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It’s been AGES since I last posted a b&w special. I’ve made so many recently that I decided to put some of the newer ones together in a post.
I love them all, but really have a thing for the Bobby & April drawing. 💞 It has a special place in my heart. I can’t really place why. Maybe coz I love Company so much.
I also enjoy drawing the glasses. They really suit him. 🤓😊❤️

I’m never gonna get over the kinda peculiar and wonderful relationship Lyndon and Gus had like,, first of all I’m so happy to know that two of my biggest heroes respected each other so much? personality-wise I don’t think they could’ve been more different. but Gus was so patriotic and excited for himself/his family to meet the president whenever they had the chance and Lyndon was really so, so fond of Gus. jeez I love that the Boys I love really respected each other so much!!!

and I think their lives in the public eye were very close, just in that they seemed to keep bumping into each other… they met in 1959 when Gus joined NASA and Lyndon was both majority leader and chairman of the committee on space & astronautics, when the space program was new and they were young(-ish) and ready to take on the world (and beyond). as VP, Lyndon worked closely on matters related to the space program and they met numerous time during Kennedy’s presidency. after Gus flew Gemini 3, one of the first voices he heard was Lyndon’s, calling as president to congratulate and invite them to the White House. and then, of course, Lyndon, as president, attended the funeral.

idk there’s just something very poignant and sad thinking about how Lyndon witnessed Gus’ entire public life, from almost pre-Mercury through Gemini to the start of Apollo and his death, and how it sort of mirrored Lyn’s own rise (senate majority leader to VP to president). he really cared for him. I love them both so much and I’m glad they genuinely respected each other, but it also hurts all the more knowing that it hurt Lyndon to lose him, too

Logical Approach

Part 2 of A+ Secrets

Summary: Talking about gods and goddesses of love in Professor Winchester’s mythology class. What could possibly go wrong?

Word Count: 2658

Warnings: None

A+ Secrets Series Masterlist

“Hey, Y/N, can you get away for a few hours tomorrow night? A bunch of us are gonna watch Star Wars.” Your roommate, Jo, poked her head into the bathroom as you got ready for the day.

You thought about your work schedule and groaned. Your whole weekend was packed, but Star Wars was one of your favorites. “I can’t. Unless Bobby has a change of heart and closes early, I’m stuck ‘til closing.”

“C’mon! Can’t you get off early? I’ve already invited everyone, and everyone includes Dean.”

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Just some things about Jack Mercer
  • “Jack drinks Jack, Jack drinks Jack" 
  • His Spare tattoo 
  • Slicking back his hair to meet the lawyer 
  • Uses his smokes and lighter to intimidate people 
  • Punk 
  • Loves his music and his guitar 
  • Sweetest, most thoughtful guy 
  • Hates violence but will do anything for his family 
  • Is the Mercer’s heart 
  • Loves Bobby like a father 
  • Has an Evelyn tattoo for his mother 
  • Is tired of your gay jokes 
  • Always wants to be included by his big brothers in that "dorky younger brother” way 
  • “Cockologist" 
  • Literally nobody can hate him 
  • Adores his nieces and can’t believe that he gets to have nieces 
  • Shows signs of PTSD, Anxiety and Depression 
  • Looks hella good when he’s on stage, with his eyeliner 
  • Wears his mother’s rosary
  • Doesn’t deserve what happens/happened to him 
  • "crackerjack" 
  • Has a tongue piercing 
  • Owns some sweet graphic tees 
  • "She’s addicted, to what Angel’s dick did" 
  • Most observant 
  • Technologically savvy member of the family 
  • Needs to constantly feel safe 
  • Awful things have happened to him 
  • Emotional and physical scars 
  • Taught Hockey by his big brothers and plays just as dirtily as they do 
  • Quiet 
  • 0 tact at times 
  • Always has to have something in his hands to keep them occupied 
  • Youngest, and is never allowed to forget it
  • Swagger
  • Wears his clothes, jewelry and tattoos like armor
  • Smartass like his brothers 
  • Sensitive af 
  • "1st class fuck-up, 3rd class rock star" 
  • Knows all the words to the Plastic Jesus song 
  • Gets in his own head a lot
  • Freezes up when his brothers fight
  • Breaks into people’s houses and judges their taste in music
  • Fit as fuck
  • Super comfortable with his brothers
  • Cutie
  • Dat ass though
  • Resident cock expert
  • Cutest smile and cutest laugh
  • Smokes like a chimney
  • Would have been a scrawny little dude in school
  • Really brings his all when he’s on stage 
  • Calls out for Bobby when he’s in trouble 
  • Used to steal toothbrushes etc. before his mother told him he didn’t have to do that anymore because he had a family 
  • Has a cigarette/cigar shaped burn scar on his elbow 
  • All of his tattoos
Canciones para un Sagitario.
  • 1). Dear No One - Tori Kelly
  • 2). My Way - Frank Sinatra
  • 3). Dandy - The Kinks
  • 4). Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin
  • 5). Blow - Ke$ha
  • 6). Junk of the Heart - The Kooks
  • 7). Yo no se mañana - Luis Enrique
  • 8). The Vaccines - No hope
  • 9). Shake it Off - Taylor Swift
  • 10). Happily - One Direction
  • 11). If I Iose Myself - OneRepublic
  • Estuve intentando buscar se diferentes tipos de musica así que sugiero que intenten no se desesperen y prueben si les gusta una.
  • Bonus para gemenis: Ya no se que hacer conmigo - El Cuarteto de Nos.

