astonished reaction.  You pulled his hand above your head and spun, giving him the full view.  

“Good choice on the outfit,” you said when he still didn’t say anything.  

“I’ll say,” Sam finally answered breathlessly.  “Y/N, you look…stunning.”  

“You don’t look so bad yourself, handsome,” you answered, smiling broadly, reaching up to kiss his cheek.  He looked incredible, as usual, in a black suit and tie. But, then again, Sam Winchester could make a trash bag look amazing. You noticed the suit wasn’t the one he usually wore for cases.  “New suit?”

“Yeah,” Sam smiled. “Hey, I enjoy new clothes sometimes too.”  He added in a mock defensive tone.  You chuckled, picking up the salad he had just finished making.  Sam grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge and led you to the table, pulling out your chair for you before he sat down across from you.

The food was fantastic and the conversation even better.  You were overwhelmed by how fortunate you were to have met the man in front of you.

“I’m so glad I met you,” you said as Sam finished the last sip of his wine.  “I’m one lucky girl.” Sam grinned and laughed.  

“I think I’m the lucky one.  Thank God for Bobby, right?” Sam leaned back in his chair and knotted his fingers together, resting them on his belly, watching you intently.  “Without him taking you in, we might never have met.”  He paused, seeming to realize what he said.  “I’m sorry, I don’t mean I’m glad about your dad, just that…I, I mean–” He seemed so distressed that you interrupted.  

“No, Sam, it’s okay, I understand.” You gave him a little smile, which he returned.  “Damn, I miss him.  But that doesn’t mean I regret living with Bobby. Or meeting you.”  

“I know,” Sam nodded.  “I wish I could have met him though. He sounds like a great man.”  

“He was.” you replied.  “I know he would have loved you.”  Sam reached for your hand across the table and squeezed it, his eyes watching your face and his lips curving in a reassuring smile.   You both sat in silence for a couple of moments.  

Suddenly, Sam stood up and crossed the room to the stereo, turning it on.  As he made his way back to you, slow jazz began playing softly from the speakers lining the room.  He held his hand out to you.  

“Y/N, can I have this dance?”  You laughed because it sounded a little cheesy, but took his hand, setting down your wine glass and letting him lead you to your makeshift dance floor.  

You loved the way his arm felt around your waist, how good it felt to be this close to him, especially now that you were a bit taller in the new heels.  You could actually look into his eyes without craning your neck.  Sam spun you and you giggled at how smooth and easy it felt.  

“You know,” you said, thinking about the earlier conversation.  “We should visit Bobby tomorrow.  Surprise him.  It’s Father’s Day and, well, he’s basically a father to me.”  

“Yeah,” Sam agreed, lips turned up in a smile.  “He’d love that.”  Suddenly, his lips flattened into a line, worry creasing between his eyebrows.  “I think we might have another surprise for him.”  He muttered, so low, you could barely hear.  

“What do you mean?” you asked, frowning at his worry.

“Y/N,” He was talking really fast now, like he wanted to get something out while he still had the courage.  “I…I know this is a terrible day for this and you might really hate me for doing this today of all days…but I can’t wait any longer.”  

“What are you talking about?” Fear boiled in the pit of your stomach as your heart began to pound.  “What in the hell are you saying?”

Sam stopped dancing.  He rifled in his pocket, pulled out a small white box, and sank onto one knee.

You swear your heart stopped for a moment.

“Y/N,  you are the kindest, most thoughtful, most loyal, and most patient person I’ve ever met.  From the moment I met you, my entire life has been changed for the better.  You’re my everything, babe, and I love you.  So much.  I want to spend the rest of my life proving that to you, if you’ll let me.”  He took a deep breath and smiled widely.  “Y/N, will you marry me?”  

This man, this incredible, beautiful man…he could be all yours, forever?  

“Y-yes,” you stuttered, tears forming in your eyes.  “A thousand times, yes.”  


You would never forget the expression on Bobby’s face when you told him.  He looked between the both of you, shook his head, and said, in his rough, gravelly voice,  “Well, it’s about time, ya idjits.”  

Yes, it was true, the past 24 hours had been the best of your life.