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Headcanon on the first time Han flies Leia in NHI? :)

Han Solo and Flight


Leia’s asked him often but Han can’t remember how, or when or why, he decided he wanted to fly. He just thinks of this older kid everyone called Bobby Dee, “Dee” for DiMaggio on account of he could smash a baseball. You’d see the thing spring its skin in mid-air, sometimes, trailing comet-tails of string. Or clear the fence to hit the church across the street—lotta stained glass, smash, that was no good, run for your hides. From his branch in the tree Han could see, and still remembered, the looks on the other kids’ faces when Bobby’s swing connected. Something magical, for them, in the crack of the bat. For a minute they’d gape after the ball and love Bobby Dee’s talent, or at least wonder at it, but then they’d turn back to him with…something in their eyes. Envy, maybe. Accusation.

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AU where Bobbi and Skye are foster sisters and Skye is not pleased to walk in on her big sister making out (or more) with her. Eat friend Jemma.

AN ~ sorry for taking so long, I hope you like it!

High School AU. brotp Skimmons, ship Simmorse. Rated T

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It was like a dream. It was like a movie. It felt like she’d stepped into Grease or something, and she was sweet innocent Sandra Dee, and Bobbi was the aloof but attractive Danny in this equation. Well… they had met at a beach in summer, but Bobbi was hardly a greaser. She certainly didn’t smoke. But she was a cheerleader. An incredibly smart, kind, and popular cheerleader. Basically Jemma’s life goals.

Or wife goals, as it turned out.

And the movies, and the stories, and even the dreams didn’t usually mention that another girl could make one feel like this, but Jemma could work with it. The thrill, the delight, the confusing wash of hormones. The kiss. It was such a mess of lips, but she was doing alright, if she did say so herself. She hadn’t even had time to be nervous about Bobbi’s experience in the area. Bobbi had kissed her too fast for that.

Bobbi tried not to smile too much into the kiss. Jemma was holding her own, to be fair, but she wasn’t very good at it yet. She was trying, though, and Bobbi wasn’t about to make it any more difficult for her – it was just so darn adorable. Either that, or it was a distraction tactic, as Jemma’s hand crept up toward second base. At that, Bobbi did smile, and used her tongue to guide Jemma’s as she reached for Jemma’s hand, and pressed it into the material of her shirt, over the shape of her breast.

Blushing, Jemma let herself be guided –

Only to jump back all of a sudden, almost biting Bobbi’s lip, when something made a loud thud in the doorway.

“What. The Hell?” Daisy demanded. Her face was torn with rage, her eyes already filling with tears. “What are you doing?! Bobbi! With Jemma! Jemma?!”

Bobbi pouted apologetically. Jemma was tempted to smooth out the wrinkle in Bobbi’s shirt at the place she’d touched, but thought the better of it, as even though Daisy’s anger was directed at Bobbi, she still felt her cheeks burn with shame.

“I’m sorry –“

“Daisy, I-“

“We meant to tell you –“

“- thought you’d be at Coding Club.”

“Coding Club’s cancelled today,” Daisy replied petulantly, and picked up her bag and stomped away, muttering something about the teacher’s dog as she stormed out of the room. Bobbi and Jemma looked at each other.

“It’s my fault,” Bobbi started.

“No, I was the one who didn’t tell her.”

“About what? That we had milkshakes once?”

“I…” Jemma trailed off, unsure how to phrase it. Unsure where they stood, let alone how to explain it to a heartbroken Daisy. She hadn’t expected it would hit this hard. Why should it? “I mean, she’ll get over it, right? Her sister and her best friend. She loves us. She wants us to be happy. Right?”

“Mm.” Bobbi didn’t sound so sure. “You came over to see her. This – this was…”

“Don’t say it was a mistake.”

“No,” Bobbi agreed. “I just mean we shouldn’t have gone about it this way.”

“No shit.”

If Bobbi was surprised at Jemma’s choice of words, she didn’t show it. Instead, they spent a moment in long, bitter silence – while in the other room, Daisy flung her belongings about, huffing and shrieking wordlessly to herself in frustration. When that died down, they waited a moment longer, and then Bobbi lifted her head.

“I should talk to her.”

“No, I think I should. Then I can leave you to it. I can’t just go.”