Huntingbird AU Aesthetics || 2/?    

She was from a small town were everyone lived, breathed and died for Football. Bobbi Morse, the bad girl–constantly trying to break free from the constraints of small town life, until her senior year, when Lance Hunter moved to town. He was smart, sarcastic and completely unexpected. On a whim (really a dare from his only friend), he tries out for the Football team. Now the Dillion Panthers have a new addition and Bobbi Morse has a riddle she can’t quite figure out…clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

/aggressively evangelizes about Bobbi Morse.

And I’m not even talking about MCU Bobbi (I could evangelize about MCU Bobbi for hours, too). I’m talking about the current run of Mockingbird written by my hero, Chelsea Cain.

Let’s rewind to high school, back when my friends and I would go on Fridays sometimes for proper English tea at the proper English tea shop that would soon be demolished to build some artsy apartments or something. After proper English tea (and I admit, I was mostly just there for the cake) we’d walk down the street to the local independent bookstore that would soon be turned into a yoga studio, and it was at this bookstore that I found many things, but one of them was Confessions of a Teen Sleuth by Chelsea Cain. It’s a hilariously semi-self-aware “memoir” of Nancy Drew, detailing adventures in her adult life as she struggles to stop being a detective quite so much. Cain was appearing at a Portland book festival that year and I happened to go for the purpose of seeing her, then getting her to sign my copy, and I still have it and it makes me smile so much. Then she started writing the Heartsick series, which if you haven’t read it and you can handle gore I highly recommend: for me the books have always been fun because I know Portland and they’re set in Portland, and plus that both your plucky reporter and your serial killer are ladies and there’s interesting metacommentary sprinkled throughout.

SO. They announced the 50th anniversary of SHIELD one-offs and I was giddy because they’re all great, but thanks to Adrianne Palicki, Bobbi has an especially large place in my heart. Imagine my joy when I find out Chelsea Cain is in charge of writing Bobbi - and imagine my joy when a series was announced! I was “run into the other room where my mom, who doesn’t even read comics, was sitting just so I could scream at her about it” joyful.

Then there was the awkward time where I didn’t have a release date and kept wandering into comic shops (the one I frequented when I was around it more, the one I now subscribe from) and hovering around looking for comics and praying for Mockingbird. (In the process I picked up Hellcat and Scarlet Witch, though, so it was not for naught.) I asked a guy at my now-shop about it and he proceeded to not know what I was talking about; about a month later when I was buying he asked me did I know about it and I did not bother to correct him. (He’s apparently aware of Bobbi and all but I’m pretty sure I could beat him in knowing things about her any day. But he works there, and I don’t think he means to come off the way he does sometimes, so I’m giving a pass.)

Finally the day came. Mockingbird!!! I read it as soon as I got it, squealed periodically, and began my monthly tradition of tweeting at Chelsea Cain about it. That first time we had a nice little conversation about, essentially, the fact that she gets Bobbi and it makes me happy. She has a pretty phenomenal balance of wry humor, kicking ass, and what in that conversation Chelsea Cain acknowledged as being perpetually the smartest person in the room. We get science Bobbi (the issue with the panel of baby science Bobbi and her little glasses and her special interest in biochem particularly delighted me) and we get fighting Bobbi and we get spy Bobbi (undercover! Figuring things out! Breaking into a submarine lab!) and we get witty Bobbi and we get dominatrix Bobbi (I mean, that goes with undercover, but also it doesn’t and it deserves a special mention because… it does) and we get pop culture Bobbi (the multiple references to Hamilton should alone prove that this is a comic we should all be reading) and we get emotional Bobbi (she has feelings about people she helps! She has feelings about her exes! She has feelings about everything) and we get gratuitously feminist Bobbi and it’s just a really big deal to me.

Another fun thing about this entire comic is Chelsea Cain’s unapologetic treatment of men (most specifically Clint and Hunter). She’s not mean to them by any means! She acknowledges Bobbi’s feelings and gives her time to think about them! But, as she says, the comic is from Bobbi’s POV, so they’re also seen from her view. Which is to say, a lot of the time, vulnerable and/or sexualized and/or just simply portrayed in ways that men in comics usually aren’t. Bobbi is the hero of her story, and the guys are fairly consistently damseled but it’s okay because she’s got it under control.

And, you know. There’s just a lot of fun to be had. This month’s involved a cruise ship hosting a comic convention. I will again mention the Hellfire Club issue because holy mother of god I just enjoyed that so much (and also, replace “that’s what she said” with “that’s what Lance Hunter said at the Hellfire Club” next time you think about it, you won’t regret it). The corgis make me smile. The issue talking down the teenage girl was poignant in a lot of ways.

Basically, Chelsea Cain does not seem to be pulling punches and Bobbi Morse does not pull punches and what I’m trying to say here is if you’re not reading this you really ought to be and please read this because I want it to live a long, healthy life or something and Chelsea Cain is an A+ person to give your money to, all right?


Old friend, part of me understands
Why after us you’d want a place that has no fans…