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MCU Rumours Roundup - Pepper Potts in Spider-Man; Hawkeye in Ant-Man & The Wasp; Nick Fury in Captain Marvel; Red Skull returns; Stallone's character; is Millie Bobby Brown in the MCU?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the cinematic event that is AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR started filming back in January, and almost every day we’re getting confirmation on certain actors that are turning up for filming.

Of course - if I understand it correctly, INFINITY WAR and AVENGERS 4 (come on, Marvel, give us an actual title!) are not such much filming back-to-back, more filming simultaneously.  Any given day could be filming for either film.  So, when we see an actor turn up for filming, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be in INFINITY WAR, we may have to wait until 2019 to see their character in the next part.

Of course, also filming right now, is BLACK PANTHER.  A few street scenes have been caught on camera, and we now know that Letitia Wright will be playing Shuri - T'Challa’s sister, and a future Black Panther herself.

We recently got the new SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING trailer, got our first official look at Michael Keaton as the Vulture, saw lots of Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark (and Iron Man), but also got confirmation that Chris Evans filmed a cameo scene as Captain America.

But enough of what we DO know, this entry is about what we don’t, or ‘might’ know.


The latest rumour surfacing is that Gwyneth Paltrow may well have a part to play in the new Spiderflick.  Pepper hasn’t been seen since IRON MAN 3 back in 2013.  She was referenced in AGE OF ULTRON, and whilst there were rumours Paltrow had filmed scenes for last year’s CIVIL WAR, but once again, all we had were references. Quite important references, mind, as it was revealed that things were not great between Tony and Pepper. 

HOMECOMING will not only see Downey Jr in action, but Jon Favreau has also been confirmed as Happy Hogan, another character that’s not been seen since 2013.  If Happy’s back, why not Pepper?  Hell, if they’re in it, can we also expect an update on James Rhodes’ progress after War Machine’s nasty fall in CIVIL WAR?  Of course, having said that, if the film does feature Downey Jr, Favreau, Paltrow and Don Cheadle, then SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING would risk becoming IRON MAN 4.

Whilst we’re on the topic of SPIDER-MAN though, let’s discuss the most recent rumour:

SPIDER-MAN to leave the MCU already?

It was a joyous occasion for fanboys, when it was announced that Sony, Marvel and Disney has made a deal and our friendly neighbourhood webslinger would be swinging into play in the same sandpit as his MCU pals.  Even if it did mean a third reboot of the character this side of the millennium, most were excited to see how the most famous Marvel character interact with the other characters.

In 2016, we got the taster, with Tom Holland taking the mantle from Andrew Garfield (and Tobey Maguire before him), coming in as one of the highlights of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, sparking the relationship with Tony Stark at the same time. We have HOMECOMING coming out in July this year, and we know that Holland will be reprising the role again in the next two AVENGERS films, and the greenlit solo SPIDER-MAN sequel… but that might be it.

Recent interviews with Amy Pascal (from Sony), suggest that might be where the partnership with Marvel and Disney end.  Now that might just be when the current contract’s expire, and a new contract could well be drawn up.  But what if that’s the end… What happens next?

Sony recently announced a VENOM film, as well as film featuring Black Cat and Silver Sable - but neither outing will be connected to the MCU.  In fact, right now, they probably won’t even feature Spider-Man himself.  A bit odd, if you ask me.  I could understand them being disconnected from the MCU (so that Sony don’t have to share any profits), but not to feature the main character that links them all… I don’t think that’s the best move.  But, then, I think it might only be a temporary thing.  I wonder if, once the contract with Marvel is done, and Peter Parker returns back to just being a Sony property, then we’ll get webhead interact with these characters in future Spiderflicks? 

The problem is… once we’ve had Parker interact with the likes of Stark, Rogers, Quill, Romanov, Banner and Strange… will we want him to go back into isolation?  One of the perks of this shared universe is that heroes can pop up - sometimes unexpectedly so - in other character’s films.  Chris Evans’ small cameo in THOR: RAGNAROK was a lovely touch.  Chris Hemsworth in the mid-credits scene of DOCTOR STRANGE… That’s what we want in future Spiderflicks.  We also want them to be good - nother reason Sony should keep the partnership going with Marvel and Disney!

Speaking of characters popping up in other character’s movies:

Will Hawkeye appear in ANT-MAN & THE WASP?

Renner is now filming his part of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, but latest rumours are that Hawkeye will be featured (in some degree) in ANT-MAN & THE WASP.

Clint Barton was first glimpsed in a single scene in THOR, before getting mind-controlled by Loki in THE AVENGERS.  We then didn’t see him again until AGE OF ULTRON, where he retired for family life, only to return the very next year for CIVIL WAR.  Of course, he’s now on the run as are all of #TeamCap. 

Scott Lang was on TeamCap too, so it makes sense they might be fugitives together.  We saw a post-credit scene in CIVIL WAR that showed where Bucky went too (suggesting we could see Sebastian Stan pop up in BLACK PANTHER), but nothing is know of the rest of the team.  Considering Falcon featured in the first ANT-MAN film, could the sequel be where (almost) all the team are hanging out?  We know Anthony Mackie is pretty much for anything when it comes to the MCU, so I wouldn’t be surprised if both Renner and Mackie join Paul Rudd.