Reluctantly, Bobbi conceded, nodding toward the door. Jemma took a deep breath and let herself out into the hallway. Her chest felt tight, still shocked at the whirlwind of emotions she was feeling. Was this guilt? If so, why? She knew, rationally, that she had not done anything wrong. It’s not like they were cheating, or lying, or anything. But Daisy was hurt, and that hurt.

Gathering her strength, Jemma knocked on Daisy’s door.

“Go away,” Daisy demanded, in a muffled voice that made it sound like she’d buried her face in her pillow or her arms or bedcovers. Maybe she was crying. Still, Jemma felt compelled not to leave. Taking a risk – in for a penny, in for a pound after all – she pushed the door open a crack.

Daisy looked up from the bed, and wiped her eyes.

“What do you want?” she muttered, but sat up, and didn’t object to coming in.

“To… apologise, I guess?” Jemma offered. Daisy snorted.


“I just… if I’m honest, I don’t understand what I did wrong. I didn’t mean for that to happen, Daisy. We weren’t trying to get under your skin. And we’ve barely even hung out before, I promise. I would have told you if we were a thing. Maybe I would’ve even asked. It just, it all happened so fast- ”

“It happened so fast?” Daisy retorted. “Do you hear yourself? Jemma, you don’t – you can’t – you can’t just do that with someone –“

She was tearing a tissue apart in her hands, and the bitterness in her face and her voice reminded Jemma of something. There was something about those feelings. Some sense of betrayal that neither she nor Bobbi had foreseen. Then again, Daisy was an orphan, with a fucked up backstory and a half, and when it came to attachments and relationships, her heart and mind didn’t always respond rationally. Neither did anyone’s, Jemma supposed, but at least she had an idea.

“Daisy,” she began again, more gently. “Neither of us are cheating on you. We’re not leaving you. We love you.”

“I- I know that,” Daisy choked.

“That’s good,” Jemma agreed. “Can I sit down?”

Daisy gestured to a place beside her on the bed. She hung her head, ashamed by her own overreaction, but unable to stop feeling it entirely.

“She’s my sister,” she muttered, because that explained it to her. But not to the rest of the world. Little by little, she found the feeling, and eventually elaborated. “She’s my sister, and you’re my best friend. I guess maybe I – I haven’t had much to myself, I always had to share before I came here and I don’t want to share you. Maybe. Does that make me selfish?”

“Maybe,” Jemma answered, as truthfully as she could. “You know I’m a person right? I’m not just your friend.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know. And I didn’t mean to make you feel like I was taking Bobbi away from you, or choosing her over you. In fact, I actually came over to see you. Bobbi reminded me you were at Coding, but invited me to stay anyway. We got to talking – and, well, other things, as you saw.”

“Were you going to have sex?”

“What?” Jemma frowned. “No! Ew. And I definitely would have told you before that, don’t you worry.”

“What?!” Daisy yelped. “I don’t wanna know about that!”

She pulled her pillow around her head as if to drown out the thought, but she was smiling, and laughing a little, and so Jemma did too.

“Seriously though,” Jemma continued. “Are you okay with this? Because I know it can be weird. Even normal people find it weird sometimes.”

“It is a little weird,” Daisy agreed. “But… I guess I’m okay. You guys could be cute I guess. And you’re both huge nerds, so, props. I might need you to pull my head in a bit sometimes though, okay? I know I get irrational but I don’t always know when I’m doing it.”

“We’ll keep an eye out,” Jemma agreed. “And I promise, we’ll spend plenty of time alone with you too. That’s not going to change just because we’re hanging out with each other too. Speaking of which, since the mall will be closed by now, how about we get dinner? Chinese?”

Daisy narrowed her eyes. “Promise not to tell me any sex stuff? Like, ever?”

“Cross my heart,” Jemma swore.

“Okay then, we have a deal.”

“Oh, just a sec. Talk to Bobbi first, okay?”

“Oh, yeah. That could be a while. Plus I’m still coming down. Maybe we should do tomorrow after school instead?”


They nodded solemnly… and then Daisy cracked a smile.

“Sure you don’t want Bobbi to drop you home?”

Jemma snatched her pillow and shoved it back at her, and they both laughed.