We know that Evangeline Lilly has stated she won’t be appearing in INFINITY WAR as Marvel wish to turn Hope Van Dyne into Wasp during the ANT-MAN & THE WASP rather than rushing it in a film with a gazillion other characters to service.  This surely must make us ask… will Hawkeye, Falcon and Ant-Man actually be appearing in INFINITY WAR, or will their appearances be kept off until after ANT-MAN & THE WASP like Wasp?  It’s possible.

We don’t actually know at what point the movie takes place.  It’ll be the first film out after INFINITY WAR, but does it take place afterwards chronologically, before, or during?  Maybe a bit of everything. Until we get more information, we’ll just have to guess.

But what about another rumour that ties to ANT-MAN…

Is Millie Bobby Brown playing Cassie Lang in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR?

Of all the rumours I’m discussing here, this is probably the least likely, but one that’s still fun to talk about.  Recently, STRANGER THINGS star Millie Bobby Brown was seen 'behind the scenes’ on the set of INFINITY WAR… and it could be just that.  She was watching some films being shot with the Russo Bros as they directed.  Celebrities visit other sets all the time.  Could be nothing.  Ooooor… she could have a role in the films!

A few character’s have been rumoured, but possible the most interesting is that she could be playing Cassie Lang aka Stinger (Scott Lang’s daughter).  Cassie has already appeared, of course, in the first ANT-MAN film, played by Abby Ryder Fortson - who is currently 9 years old.  If Brown is a recast, then she’ll have been aged up to 13… not a massive jump I guess, but significant at those ages.  If that’s the case for the Avengers movies, then it’s logical we could see Brown in ANT-MAN & THE WASP too… unless there’s some time trickery at hand.  Which is possible considering the subject matter.

Other characters suggested for Brown include - Kate Bishop (a future Hawkeye) and Squirrel Girl (but won’t Anna Kendrick be upset!?!).  Personally, I like the idea of Brown as Stinger… so that’s the one I’m focussing on.

Will Nick Fury appear in CAPTAIN MARVEL?

It was assumed - but just about everyone - that Samuel L Jackson would be in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, but that might not be the case.  Jackson doesn’t seem to know if he’s in either of the upcoming Avenger outings… unless he’s just playing games with the media… but what he has hinted at, is that Nick Fury might be popping up in CAPTAIN MARVEL.  Right now the only character we know is appearing for sure, is Carol Danvers (to be played by Brie Larson) the title character.  It makes sense Marvel will want to connect the character to the rest of the shared universe, so why not whack Fury in there?!

Nick Fury was all over the first phase of the franchise, appearing in five of the first six movies  He really acted as the connecting force, that brought the characters together in THE AVENGERS.  Phase 2 cut back on his role though.  He had a fair amount to do in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, but with that film effectively breaking up SHIELD (unless you watch AGENTS OF SHIELD - where you’ll know the truth), Fury’s appearance in AGE OF ULTRON was little more than a glorified cameo.   Fury has been AWOL in Phase 3 so far…

… and whilst suggesting when we might see him next, Jackson also may have given away what Nick Fury has been up to…

Is the Red Skull returning to the MCU?

It was well noted that Hugo Weaving didn’t have the best time on CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, with suggestions that - should Marvel wish to re-use the character - it might involve a recast (Christoph Waltz seemed to be a name fans bounced around), but recently Weaving seems to have gone back on that, and would be happy to return.  If that wasn’t a major hint, then an interview with Jackson (whilst promoting KONG: SKULL ISLAND) almost cements the return.  Jackson reasons that, whilst Civil War was tearing the team apart, Fury was off searching for 'the Skull’.  Whilst many have figured Red Skull could act as a lieutenant for Thanos in INFINITY WAR (his disappearance was tied to the tesseract, one of the infinity stones), he could well show up in CAPTAIN MARVEL instead (or as well as!). 

If Nick Fury, and Red Skull appear in CAPTAIN MARVEL, that would definitely sync the film with the rest of the movie series, no problems - whilst also establishing an awesome cast from the get-go.

The final rumour I’m going to discuss though, brings us back to the present… focussing on the next film to be released -

Who does Sylvester Stallone play in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2?

We know he’s in it, but for an actor that is credited in the posters, it’s interesting that we don’t actually know who he’s playing.  It’s been pushed around that he’s just a member of the Nova Corp, but I think we can assume, for them to cast Sly AND whack him on the credits (grabbing the 'with’ credit at that) he’s going to have a higher profile that 'that guy in that scene’.  It’s also been suggested by director James Gunn, that Stallone’s role is likely to pop up again in future films.  That could just mean GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 3, or maybe even CAPTAIN MARVEL (?)… or he’ll be yet another name to add to the INFINITY WAR line-up…. so he as to be someone special, right?

The most likely seems to be Richard Rider, the Nova Centurion Prime. A character that gets killed by Thanos in the comics…so that would make sense to have his character introduced beforehand.  Another rumour is that he’s playing Adam Warlock.  I still am of the mind the MCU won’t have that character though, making use of Paul Bettany’s Vision instead.  So yeah, my money is on Nova Prime.

And the good news it… we don’t have long to wait!  For UK audiences, we have less than a month!  Personally, I can’t wait.  There’s so much to look forward to over the next few years in Marvel land, and so much to speculate on as we wait for them!

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